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This story will later on be rated for sex/violence

The Immortal's Portrait

If you went to the heart of the old part of London today and walked along it narrow cobbled streets, reliving its nostalgic past. You'll come across a warm and inviting coffee shop called The Muse. The aromas of freshly ground coffee with spicy tart pastries would tantalise every sense, drawing in customers to seat themselves in big cushy chairs and watch the world go by.

Towards the back of the shop, it was a book store, filled from floor to ceiling with all the books you can imagine, pages upon pages of captured human emotions, records and enjoyments. It was there you would find a wooden staircase leading upstairs to an art gallery, filled with many portraits and paintings, where neo-classical collided with contemporary and all were for sale.

And this coffee shop was owned by Serenity Jason, blessed with a crown of black hair and wide, green eyes with a fair complexion. Some could say she was beautiful.

She had inherited this shop from her grandfather, a shoe maker who she watched, fascinated by his trade. She, as a girl fingered the delicate materials in the rich hues, caressed the softest suede and the shiniest buckle. She declared that she'll someday own this shop and stock it with sweets for all the children in the land. Such a bold ambition for a child yet it came true. After her grandfather died, she was shocked but thrilled to find she was left with the shop. With a good head for business and a strong ambition, she went to work creating the successful business as it stands today. Daily, in flowed the steady stream of students from the nearby Oxford university, a haven from their academic-fuelled lives. Serenity often watched the students, head bowed as they wrote fast, high on their caffeine fix, oblivious to the collecting debris of their studies in the form of cups and plates.

She employed five members of staff, there was Candice and Simon who worked on the café, Paul who dealt with the financial side and contacts, Wendy who deals with the books and Sue who works in the gallery, maintaining it with fresh works of talent, and it is with her that the story unfolds, in one of her actions revealing a new world to Serenity.

Sighing, Serenity or Serena as she prefers to be called, tied her hair back into a ponytail and picked up the crow bar in order to wrench off the wooden lid of the crate. Within the crate was several new paintings bought by Sue earlier to go in the gallery.

"They are a nice mix, good buy for seven hundred pounds. We should most definitely make some profit. There is one painting I think you'll like. You'll see what I mean." Sue stood by the café works station, watching her employer with baited breath. Not that she needed to do so, because every painting she bought were successfully sold.

"What did the catalogue say?" Serena asked as she propped the edge of the crowbar into the gap and began heaving. The lid tore away to reveal a nest of shredded paper inside. Upon pulling this away, she could see edges of a few wooden frames peeking out.

"Not much, they were in the hallways of the manor house. They are believed to be eighteenth century maybe." Sue shrugged, tugging at her black roll neck jumper. Serena pulled them out one by one to see they were of various themes, hunting scenes, landscape themes, animals but it was the last one that caught her attention. It was a portrait of a young man.

"That's the one." Sue smiled, as she watched Serena hold it at arms length.

The man looked to be young with long blonde hair and pale skin which made his eyes stand out the strongest blue. His full lips held a faint smile and a cutlet of silver crowned his forehead, giving him a regal look. The painting finished just below his shoulders, revealing him to be wearing a high-collared tunic.

"Who is he?" Serena asked, mesmerized by those deep blue eyes.

"There no record of the subject, he may be a son or somebody but one thing's clear. If there were more men like him on the street, I die a happy woman!" Sue grinned.

"I agree." Serena smiled, she reached out and for a moment she almost believed she could touch his smooth skin. Cold, taunt canvas greeted her finger tips.

"Does he look like a Matt to you?" She asked, Sue grinned, "Nah, more like a David."

"No wait, Gabriel, the name suits him." Serena smiled, she stood up and walked over to serving area and took down a painting that been up for a while and replaced it with the newly christened 'Gabriel.'

"There, he's right at home already, see he's eyeing me up!" Sue joked, she went as far as waving at the innocent painting as he stared out over the store.

And there 'Gabriel' stayed, watching over the bustling customers with his hypnotic stare. He was the subject of many conversations, as staff and customers alike remarked on how beautiful and life-like the man in the painting was. There were even offers of buying it but Serena declined, wanting the painting for her own. She would often fantasize about him, being held close to his body, those lips on hers as she touched his silky blonde hair. The mystery about who was the man drew closer to being solved till such the day arrived, handing over their heads unaware.

It was a week before Christmas and the cold wind assaulted the narrow lane, bringing in customers with chilly fingers and cheery cheeks. Coffee pots were singing as Serena handed out a plate full of cakes to an middle aged man who took it back with him to his wife who sat surrounded by Christmas shopping. Somewhere a baby cried amongst the busy crowd. She pulled out a fresh batch of scones and began arranging them on plates for their orders.

"Candice, please take them to table seven." She asked the petite woman, they swapped roles and Serena looked up to serve her next customer to see....him.


There he was, standing there with a faint smile, his hair loose as he looked at her with those deep blue eyes. Apart from the brown jacket and black jumper he wore and the missing cutlet, she was sure it was him. She even looked at the painting just to be sure that it hasn't came alive.

"How....how can I help you?" She stammered, regaining her composure.

"Tea for one please." He asked, his voice was soft yet had a hint of masculine strength.

"Coming up." She weakly smiled, she couldn't remember gathering the cup and saucer but she handed it to him, an amused smiled played on his lips as his eyes taunt her.

"How much?" he simply asked.

"Oh sorry, that's one-fifty please." She held out her hand as he handed her some coins, she felt his warm skin touch hers and a shot of liquid heat spread from her arms to the rest of her body. apparently he too felt it, his hand poised in the act as he stared at their fingers, he pulled it away and smiled before turning away and seating himself by the window.

Her eyes followed him, watching how he pulled the tea bag out of the cup, how his long fingers stirred the liquid, how his lips touched the cup as he sipped it. He was there.

Gabriel was there!

It was near closing time, she was the only staff member left, clearing away the clutter she looked up to see he still at there, looking out the window to reveal the dark streets.

"Excuse me, I'm closing in a minute." She called out, the man turned his attention to her, he smiled and sat back, "I had hoped to speak to you."

"Me? How can I help you?" Serena smiled as she walked up to his table to clear away the cup.

"Its about that painting." His eyes went over her shoulder to the painting behind her.

"It's not for sale." Serena replied, wiping the table with her cloth, glad of some action that required her to not look at his beautiful face.

"Oh and why is that?" the man crossed his arms and rested them on the table, staring up at her.

"Because it's of value to me." She replied.

"Oh." He smiled, his eyes glistened as she dared looked at him. "you look like him." She softly said. A smile was her reply. "I do don't I?"

"What's you're name?" She boldly asked, Gabriel was one suggestion she would be glad to correct.

"I'm Legolas." The man held out his hand, she shook it, aware of his soft skin against hers. Who ever this man was, she knew it would be a long time before his face would fade from her mind.