Trip Gone Wrong Chap.6 An: I know it has been long but here you go

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Maulthoy were ready to fight wands in their hands. They looked around them to see about a hundered or even a thousand death eaters waiting to kill every one of them. Ron felt he could do anything at the moment so he wasn't scared. Starting off the big battle the first death eater charged at them. "Expelliamus," they yelled. The first death eater was down then they look at the other thousand. "Maybe we should split up!" Harry yelled. "Harry Potter being the leader but yet again being completely wrong, we should stay together," Maulthoy said. "Split up!"
A death eater snuck up behind Harry.
"Stupefy!" Harry yelled blasting the death eater back.
Hermione and Ron were tired of their fighting at the wrong time so they said they should split up then get back together when things look tough. Ron took his wand putting out every single death eater in his path. H e turned around when he heard a scream. He looked to see Maulthoy on the ground a death eater towering over him with Maulthoy's wand in his hand. Ron saw he would have to get Maulthoy out of this one.

He was going to yell out a spell to save Maulthoy's life when Maulthoy kicked his feet into the death eater's stomach making him or her fall backwards give up his wand and Maulthoy's.

"Nice job," Ron complimented.


Hermione was about to throw a death eater back with her jinx but Harry popped in and got rid of the death eater for her.

"Harry I can take care of myself," Hermione said.

There was a death eater behind Harry so Hermione flipped over Harry yelling out a spell causing the death eater to fly backwards into many other death eaters.
"I am positive," she smiled.
The battle looked pretty good a lot of death eaters were out. The four of them were kicking butt, as you would say. Blasting the last death eater they all cheered.
"Looks like we are through," Harry said.
Harry spoke to soon because a portal opened up behind them. "You haven't won yet," "Voldermort but I thought I got rid of you?" Ron asked.

"You thought a silly little portal could hold me well you're wrong," he said.

Harry stepped forward taking out his wand preparing to fight this alone, but Ron stepped up next to him then Hermione last Maulthoy. Hermione held Maulthoy's, hand then Maulthoy held Ron's hand last Ron held Harry's hand.

"How amusing a little friendship line it will be so fun to destroy you all," he said.

"Work together?" Harry asked

"Work together," Voldermort yelled out the unforgivable curse at them but the spell didn't work. All four of them took out their wands and shouted out a curse that turned Voldermort to dust. They all look at each other proudly to think they deafted Voldermort together.

"How will we go back home?" Hermione asked.

" We might be stuck here forever," Ron panicked.

"No all of you guys will be on the next plane home," They spun around to see Dumbledore and the whole ministry of magic standing there. "Dumbledore!" they yelled. "

We are really sorry we took so long to find you,"

"That's ok we survived," Harry said.

"By working together," Ron said.

"Well that's all good," The four of them went into the carriage that would take them to the airport, which would take them home.

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