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Trip gone wrong Chap.1

Ron woke up to the sound of Harry yelling again about Voldermort. Quickly Ron ran to Harry' s side to wake him up. The look on Harry's face made Ron anxious to figure out what was his nightmare about this time. "What was it about this time?" Ron asked. " I rather not say," Harry said. " Come on how bad can it be?"
Harry gave Ron a rather annoyed look that said ' pester me anymore and there is consequences'. Ron decided to give up not wanting his best mate to be angry with him. Making his way downstairs with Harry they met up with Hermione. On their way to the great hall Malfoy and his goons cornered them. " Oh look it is "the boy who lived" and his friends, "the biggest git in the world" and "know it all"," he said. " Shut up, Malfoy," Ron shouted.
Malfoy glared at Ron closely then gave him a square kick in the stomach. Ron doubled over in pain, but wasn't going to cry because that was what Malfoy expected. Looking up Ron saw the evil smile on Malfoy's face and wished he would just go away. Harry lunged at Malfoy, but missed sadly.

"Goodbye, Weasly, Potter, and Granger," he said walking towards the great hall. "Ron, are you alright?" Harry asked.
"I 'm fine," Ron replied getting up.
" That, Malfoy, is such a git," Hermione said.
In the great hall everyone was eating their breakfast, talking, and also throwing food. Dumbledore began to tap on his glass meaning he had something important to say.
"Will, Mr. Weasly, Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, and Mrs. Granger come to my office," he announced.
They all went to Dumbledore's office after breakfast. Ron wondered why they were there because he knew they didn't do anything wrong. Sitting in the chairs in front of Dumbledore's desk they waited for him to speak.
"You guys must be wondering why you are in my office? No don't worry you all are not in trouble. You four have been chosen to go on a little trip to America," He said.
"Why?" Harry asked.
" Let's say you guys are representing London," he said, "your plane leaves in a hour."
" Go on a trip with these goons?" Malfoy complained.
" Remember, Malfoy, you are representing, London," he said, "now off you guys go have a safe trip."
They went on the Hogwarts Express then were taken to the airport. Ron of course didn't know what an airport was he thought it was a port filled with air. Looking at the ticket he had in his hand he began to read it. Suddenly the ticket was taken from his hand and was ripped in half.
"What the heck did you do that for? I believe I am not done reading it," he yelled.
" Sir I-,"
" No, I wasn't done reading it I want it back in perfect condition!" Ron demanded.
" Let's go, Ron," Harry said after apologizing to the lady.
" No, I want my ticket!" he hollered.
Harry ignored Ron and dragged him down the path into the plane. Looking at his torn ticket he read B6. He looked around finding two seats by the window saying B6 and B7. He sat in his seat patiently waiting for the others. He saw Harry and Hermione walk right past him placing themselves in the seats behind Ron. Ron looked out the window wondering what the so-called plane does. A sudden shouting made Ron stop looking out the window.
"There is no way I am sitting next to, Weasly," he yelled.
"Um sir is there a problem?" a lady asked.
" Yes I am not sitting next to that git," Malfoy said pointing at Ron.
" Let me see your ticket," she asked, "I am sorry sir, but your ticket says you sit here, so you will sit here."
"If my father was here-,"
"If you don't sit your butt down I will throw you out of this plane!" she screamed.
The lady's threat made Malfoy shut up and sit down. Ron thought this was hilarious, but he didn't laugh.
"Here are the rules of sitting next to me, number one no eye contact, number two no speaking to me, number three no annoying questions-,"
" I get it now be quiet," Ron said.
During the ride Ron felt hungry, but didn't know how to get food. Looking in front of him he saw a man press a button. After talking to a lady and waiting food was given to him. Ron decided to do this I mean what could go wrong? He stared at the buttons above his head not knowing what button to press. Pressing an orange button a cold air was blown in his face, the red button made a bright light turn on. He was about to give up after he pressed the yellow button.
"Sir, do you need anything?" she questioned.
Ron looked at the lady then smiled. These muggle contraptions do work after all he thought.
"Oh yes could you get me a box of Berkin Botts every flavored beans please?" Ron asked.
The lady stared at Ron then began to laugh loudly causing a sleeping Malfoy to wake up. Ron was confused why was the lady laughing at him it didn't make sense the man in front of him asked for something and got it right away he didn't get laughed at.
" Ron, this is the muggle world they don't have wizard candy," Harry whispered to Ron from behind.
Ron turned a deep shade of red watching the lady walk away still laughing. " O.k. now everyone for your entertainment a movie will be coming soon enjoy,"
A movie? What was a movie? Ron thought. Then before Ron could think anymore the screen in front turned on. What was happening? Listening he found out this movie was called HOLES. After watching the movie Ron was amazed how muggles made something so amusing. Ron smelt food in the air and was glad it was coming. Placing the food down the lady began to laugh. Looking up Ron noticed this was the same lady he made a fool out of himself to. Again the lady left laughing all the way. After eating Ron looked out of the window. He looked out the window to see they were flying this made Ron excited because it was like flying in a car or on a broom. "Hey, Harry, we are flying," Ron said. "I know it is great isn't it?" Turning back around Ron felt a disturbing feeling like someone was invading his space. He looked over to see Malfoy resting on his shoulder. Sitting there calmly he hoped Malfoy would realize he was doing this and stop, but there was no such luck. Ron did the only thing he could he screamed. Snapping out of his sleep Malfoy glared at Ron. "What you were resting on my shoulder I just had to wake you up," Ron said. Ron was glad Malfoy didn't say anything and just went back to sleep. The plane landed on the ground softly then began to get bumpy going on the path. As they got off the plane a man dressed in all black greeted them. In the carriage that the man took them in there was a lot of arguing caused by Malfoy and Harry. "We are here," the man said. "Where is here?" Hermione asked. " Your doom," a dark figure outside said. End of chapter. Review to find out what happens.