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HP and the Days of Forgotten Innocence

Chapter Four: 'Wands Out Do You Reckon'

Harry nodded to Lupin and turned to look at Tonks as he turned and prepared to walk to the middle of the training room. Harry felt trepidation with each passing step that he took, but he knew that he had to undergo this process in order to grow. Once Harry made it to the center of the room, he looked around the room, at his comrades and then took up a lotus position. Even though Harry realized that he might need it later, Harry knew that it would be better if he started the process without his staff, so he gently placed it on the floor beside him. Harry could tell that his friends were nervous by the looks on their faces so he gave them one of his patented lop sided grins before he closed his eyes. Harry started the process by clearing his mind of all the superficial thoughts, and then started looking for his magical core.

After a few minutes, Harry was able to find it with relative ease. Harry instinctively knew where it was from his previous meditative attempts but this time instead of just observing it, he submerged himself within it. The first thing that he noticed was the warmth and comfort that he felt. Harry could only describe the experience as returning home after a long journey. He could feel the residue of all his usage of his old wand and all his experiences with accidental magic. Somehow being in his magical core gave him a greater knowledge of how magic really worked and all the magical theory that he had been going over for the previous weeks started to ingrain itself in his very core.

Harry reveled in the feeling of enlightenment for a short period of time, but he knew that he had a purpose, so he started looking for the magical seals. After coming up blank, Harry shifted tactics and started looking for any forms of external manipulation of his core. After an undeterminable period of time, he found the first block that he had already broken. It seemed that this particular block was partially blocking his ability to rapidly acquire knowledge. Harry mentally cursed at Dumbledore because he realized had this block been placed, he would have had a photographic memory.

From what Harry could see of the residue of the block, he could see that Dumbledore used runic or ancient magic to seal away his power and talent. Harry tried to physically or ethereally chip away at the block, but he had little success. Harry was frustrated, but he figured that he could undo anything that Dumbledore had done so he steeled his resolve and started to analyze the block. During this time he poked and prodded the door and the runes started to shine brightly. This inadvertently gave Harry an idea. For a long period of time Harry studied the rune until he could understand it.

Once he understood it, he started coming up with possible runic counters to the magic. After a lot of time and a greater amount of effort, Harry was able to break the seal by superimposing a rune on top of the existing one and charging it with more power than the one that was already there. Once he was finished the rest of the door started to crumble away and Harry felt enlightened. For the first time in his life, Harry thirsted for knowledge like it was gold. He truly knew how Hermione felt when she learned a new piece of information. Harry quickly reviewed his knowledge of runic magic and ancient magic as he went in search of his second block.

After a long period of time, Harry followed his magical signatures away from their connection in his mind and followed it back to his core. He renewed his search for tampering and virtually hit the jackpot when he followed a magical pathway that seemed to travel down to his very soul. Within the corridor, Harry saw a chamber that had several doors. One that was open had his current spell knowledge or experience for a better term. Another door had his flying experience. One of the doors that intrigued him was the one that was partially open. From what Harry could hear, there seemed to be several animal noises coming from behind the door. From his reading, Harry guessed that this was the door that he would have to open and explore in order to find out his Animagus form. Even though Harry was eager to learn what his form was, he knew that it would have to wait for a later date. Harry continued along the pathway until he came to a circular room. Within the room were five medium sized doors and one door that was huge. Instinctively, Harry knew that this was the room that held his powers and other unique abilities. Harry knew that he probably wouldn't be able to break all the seals in one sitting because the doors were secured tighter than Azkaban.

After much internal debate, Harry decided to start with his repressed power because he figured that once it had been freed; it could potentially help him break the other blocks. As Harry stood in front of the mammoth door, he admired Dumbledore's handiwork. If the runic enchantments on the doors weren't daunting enough, all of these doors had the equivalent of chains and locks draped all across them. As Harry started to walk or ethereally mist toward the door, he received a funny sensation. Harry instantly knew that Dumbledore had meticulously placed an internal aversion charm around the door that would repel any wizard trying to remove the seals except himself. Even though Harry was thoroughly pissed at the aged wizard, he couldn't help but respect his ruthlessness and craftiness. While he was trying to find a way to bypass the spell, he wondered if Professor Dumbledore had been in Slytherin during his time as a student.

After a long period of time with no results, Harry was slightly put off, but he realized that he would need help with breaking the seal around his magic. Depressed, but ever determined, Harry turned toward the closest of the five medium sized doors and flung himself at it. Harry sensed that their were no booby traps, so he started tearing at the locks with a vengeance. After several minutes, all the locks had been torn from the door and he was able to look on a complete door that hadn't been marred by chains. The door itself was one huge runic enchantment. The power behind the enchantments had dulled over time, but they (being the enchantments) had started to siphon energy from Harry to sustain themselves. Harry again smiled at the deviousness behind Dumbledore's work. Harry broke himself from his thoughts and started to decipher the meaning behind the runes. From everything that Harry could gather, this particular seal blocked a portion of Harry's power and an ability to do something with animals. Harry was immediately anxious to break this barrier thinking that it had something to do with his Animagus training.

Harry started tracing runic counters to the ones that were on the door. As he would try different combinations, the runes in question would glow on the door. Painstakingly, Harry was able to work through the symbols until the last one was gone. As soon as it disappeared, Harry could feel the energy loss start to have an affect on him.

Harry was about to return to his consciousness and rest when he felt some energy hit him. As he focused on the door, he noticed that it was opening into another magical pathway. As he looked at the door, he felt knowledge come to him. Harry was now able to understand his affinity to his furry friends. The particular pathway that he had just unlocked was the one that had sealed away his ability to converse with animals and learn and speak different languages. Although Harry was a little upset that he hadn't discovered his Animagus ability, he was willing to accept any talent that he had.

By now Harry was starting to get tired, so he decided to at least destroy all the chains around the doors. He figured that by getting rid of the chains, he would be able to examine each door to understand the runes and the ability behind the door. By the time that Harry was finished, he was exhausted but really pleased with his accomplishment. He now knew that the remaining doors held small portions of power and four elemental gifts. He wasn't quite sure what they all were, but he knew that one of them was the symbol for fire, and so he decided that he would start with that one first. A lot of the symbols were the same as the ones one the second door that he had unlocked, so he made quick work of the majority of the incantations.

As soon as Harry had finished with the last rune, he felt a burst of energy hit him; however, beyond that Harry felt a strange sensation pass through him. It reminded him of the calming sensation that he felt whenever Fawkes was around, but it also felt like the searing sensation that lava would have. Harry was intrigued by it because it had duality within itself. Harry knew that he didn't have time to spare, so he quickly started working one the next closest door.

This door was easy to unlock, because it had the least amount of enchantments. From what Harry could gather or feel, he knew that the enchantment was weaker because his control over the element was weaker. Consequently, Harry noticed that this was the door for water. Once Harry had finished breaking the seal, he felt a refreshing cool sensation come over him. Unlike fire, there was no duality as well as the fact that water was constant yet unyielding instead of changing depending on circumstances.

By now, Harry was ready to retire for the evening. So, he followed the pathway back through the maze until he was at the reservoir containing his core of magic. He noticed that it was a little bigger than when he had initially arrived but he didn't waste time admiring it. Instead, he forced his conscious mind to take over. As Harry opened his eyes, he saw that the sun had gone down completely meaning that he had been in a trance for over 12 hours, the next thing he noticed was sweat that was coming off his body like water. As Harry looked around, he could see scorch marks in the ground. The radius of the flames had been two feet. As Harry looked up, he could see Tonks and Remus starring at him as if he had another head.

"Hey guys, sorry it took so long. I was only able to fully open four of the seven gates."

The two still didn't say anything, so Harry started to stand up but fell back down as his muscles protested. Tonks was the first one to come back to reality. When she comprehended that Harry was awake again, she launched herself at him at full tilt. However, things didn't work out as she planned because when she got within four feet of him, she tripped and went flying into him. Harry was able to use his seeker skills and new strength to catch her but they ended up in a very compromising arrangement. Remus gave a great big belly laugh when he saw how they ended up.

"Is there something you forgot to tell me Tonks?" Tonks just gave him a death glare and continued to hug Harry whom was beneath her sprawled out across the floor.

"Are you okay? Are you hurting anywhere? What happened, one minute you're fine and the next minute your on fire, then water comes from nowhere. You have to explain th..." Harry cut her off by placing a finger to her lips. When he took in her appearance he could understand her barrage of questions. Her facial expressions were frantic and he could see that she had been crying because of the tear trails that were still on her face not to mention her bloodshot eyes.

"Shh, shh...I'm alright. I'm fine really, just a little tired and hungry." Harry didn't have to say anything else; Tonks just seemed to go into auto drive. She jumped up, whipped out her wand and cast a levitation charm on Harry. As she was walking toward the door, Remus tried to fall into step with her only to be told that he could see Harry the following morning if he was fully rested. Remus tried to argue with the Auror, but when he looked into her eyes he quickly bid Harry a goodnight and started off in the other direction. While she was walking, she called the house elves and told them to prepare a plate of food that was to be brought up to his room, and when Harry asked for a book on ancient runes, she sent Winky off on a book hunt.

As they finally made it to Harry's room, Tonks took off the levitation charm and started to strip off Harry's damp clothing. Harry protested, but she put a silencing charm on him and continued undressing him. When he was finally starkers, she admired his physique and package for a minute while Harry feebly tried to cover himself and inch away from her. After Tonks got fed up with his actions, she put a body bind on him and levitated him into the pool sized tub before turning on the tap. Tonks quickly disrobed and jumped into the tub. For a minute, she messed around with the shampoo and bubble bath dispensers until she had a scent that she was satisfied with. Before putting away her wand, she cast a silencing charm on Harry and took off the full body bind. By now Harry figured that she would either bind or stun him if he tried to cover himself or run, so he just sat there relaxing his aching muscles in the tepid water.

Harry closed his eyes to relax but they sprung open when he felt a sponge come in contact with his skin. He looked at Tonks, who was sitting next to him looking for permission in his eyes. Harry starred at her for a minute and then nodded his head. Tonks then proceeded to wash him thoroughly. She started out by lathering his hair and scrubbing it while massaging his scalp at the same time. By the time Tonks was finished, Harry was tingling all over and extremely aroused.

However, he came back to his senses when Tonks pushed him away so she could wash herself.

Harry seized the opportunity to snatch the sponge from her hand while dunking her head under the water. When she re-emerged from the water, she was about to say something when she noticed Harry already measuring out a healthy amount of shampoo. Harry approached her and forced her to sit down while he started to lather her hair. Harry took his time and gently but methodically and meticulously cleaned her body while tickling and massaging her. While he was cleaning her, he memorized her sensitive and ticklish areas. Once he was satisfied that she was clean, he pulled her into a sitting position next to him, and they just sat there relaxing in tepid water.

After about 45 minutes, the water was starting to get cold so Harry carefully levitated the sleeping woman out of the shower. He cast a drying charm on her and led her elevated body over toward his cabinet. He quickly put on some silk boxers and a cotton shirt, and tenderly dressed Tonks in the same before leading her to his bed. Harry pulled back the sheets and got in while pulling her close to himself. After tucking them both in, Harry wrapped his arms around her middle and snuggled up into the nape of her neck. Before falling asleep he whispered "goodnight Tonks" before kissing the nape of her neck and falling asleep. Once his breathing had evened out and become regular and shallow, Tonks opened her eyes and smiled before falling asleep herself.

During the course of the night, Harry slept fitfully at some points of the night, during those points in the night; Harry got glimpses into Death Eater meetings and private meetings between Voldermort, Bellatrix, Avery, and Wormtail.

"Have any of you found out any information about Potter yet?"

Avery stepped forward and knelt before saying "Severus reported that the boy was in Diagon Alley today. He was seen by several people at a Robes shop. Severus also said that the boy no longer carries a wand, but a staff." Voldermort rounded on the prostrated man.

"Why wasn't I told this before, I have been feeling different things from the boy all summer. He is getting stronger. We must find him before he goes back to Hogwarts." Voldermort started pacing around his throne room and whenever he got angry, he would curse the closest person to him.

"What of our raid on Azkaban?"

"All the plans have been set for the next full moon master" whispered Wormtail. Voldermort nodded but continued to pace around. After a while, Voldermort told Avery to leave and spent several minutes glaring at the two remaining people.

"I need a way to draw the boy away from that old muggle loving fool. Bella, you will commence with the surveillance we discussed and report to me when you know their entire schedule. Wormtail, do you have the list of names from the Ministry?"

"Yes my lord." The hunched over wretch crawled toward his master while taking a list out of his robes. After giving the list to Voldermort, Wormtail kissed the hem of his robes and crawled back to his previous position.

"Where have I heard the second Weasley name from?"

"I believe that she was the girl who had your enchanted diary, my lord."

"Really...I believe that I will be able to use this tidbit of information. Wormtail, I want you to..." However, Harry never got to hear the rest of the sentence because he was roused by Tonks. As he opened his eyes, he could feel a cool compress being placed against his forehead. When he was able to take in his position, he noticed that he was still in his bed, but his head was now resting in Tonks lap, and she was soothingly running her hand through his hair while applying the cold compress with the other hand.

"I've never seen anyone sleep that fitfully, were you having a vision of Voldermort?" Harry nodded.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Harry nodded and started telling her everything he remembered from the dream. For some strange reason, Harry found that he could open up to the young Auror. Soon after he was finished recounting his tale, Tonks laid back down to prepare to sleep; however, this time she was facing Harry. For a long time, the two just looked into the others eyes examining the emotions that were portrayed by the others eyes, but then Harry found himself leaning forward. His hand moved on their own accord until they were cupping her cheeks and he continued to lean closer still until their lips met. Both sets of eyes remained locked on the other person until their was an unspoken agreement between the two. Harry wrapped his arm around her middle and pulled her into him. For a second Tonks was surprised to feel his arousal pressing against her stomach, but quickly pushed away the thought and enjoyed the kiss and the sensations that he was bringing her by running his hands lightly across her back and arse. They continued to kiss for some time, but eventually they both fell asleep peacefully.

The next morning, Tonks woke up first, instead of moving, she just took in Harry's features while he slept. She noticed that his hair had grown over the last month so that now it framed his face when not tied back, she noticed that the bridge of his nose still had small indentations in it from when he wore glasses. However, the most profound difference could be found in his facial expressions. Tonks noticed that whenever Harry was awake, he always wore a scowl or a look of intense concentration; but now, Harry looked like he was truly at peace with himself, and the boy behind the image shone through. The other thing that Tonks noticed was the erection poking her in the stomach. Tonks knew that she probably shouldn't heed her thoughts, but she did, she leaned forward while lifting her top leg until his erection was secured within the crevice between her legs. Harry let out a low moan, rocked a little bit, then relaxed back into his dream.

The next morning the couple was awoken by knocking on the door, but before they could comment Remus burst through the door with a wide grin on his face.

"How are our resident lovebirds doing?"

"Remus, acting out are we? How would you like to wake up married to Hestia? My connections and Firewhiskey soup are a lovely combination." Lupin blanched at his companions.

"All right, all right. Enough with the threats. How are you doing this morning, all smiles I'll bet."

"Threats...You offend me Lupin, that was a promise. Anyway, nothing happened. Harry had a vision last night, and I was here to help him through it." After Tonks had said that, all the humor left the conversation.

"I thought that your Occlumency was improving?"

"It has, but I was a little too tired to meditate last night."

"So, what did you see?" Harry didn't answer, instead he passed Remus the parchment with all the details.

"We have to inform Albus and the Weasleys"

"Be my guest" replied Harry in an icy tone.

"Harry this is for the greater good. The Order needs to be alerted of the raid. We can also have Severus look into the surveillance that Voldermort is looking into." Harry sighed, but he knew that they were right.

"Well, let's go and get this over with. I want to get out of there as soon as possible." The two could tell that he was weary, so they just started to get ready before Harry could change his mind. After having a leisure breakfast, the three headed for the fireplace. With three quick green flame explosions, the three were in the front room of Grimmaud Place trying to silence the portrait of Mrs. Black. Within mere moments, the entire Order was present with their wands drawn looking at the three unexpected guests.

"So the prodigal son has returned to us" sneered Professor Snape.

"Not really Snivellus, I'm just here to see my friends and relay a message."

"What makes you think we will let you leave?"

"Well, considering the fact that you cannot beat me in a duel or subdue me pretty much assures that I will be leaving under my own volition."

"Still the cocky one, really Potter you amaze me. I don't believe that you have gotten this far with your meager talents. Even Mr. Weasley is more skilled and powerful than you." Harry took a couple steps away from his companions and held up his hand and allowed a fireball to form in his palm. Seconds passed and the ball started to grow at an astronomical rate. Within ten seconds, it went from being the size of a peanut to being the size of a Qudditch hoop. Several of the members took several steps back feeling the extreme heat that was coming from the ball. Harry took a step forward getting closer and closer to the Potions Master.

"Well, if Dumbledore hadn't put a block in my head restricting my photographic memory, I could have been smarter than you as a mere firstie. Did he also inform you that I am an elemental with the power to control several elements? No...I thought that you were in his inner circle... Too Bad. Anyway, let me get rid of that portrait. It almost annoys me more than you."

With that, Harry spun around and launched the fireball at the portrait. Mrs. Black aware of the confrontation going on around her, watched in horror as the huge bluish white flame came hurtling toward her. She tried to scream but the words didn't come out. Within seconds, all that was left was ash and a huge crater in the wall. Dripping into the ash was what looked like molten rock lava. As Harry turned back to look at the assembled group of Order members present, with mirth he cast a small wandless charm that caused Snape to actually wet his pants. When he whispered this into Remus and Tonks ears, they burst out in laughter. When the Order members inquired as to what was so funny, Harry pointed at the puddle on the ground and said

"Before you threaten me again, I suggest you go change your trousers and clean up the mess." Snape' face colored and he drew his wand and pointed it directly at Harry's chest. "What are you trying to do Severus, shorten your life expectancy. Put that thing away before I end your life for your incompetence." Snape kept his position but looked on as Harry put the tip of his finger at the tip of Snape's wand. "I warned you" with that, a flame came from the tip of Harry fingertip and engulfed the first four inches of Snape' wand. While Snape was focused on putting out the fire, Harry drew back his arm and belted Snape in the jaw, knocking him out. When Snape fell, Harry commented about him falling in his own puddle and started laughing.

However, the humorous moment didn't last long because Professor Dumbledore came through the fireplace with Harry' wand already aimed. Harry immediately went on the defensive by summoning his most powerful shield wandlessly, clutching his staff in his right hand, and conjuring a fireball in his left. Everyone looked strained at the moment, not knowing what to do in the presence of two out of the three strongest Wizards in the world about to battle. Dumbledore, trying to end the duel quickly, apparated to the position where Harry had just been only to find that he wasn't there anymore.

"I see that you have indeed learned a great deal over the last couple of weeks." With that the old man muttered a tracking spell only to have it repelled by Harry. He shot a quick stunner only to have a fireball thrown at him. Harry conjured a wall of fire between himself and Dumbledore and started to focus on his water element. He was deeply focused by the time that Dumbledore finally got rid of the firewall. When Harry opened his eyes, Dumbledore noticed that they were a sky blue color. Harry held up his hand and traced a runic symbol in the air. It was an understatement to say that Dumbledore was startled when he felt the energy come from Harry. He was also shocked that Harry was using magic that had been considered extinct for nearly 700 years. Before he could apparate away, he felt his body seize up. Dumbledore tried to conjure a magical reflector but an extreme sense of dehydration caused him to fall over.

Dumbledore raised his eyes and appraised his former protégé, Harry had a look of deep concentration on his face and several beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead. After a solid minute, Dumbledore was able o regain his footing, the uneasy feeling was just a memory.

"What exactly did you do to me?"

"My wand." Harry held out his hand, palm out ready to send his next attack at a moments notice. Dumbledore tried to subtly read Harry' thoughts, but ran into a brick wall. Harry' eyebrow raised at his former idol.

"That won't work. Now, I requested something from you."

Dumbledore let out a deep sigh when he felt his body seize up again. He handed the youth the wand, and as Harry looked at it, he could see all the minute carvings that were etched in his once trusty holly wand. Harry quickly snapped the wand in half startling everyone that was present. He then carefully took out the phoenix core and held it up to his staff. For a long time, nothing happened, but then the feather started glowing, and suddenly Fawkes appeared.

The majestic bird settled on Dumbledore's shoulder before trilling indignantly 'The boy should treat my feathers better, I swear it felt like he was plucking another feather' Harry looked at the bird before responding. "Sorry Fawkes, I didn't mean to cause you any harm." The bird as well as everyone else in the room was staring at Harry. 'You can speak'

"Yes, it was one of the blocks that Dumbledore placed on me."

'I see' However, while Harry was talking to Fawkes, Dumbledore silently drew his wand and closed off the floo exit. He then proceeded to place anti- apparition wards around the house. Harry only noticed what was going on when he felt Dumbledore charging his energy in an attempt to block his magic. Harry could practically feel the oppressive magic mist toward him.

Harry quickly drew his staff in front of himself and started chanting. Soon the aura' of both men were easily visible. Harry started creating ever protective rune he knew, and simultaneously started casting ancient magic barrier. Even though he was in deep concentration, he could hear screams coming from Order member and his friends to stop the fight. When Harry had exhausted that avenue, he started producing a fire barrier while trying to concentrate on dehydrating Dumbledore. Once he got a good lock on Dumbledore' magical signature, he dropped the mans water level from 70% to 50% quickly. Dumbledore sagged but continued chanting.

Fawkes sensing his masters distress started to shed tears onto Dumbledore's shoulder. Harry seeing this summoned his own phoenix friends. Everyone was shocked into submission when the fight started but they started cheering for Dumbledore when Fawkes got involved. However, they got really quiet when two unfamiliar phoenixes appeared on Harry' shoulders and engaged Fawkes in a spectacular aerial battle. Even though the the battle was uneven, it was an even battle because Fawkes had years of experience that Harry' phoenixes didn't. However, the scale was starting to tip in Dumbledore's favor when Simon appeared and started shooting curses at Harry's shields. Harry screamed but kept his determination. Harry yelled out Dobby name. Harry still concentrating on his shields and Dumbledore's signature started requesting that Dobby bring Opal and Leto.

The scene changed drastically when the Nundu and Griffin arrived and could sense their master's distress. Leto took to the air to help his avian friends against the wily old phoenix, while Opal started to stalk the startled and scared Order members. From the corner of his eye, Harry saw that some of the Order members were restraining Remus, Tonks and Hermione. He quickly put those thoughts out of his mind and again focused on Dumbledore. He sent tendrils of fire at the aged wizard's wand, while he separately started to drop his water pressure drastically. Dumbledore not prepared for the double attack started to show his waning power.

All across the room there were several battles going on. In the air, Harry could see Fawkes being triple teamed. When he crash landed, Harry's phoenixes started to dive into the aged bird and attack his wings and neck while Leto flew over and started circling Harry.

Several of the Order members were mortified at the brutality of the battle started to draw their wands to try to protect their mascot. The phoenixes dodged the attacks, but Harry started to get really pissed. He saw that Opal was holding her own against a transformed Lion. Harry again refocused on Dumbledore and took his water level to 30 percent. Harry could visibly see the changes on his former Headmasters face. The skin on his face started to take on a stretched leathery appearance and his posture started to slouch. In addition to that his face became more wrinkly, and the skin near is eyes and jaw started to hang limply. Harry, seeing that if he pushed any further, that the Headmaster would die shouted "I don't want to kill you. I only came here to talk and warn you of a vision I had."

From behind Harry, he heard a pained whimper. He turned around only to see Simon's claw come down across Opal side. Harry was outraged because he knew that Opal had given up the fight when Harry made his announcement. Anger started to course through Harry's veins, and his aura started to grow. Dumbledore was starting to fear for his grandson, so he abandoned his chanting and started throwing the most powerful spells that he could. The spells instead of having a positive affect on Harry's shields was startled when they started to circle around Harry. Dumbledore shot off a couple more spells only to see them strengthened, speeding up and redirected until they were hurtling toward Simon, who's Animagus form was standing over Opal.

The lion was hit with at least six mage level spells before he was blasted into another room. Dumbledore abandoned his offensive tactics and hobbled over to his battered and bloody phoenix. Over Fawkes was a snarling griffin. Harry motioned for the griffin to leave Fawkes alone, and the griffin bounded over to Opals side. Leto started licking to wounds that Opal had gotten until Lotus landed over Opal and started to cry into the wounds. Lily landed over Fawkes and started crying a generous amount of tears into the aged bird. It took a couple of minutes, but Fawkes body started to reform itself.

Harry whom hadn't moved since the end of the melee, started walking toward the aged bird and Lily. "Thanks Lily, its not Fawkes fault that Dumbledore is an asshole." The aged bird looked into Harry' soul and gave a slow nod. After the inspection, the phoenix took to the air and went to heal its master. Harry started walking toward Opal, and when he reached her, he knelt by her and started whispering soothing words into the felines ears while stroking her coat and wandlessly casting several cleaning spells. When everything was said and done, Harry sent Lily, Leto, and Dobby back to the manor. Opal refused to leave Harry's side and growled at the Order members who were still in the room. Harry looked around and saw Remus and Tonks in full body binds and Hermione in a pile on the ground crying. Harry sent the countercurses toward Remus and Tonks and said "Whose great idea was it to come here?"

The two weren't able to answer because Hermione tackled the tired Harry, and the doors of Grimmaud Place banged open for Madame Pomphrey and Professor McGonagall. They took in the battlefield and Madame Pomphrey rushed in the direction of the headmaster and his grandson while the professor headed toward her two students.

"This is an outrage, what happened here?"

Harry hugged the weeping girl to him tighter and answered. "Dumbledore tried to bind my magic again, he sealed off the floo and cast an anti- apparitition jinx on the house so I couldn't escape. I had no other option other than defend myself of become a muggle."

McGonagall was about to ask another question when Madame Pomphrey came in and nearly assaulted Harry. "What have you done to the Professor? His body is resisting my magic and Fawkes has no more tears to shed." Harry gently picked up Hermione and deposited her crying form in Tonks open arms. He then followed the healer out of the room, followed by his former head of house. In the other room, they found an unconscious Simon Prewitt, an unkempt Severus Snape, and a saggy skinned Dumbledore.

"My God, what have you done to him Potter?" Harry ignored her and walked toward his former idol.

"I will only heal you if you leave me alone. By that, I mean no attempts to capture or bind my magic. I mean that you will stop hunting me." Harry paused and allowed the information to sink in for the Headmaster.

"I request that you allow all of my friends to come to my place to learn especially Ginny. She has to learn Occlumency very soon or her life will be in danger." Dumbledore's head raised as much as it could in its weakened state.

"What is this danger you speak of?"

"Well, if you hadn't attacked, you would have found my reason for being here is that I had a vision...Not to mention the fact that this is my house or the fact that I have an issue with you giving my battle robes to someone else." As he was speaking both women could see his eyes glistening dangerously.

"What is he speaking about Albus?"

"That isn't the discussion for the moment, do you agree or not?"

"Still ready to turn a blind eye on your own injustices...Well, that's no matter for me. Do you agree to the term?" The aged wizard nodded, so Harry focused and started to restore the old man' vitality. Harry was so focused that he didn't hear the gasps of surprise that he was receiving from the healer and teacher.

When he was finished, Dumbledore looked the same but tired. "You have improved greatly, how is such a thing possible?"

"Well, you would have seen this side of me earlier, if you hadn't placed a block in my mind denying me a photographic memory that was mine by genetics. You had no right to do the things that you did, and I know that my parents didn't know because why would any parent want to limit their child like that." Madam Pomphrey looked scandalized,

"Do you have any proof Mr. Potter?"

"I don't need proof, but if you took a reading of y brain pattern now, they would be drastically different then when I was in your care at the end of last year I suppose. Dumbledore knows what he did...Do you know that I could have had you arrested for the things that you have done to me?" Madame McGonagall stared between Harry and Dumbledore wondering if Harry had been lying. Protocol took over "Mr. Potter, you should address the Headmaster as Professor or Headmaster."

"That would only apply if I hold any respect for the man or if I was a student. Both of which, I am neither." Dumbledore's head raised

"You don't plan on returning to school...What would you do? How would you become an Auror? How would you support yourself?"

"It would give me more time to master my chosen paths in magic. I believe that I have improved greatly during this past month, imagine what I can accomplish with several months...Also, I am one of the wealthiest Wizards in the world with a lot of investments in profitable companies. Do I really need a job, furthermore, do I need a degree or certificate that I won't use. With my newly rediscovered ability to retain information, I could pass my NEWTS by the start of term if I wanted to, so what's the point?"

"What about your friends and responsibilities?"

"Don't talk to me of friends old man, I only have a few but I would gladly extend an invitation to come and learn with me. What other responsibilities are you discussing?"

"Quidditch, and The DA."

"From what I know, my lifetime ban is still pending, and if anything I would continue to teach the DA on weekends."

"Harry, you aren't safe outside of Hogwarts, you must return."

"I must do no such thing. If you weren't able to find me, what makes you think that Voldermort would be able to? Furthermore, the wards at my home are stronger than the ones at Hogwarts." The adults were speechless.

"Look, I thank you for your concern, but I will not return to Hogwarts."

"You're parents would have wanted you to graduate from Hogwarts and become a productive, responsible adult."

"Never speak about my parents in front of me. You of all people have no right to mention them after everything that you have done to me."

Harry spun to leave the room despite the protests of the adults. Opal looked at the people her master was annoyed with for a prolonged period of time, growled, and stalked out of the room in Harry' direction. Harry had made his way into his old room. The room now only had one bed and the walls were painted bright orange with Chudley Cannon posters adorned all over the walls and ceiling. Harry was somewhat repulsed that Ron would actually change a room in his house without permission, but he figured that since he hadn't been there, that there wasn't that much of a problem. Opal, whom had still been following him around entered the room and started whining because the colors were too bright for her tastes. Harry chuckled and whispered "I agree with you" while stroking the backs of the Nundu' ears.

Harry was brought out of his daze by the laughing that was coming from the hallway, but when he turned he was met by an emotional Tonks and Hermione. They both helped the other tackle Harry to the ground. Opal quickly moved out of the way while the two young women tickled Harry relentlessly. After a while, Harry was able to break their hold and gasp out his question. "I give, I give...What did I do?"

"If I remember correctly, I remember someone saying that I was overbearing and that I get a maniacal gleam in my eyes anytime I see a new book." Harry laughed and replied

"So you recall that do you?"

They all had a great laugh and Harry told her how happy he was to see her. During that time, they had left Ron's room and ended up in Hermione's room on one a comfortable couch. Somehow Harry ended up being seated between the two lovely ladies with a curled up Opal resting in his lap. Over the next hour, Harry filled Hermione into what had been going on in his life, only stopping when Tonks had something to add. In total, she was greatly pleased that Harry had finally taken an active role in his education and had finally started to like learning, although she did have a few arguments for him when he said that he wouldn't return to Hogwarts.

When the conversation started to turn to runes, Harry felt Tonks slouch into him. When he looked at her, he only then realized that she was asleep. Harry then put the sleeping Opal into Hermione's lap, stood up, and gently carried Tonks to Hermione's comfortable bed. After tucking her in, he returned to his position on the couch and took Opal from Hermione.

"You like her a lot don't you?"

"Tonks...Well...I haven't really considered my feelings...um..." Hermione looked at her friend with a look that he couldn't quite place.

"It's okay Harry, I won't tell her. I'm just happy that at least one of us has found some happiness." After saying that the smile left her face and she sunk further into the couch while resting her head on Harry's shoulder.

"What's wrong? Has Ron done something to upset you?"

"No, not directly...It's just that he's changed so much over the course of the summer, and after what I learned about him, he has become colder. All he does when not working for Fred and George is sleep, eat, and train. Every time I try to talk to him, he makes some excuse to leave the room. I just don't know what to do."

"I can't really give you advice in the relationship department, but if you aren't happy, then end the relationship."

"If I end the relationship, things will be awkward between us for the entire school year."

"Hermione, I told you before that I would do anything to help you. You believe me don't you?"

"Of course I do. There have been times when you have had to deal with things on your own, but I have never doubted your loyalty."

Harry smiled at her and pulled her into a tight hug. He tried to or aimed to kiss her on her cheek but she turned her head and he kissed her on the lips. The first thing Harry noticed was softness of her lips. The next thing was the soft tongue that was licking his lips. Harry opened his mouth to allow her admittance and she responded by deepening the kiss. After a couple of minutes, the kiss ended and Hermione's face took on a nice flushed color.

"Why do you have to be a great kisser?" Hermione said as she crawled into Harry's lap, which had just been abandoned by Opal.

"I could ask you the same question." Harry grinned but his face sobered at the look on Hermione's face. "What's wrong?" Harry asked while stroking her cheek with his finger.

"Harry can I ask you something?"

"Sure...what's on your mind?"

"How do you feel about me? Do you think I'm ugly? Do you think I'm too bossy?" Harry held up his hand and placed one finger at her lips.

"I don't know where all this is coming from, but I will answer your questions as best I can. Okay, I don't know how I should feel about you but I don't think it's what regular best friends feel. I know for a fact that I would give up this war and become a hermit if anything ever happened to you and Tonks. I don't know if I should be telling you this, but I think you look smashing. You're loyal, kind, smart, and your beautiful and have great legs and a nice healthy tush. You have a certain quality about you that I find irresistible, and where you are somewhat bossy I know that you only boss us around because you care."

While he was speaking, Harry had his eyes closed, but he opened them when he felt butterfly kisses on his neck. Hermione' eyes were shining with unshed tears. Harry again cupped her cheeks between his palms and flicked away her tears with his thumbs.

"Harry...I don't like who I am right now. I feel...empty inside. Sure, I still love to learn new things, but I can feel something missing. I don't know what to do." Harry pulled her into his chest even tighter and kissed her on her forehead.

"I don't have all the answers Hermione, but know that I will always be there for you. You will never go without while I live and I would gladly die so you could live." She looked into his eyes for a long time before resting her head on his chest and closing her eyes. Harry held Hermione like that until she started to drift off to sleep. From the corner of his eye, Harry spotted motion coming from across the room, and when he looked up he saw a teary eyed Tonks. Harry picked up the unaware Hermione and carried her toward the bed. When he got the bed, he gently placed Hermione between the sheets that Tonks was holding open for her. When Hermione was tucked in, Harry leaned over and whispered into her ear. "How much of that did you hear?"

"Just about everything. What you did for her was intense, she really needed you."

"I just told her how I really felt. I have this connection with her that I don't think that I could live without. It's sort of like the one that we have." Tonks gave him a penetrating stare.

"What 'one' are you talking about?"

"I don't think that I could put it into words, but I feel warm and affectionate whenever either of you are around. I mean... when we were taking a bath together, it felt right, and when I woke up with you in my arms, I knew that I wanted to wake up like that everyday." Tonks was speechless for a while, and when she spoke it was with a small cracking voice. "Nobody has ever said anything like that to me before...I don't know what to say." She got up and started walking toward the door and said "I have to think about this" without even turning to look at Harry. Harry looked down at Hermione, he marveled at her angelic appearance while sleeping and lent down and place a kiss on her lips before leaving the room.

When Harry was in the hallway, he remembered the jewelry that he had bought for his friends. He was somewhat happy that he hadn't given it to them yet because he knew of some protective magic that he wanted to put on them before giving them to his friends. As he continued through the halls, he heard a lot of commotion coming from the first floor but Harry knew that if he wanted to get home, he would have to pass by whatever meeting was taking place. As he pushed open the doors, he was met by cold stares. As he looked around, he noticed that he had walked directly into the middle of a meeting for Dumbledore's faction. There was a small minority from the other faction present and they all waved to Harry. However, the major reaction was wands being drawn.

"What are you still doing here, I thought you left because you felt you were too good for us. If so, why are you degrading yourself by being in our presence?"

"Hey Ron, still as sharp witted and smart as always I see."

"Why you little..." but he was cut off by Harry. "Hush up Ron before I forcefully take back the battle robes that Dumbledore nicked." Ron stood and started to draw his wand, but Harry just stretched out his hand and Ron's wand went flying into his outstretched hand. When the wand was firmly in his grasp, he looked Ron directly into the eyes and said "We are on two totally different leagues. Now that I know that you aren't my friend, I would suggest that you steer clear of me." After saying that, he wandlessly and wordlessly banished Ron's wand back into his robes. He looked around the room and noticed that his staff was on the table that they were sitting at. He again lifted his hand and his staff flew into his hand. "I would also suggest that you don't touch things that don't belong to you." As Harry turned to leave the room, Dumbledore called him back asking him about the vision that he had. Harry made his way and kicked his feet up on the table and balanced his staff on his lap. Snape who had recovered from his earlier 'ailment' looked at him condescendingly and said "Have you no manners Potter?"

"This is my house, I will act how I see fit."

As Harry was speaking, Opal came into the room and jumped on the table, facing Harry." 'I'm hungry' she purred. Harry heard her and petted her lead while conjuring some bowls with mince meat and another with milk. Opal jumped off the table and started to dig into her meal. Harry did a scan of the room again and the only people that weren't shocked were Remus and Dumbledore.

"What is that thing Potter?"


"That thing eating at your feet."

"Oh, this is Opal"

"Don't play foolish games with me Potter" Snape said while drawing his wand, or what was left of it.

Harry immediately focused his water element on his old professor. Instead of slowly depleting his water pressure, Harry quickly summoned it out of the mans body and let it materialize in a sphere in front of Snape' eyes.

"I warned you not to cross me...I warned you not to test me...So, I have a better idea, I will relieve you of your lifeblood. Every time I see you, I will leave you so weak that you won't even be able to speak, soon you won't have enough strength to breathe and I will finally be done with you." Harry let go of his hold over the sphere of water and watched as it splashed on Snape. "Can we get down to business, because I have places I would rather be right now."

"Remus has informed us about your vision, is there anything that you would like to add?"

"No, I wrote down everything I remembered. Now, if you will excuse me, I have other business." Harry stood and made his way toward the door when Dumbledore said "Harry I cannot permit..." but once again Harry interrupted him.

"Old man, I grow tired of your feeble sentiments, when will you learn that you can no longer influence my decisions or dictate my life."

"I do not try to dictate your life, but I will continue to advise you until I am in a position in which I have no avenues of influence left."

A look of unmitigated glee and happiness crossed Harry's facial features and he said. "So be it." With that Harry left a room filled of disgruntled and confused people.

Harry was somewhat weary of the Order members and wanted nothing more than to just disappear. So with Opal in tow, Harry made his way toward the kitchen. In the corner, at the end of a dark hallway, he could see the silhouette of a small creature. As Harry walked toward it to enter the kitchen, the small figure turned due to the noise and ran into the darkness. Harry was puzzled for a minute, but he realized that Kreacher was still alive somewhere.

As Harry entered the kitchen, he saw that he had once again walked into another discussion. Around the table, Harry could see most of the Weasleys being accounted for. He saw Tonks there recounting the vision that he had, and he saw some of the people that had been at his hearing the previous year. As Harry made his presence known, he tried to catch Tonks eye, but she refused to look at him. Harry sighed and went to the ice box and took out a Butterbeer before acknowledging his friends.

"Were there any protections around this room?"

"No...none have been needed."

"I suggest that you cast some privacy charms or find a more secure location because on my way in here, I think I saw Kreacher's shadow standing next to the door." Some of the Order members had shocked expressions on their faces and others had looks of grim determination.

"We don't have a location that is more secure than this one." Harry looked at them all for a extended period of time before speaking.

"I have some ideas that I would like to run past you all, but before I do that I must be assured that you will all remain silent about what is spoken here...Before we begin, Opal, I want you to patrol around the house, if you see any creatures that you find hostile...Feel free to dispatch them." The Nundu looked at Harry, then made its way toward the door. Harry then raised his wand and started casting several privacy charms.

"Now that I know that we won't be bothered, I suggest that you get yourself a new Headquarters that is more protected and easily overlooked. I will provide you with the startup funds, an adequate location, and an alliance with myself. I have several plans for the future that will change the nature of the Wizarding World and I would like your faction to act as my council."

"Some of my ideas revolve around the relationships that Wizards now have with magical creatures. Voldermort has exploited this area, but I believe that we can still benefit from the misunderstood creatures. By swaying the vote, we deplete Voldermort's arsenal. We can also depend on the light creatures to help us. Secondly, I would like to place myself in a position where I can directly influence the laws being passed and the way that they are being enforced. I also plan on teaching my former classmates how to defend themselves against Dark Forces. I believe that this war will be started and maintained by adults, but the youth will finish it if we all don't unite right now to finish it." Harry looked around the room, and then directly at Molly Weasley

"Ron and Ginny have been fighting in this war since they were 11 years old respectively. Even though I am not getting along with Ron at the moment, I doubt that he will stop fighting. Even your youngest daughter Ginny has been battling with inner demons and utter outer chaos since she was eleven...I don't want to scare you, but the fact still remains that we will fight this war with or without your consent, so I plan on making sure that they don't fight unprepared."

"How do you propose to do all these things?"

"Well, I plan on exploiting Voldermort's weaknesses. Take for instance his aversion to muggle technology. If we could have a spy place a muggle cameral in Voldermort's layer, we could have a first hand account of his day to day operations. Another example would be diluting the ignorance and mystic that Voldermort has accumulated over the years. If we expose him by leaking his true heritage, we could erode his power base and divert some of his potential supporters. There are several other ideas that I have, but they need to reviewed before I were to discuss them in an open forum." Harry looked around the room again the asked "Does anyone have anything to add or contribute?"

Nobody said anything, and by the looks on several faces, Harry could tell that the members were seriously considering what he said. He nodded to the people and raised his wand to start taking down the wards but stopped and turned toward Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. "I would like for you to come back to my home with Ginny, Fred, and George. There are several issues that I would like to discuss with you."

They looked at each other and started conversing quietly while Harry took down the privacy wards. As soon as Harry finished countering the last ward, he turned to see Madame Bones standing before him. "I look forward to working with you. You have some innovative ideas that I would like to watch you enact." With that the elderly lady walked out of the door and seconds later, she apparated away with a loud crack. Harry heard footsteps coming from behind him, so he turned around to see Mrs. Weasley approaching him while Mr. Weasley struck up a conversation with Tonks.

"Why do you want us to come to your house, why can't we handle everything from here?"

"I'm sorry to say Mrs. Weasley, but this place is a security risk. When Sirius died and left me everything in his will, the Malfoys contested it. I was notified that they saw a listing of all the Black properties, and while they don't know the exact location, I am sure that they know that they have the area under surveillance. Adding to the fact that Kreacher has been working for Mrs. Malfoy, I wouldn't be too surprised if Voldermort had the house under surveillance by now. Furthermore, I wouldn't be teaching Ginny Occlumency, my instructor would. My teacher makes it easy to learn how to make an impregnable barrier within a short period of time." Mrs. Weasley regarded what the young man had to say, and slightly started nodding her head in approval.

"What are your intentions toward my son?" Harry was somewhat taken aback by the directness of the question but he answered truthfully nonetheless.

"I plan to distance myself from Ron, because he made it abundantly clear that we haven't been friends since the beginning of fourth year. He has always coveted my fame whereas I have always yearned for his family. I honestly don't see us becoming best friends overnight, but I will hold out hope that we will someday be friends again." By the time that Harry had finished speaking, Molly had tears in her eyes and had her arms outstretched in an attempt to squeeze the life out of Harry. Harry smiled at the woman and told her that he would go prepare the wards for their arrival. Harry made his way toward the fireplace, and called Dobby to come pick up Opal.

When Harry was finally home, he adjusted the wards to allow the Weasley's, Moody, and Hermione access to the mansion as they saw fit. After preparing for their arrival, Harry had Dobby and Winky prepare a tower tower for his guests and then sat down to a nice lunch with his trusted house elves.

After having his meal, Harry tried to take a nap before starting with his evening study session. Sleep alluded him because his mind was too caught up in the events of the day to allow him to get any rest. Harry just lay there wishing that he could sleep, but also wishing that he had Tonk's soft and warm body beside him. Harry soon gave up trying to get any sleep and just decided to settle for a nice long soak in his bath.

When Harry woke up a couple hours later, he was all wrinkly, but his muscles were loose and his mind was relatively clear. Once Harry finished drying off, he spent an hour meditating and another ten minutes just admiring and studying his bolstered magical core. When he finally came back consciousness, he went down to dinner and ate a quick solitary meal. After eating his fill, Harry made his way to the training room only to see Remus and Andrew instructing Ginny and Hermione on the proper way to perform and channel magic for advanced magic. Harry stood in the door well and just watched the impromptu lessons. Harry knew that if he ever lived to open the school, that he would have Remus there as a professor.

After a couple of minutes, Harry made his presence known greeting his guests. Andrew floated toward him and started teasing him about being so tired until Harry told him about the battle that he had been in that morning. Andrew chastised him for being so easily drained and said that their training sessions would be doubled from that day on. Harry sighed but began to meditate to prepare himself for the start of his lessons.

Author's Note:

I would like to thank everyone for the reviews and the critiques that I got over the last week. I think I did a better job of spacing the paragraphs out this time and I tried to add a little depth to the characters. I plan on having Harry giving a tour of the place in the next chapter so you will all have a better idea of the layout of the castle. One thing I wanted to mention is that Harry isn't super powerful in this fic, it's just that he uses more obscure magic to offset his current lacking status. Also know that he isn't this ancient magic guru. In fact, Harry has the equivalence of a second year in Andrew's time. Well, catch you next chapter.