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To Find Those Who Were Lost

"Serena, its nearly nine o'clock in the morning. There's no chance of finding Legolas alive now. the night has been ten below freezing and who knows what injuries he received." Glrofindel tried to prise Serena away from the search that was still underway but with less hope. They were no longer searching for a casualty, they were searching for a corpse.

"Go away." Serena snapped as she fell for the countless time, her hands raw from various splinters, grazes and scratches.

"Please." Glorfindel reached out and gently gripped her hand, only to have it pulled away, "I will find him, with or without your help. Aren't you suppose to be his friend?" she stared at him, teeth clattering from the cold and the numerous cuts on her face has ceased bleeding to leave sticky, peeling flakes.

"I am. Just...." He broke away and inhaled the frozen air that howled across the moors and assaulted their bodies with its wind. His blue eyes were almost grey as he blinked and chewed his lower lip before continuing somewhat reluctantly, "Just be prepared. It may be too late."

"I know." She nodded but she wasn't deterred and turned to walked off towards where two miserable, weather-beaten moor ponies were drinking from a small stream in a deep ravine. Her presence startled them and in turn startled her as they nosily thundered off, causing her to jump and toppled down the steep grassy bank. She landed upon the rocks by the stream, her ribs throbbing from the impact of the fall and the tang of blood on her tongue told her she cut her lip.

Rising a hand to wipe away the hot trail of blood down her chin, she halted when her eyes fasten hold of an object lying in the grass on the opposite side of the stream. Her heart leapt up into her mouth and pain forgotten, she leapt to her feet and ran across the icy cold stream, ignoring the painfully frozen slaps of water around her feet.

"Legolas?" she called as she scrambled up the icy bank, desperation drove her on as she tangled her fingers into the long grass and pulled herself up to see that it was indeed Legolas, lying on his side where he had fallen.

"I've found him!" she screamed and jumped up and down, waving her arms like a lunatic, attracting all the searchers attention as they began running towards her.

"Legolas?" She whispered, gently rolling him onto his back and wiping away his hair that clung to his face. She saw that his lip were blue and his skin was frozen cold. His eye sockets were hollowed and bruised, and the nasty, bloody cuts round his neck and across his chest have turned black.

"Legolas....please!" Serena pleaded as she cradled him close to her body in an useless attempt to get him warm.

He was past warmth.

He was past comfort.

He was past alive......barely.

His eyes fluttered then opened wide, staring at something above him in horror as he opened his mouth and tried to breath the free air, but only to have some unseen force strangle him. His noisy breaths sounded like someone breathing through a restrictive, plastic bag and his body rattled with every defeated breath.

Glorfindel arrived first and immediately pulled opened Legolas shirt to see the full extent of his injuries. "He's almost far too gone." He cursed as he frantically waved over a medic.

"What? What do you mean?" Serena called over the noises emitting from Legolas.

"He is suffering from the injuries of the witch king, and if we don't get him to Elrond quickly, he will become a ringwraith." Glorfindel helped the medic up the bank and immediately started administering first aid to the elf who was by now unconscious again.

They were joined by more elven soldiers and Serena was pushed aside and temporarily forgotten as she watched the milling crowd insert tubes, needles and injections into Legolas. She heard one bark orders into a radio to fly out a helicopter immediately, and watched them on the count of three move Legolas from the frozen ground onto a bright orange board that was to be air lifted into the chopper.

The loud pulsating beat of the helicopter throbbed loudly in the air as Serena turned to see it emerge from behind the mountain nearby. It hovered above them, disturbing grass, hair and orders that were shouted and blown away as they got Legolas ready to be hoisted.

"Glorfindel, am I going with him?" Serena shouted over to Glorfindel who was watching his friend being slowly pulled up into the air along with a first-aider attached to the rope.

"Negative, there's no time for him, we'll follow on back to headquarters with the troops." He shouted back and indicated to the jeeps now parked nearby on the grass. They began running along with the troops back to the vehicles and clambered inside, away from the cold, miserable weather outside. Before long, the inside of the jeep was warm, making Serena's skin tingle and burn as she fought exhaustion whilst the jeep bounced along the uneven roads.

She rested her head against the window where condensation has formed and closed her eyes. 'Please let him live.' She prayed to whatever all powerful force out there, believed in either by Elves of Man. And sleep claimed another victim, sending her blissfully into a voidless world where her body had a chance to rest and heal and her mind a quiet moment to recuperate.

The fall of the last ring walker caused a wave of consternation within the elven world. Many elves expressed their shock and the attack confirmed that Sauron was indeed at large. Emergency plans were put into action and Serena could witness the flawless beauty of the elves working together.

Where elven grace combined with modern auxiliary, gave the impression of a formidable army to confront.

But Serena was told by Glorfindel that the elders were worried. They lent their aid all those thousands of years ago in battles concerning Sauron and the one ring. But who was to aid them now? All those alliances that once existed have now been lost and forgotten.

It was there that Serena found herself questioning her position amongst the elves. Like a caterpillar amongst the butterflies, she realised that the small thing about her short life in comparison to Legolas's became more obvious. Especially when she saw the female half of the race. No words were fitting enough to describe them in all their beauty. And what stung her was that some of them, as she was told were Legolas's former lovers.

We've all been there haven't we?

To see an old flame of the one you love.

It makes you think as to what did your partner see in them in the first place. And more dangerously, does he still see that same small flame in them still?

Does the feelings that once existed still come into play? But the difference was that Serena knew that the elves disapproved of all this mess between Legolas and herself. They've seen this mess before and the outcome resulted the lost of one of their most beloved.


How the name still stings closed wounds and none felt it deeper than Elrond, who sat across the table from Serena as she explained that maybe it was time to let go. To rejoin her world who lived oblivious to the older race that lived and existed below them.

And when the rose tinted curtain of love was pulled back to reveal the brutal truth of the matter, the relationship had no foundations to build upon.

"What's the matter?" Glorfindel appeared from nowhere to be by her side as she sat in a chair overlooking Legolas's prone unconscious body.

"Nothing." Serena lied.

"You lie, I can feel it coming from you." Glorfindel's softly reprimanded as he leaned back in his chair and looked at her, feeling her dark and sickly aura ebb over him.

"What do you mean?" Serena rose her head and looked at him with half an interest.

"There's something on your mind and that I know. All human emotion's are so easy to gauge, your kind don't hide it very well, giving it away with the merest eye contact. So don't deny it, what's wrong?"

"Since your kind gauge my feelings so well, you tell me what's wrong." Serena snapped. There was a heavy silence that followed in which she wrung her hands in frustration all whilst Glorfindel gave her one solid look, never blinking and never looking away. She finally broke under his silent interrogating stare, "I have heard of several facts concerning elves."

"Which are?"

"Elves aren't suppose to be with humans concerning marriage are they?" Serena looked over Legolas's body that was bathed in silver candle light. She heard Glorfindel take a deep breath as if he was formulating his words before letting his tongue speak.

"There has been exceptions in the past where an elf has fallen in love with a mortal and have given up their immortality to become a mortal. But that's rare and a lot more complex. See, Arwen could do so due to her blood linage as she was half-elven." Glorfindel explained.

"What about Legolas?" Serena asked, and Glorfindel's heart plummeted, how could he tell her?

"Legolas cannot, he's a pure blood. And everything prevents him from doing so anyway. Believe it or not but he is one of the most powerful elves remaining today, due to his past and who he is." He slowly replied, watching that small flame of hope in her eyes fade away to leave tears so painfully raw, as they slowly slid down her pale skin glistening like pure frozen diamonds in the light.

"So the chances are..." she couldn't finish as she felt a strong wave of emotions hit her nerves, she stemmed a cry by biting her lips.

"I don't know but I tell you this, through the many years our kind have lived alongside humans, there have been a few marriages between such partners but all have ended in pain. With the death of their mortal love, the elves concerned begin to fade away to their deaths. Think it as heartbreak, the lost will to carry on. We feel emotions much deeper. Rather than hide it, we suffer for it."

The silence dragged on for a while till Serena spoke again, this time her voice echoed in the small room and the sound was full of restrained emotions, "I've spoken to Elrond."

Glorfindel blinked, what was he suppose to get from that small statement? He paused then asked what she meant.

"I spoken to him about us. Except there isn't an 'us'." Serena bit her lip and turned her head to look at Glorfindel who looked back at her.

"What are you going to do?" he asked, his brain whirling to formulate all the possible outcomes she was talking about.

"Its impossible Glorfindel! Absolutely impossible! I love him but now things have been put into new perspective....I can't. He's a king for god's sake! I can't expect him to walk away from his people for me! He's immortal and I'm not. He can't love me as we're not even bound to each other."

Glorfindel slumped back into his chair, "What do you think Legolas will say about all this? How do you think he feels?"

"I don't intend to wait around to find out. It would be easier." Serena slowly raised to her feet but Glorfindel beat her, jumping upwards in retaliation, "You cant leave!"

"Please." Serena broke down, the tears she had fought so gallantly to hide began to fall and huge sobs racketed her frame, threatening to swallow her up whole in the pit of despair.

"Just stay and talk to Legolas will you?" Glorfindel wrapped his arms round her and held her to him. He felt her tears soak into his shirt and stung him like it was liquid fire. He had seen all emotions, all the pains and glories and thought he's seen it all.

How so very wrong.

She nodded into his shoulders and he exhaled a sigh of relief, maybe things will work out ok.

"You're tired, go and get some sleep." he smiled at her and wiped away her tears then leant down and pressed his lips against her hot forehead. She gave him a watery smile and obeyed, leaving the room to turn left down the hall to her room.

Glorfindel turned to look at his fallen friend lying in bed and muttered, "Eru! You got some fine mess to sort out."


The one thing all living beings need to do, in order to rest their bodies and souls to recharge for another day's existence. The only ones who slept better were the dead. And what stories they could tell.

Unfortunately Serena was to hear those stories, she was to feel the pain the dead felt in their last living moment and she was to see how her body rotted away over the years to dust.

And it all began when she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

How the pain of reality slipped away into darkness and Serena stirred on her bed and pulled the duvet over her. Her senses warmed to the cocoon she made and her muscles relaxed, all tension seeping away to nothing and leaving her utterly shattered and broken.

Her eyes closed and she settled against her pillow, her mind empty and willingly accepting sleep.

Then she heard a voice.

It came as a whisper that echoed into the darkness and a mist formulated in her mind.

The voice spoke of wordless things and the mist parted to reveal a man. A man with long shaggy, shoulder length hair which blew in the breathless wind. Stubble adorned his jaw alongside with an unruly beard. He wore what looked to be well worn travelling clothes with a cloak fastened around his neck with a clasp of a leaf. She squinted and realised that Glorfindel has given her one so startlingly similar. The leaf of Lothlorien.

But who was this being? He wasn't an elf.

Then the whisper told her.



She looked upon the king of old and watched how the wind whipped at his clothes as he steadily walked towards her, the wind blew apart his shirt to reveal the jewel that shone so bright upon his skin with the beauty of the heavens.

"The light of the Evenstar." He sadly whispered to her. His eyes pained with his private memories as he stopped a hand width away from her.

"Why are you here?" she whispered, watching a small smile widen his lips.

"You think you are doing the right thing don't you?" he asked softly.

"It's for the best." She replied.

"You're wrong, my daughter." He reached up and gently stroked her cheek, Serena feeling his worn fingers and the cool metal of the ring that declared his heritage.

Her thoughts turned to why he was here, invading her dreams and she opened her mouth to ask when he replied, "Find me Serena..........resurrect me."

"What do you mean?"

"I never truly died but neither did I truly lived.........they thought I fulfilled my one true purpose....but there are wrong........." Serena watched his face crumbled and fall away to leave behind another man as Aragron's voice became menacingly distorted

".......so very wrong."

The unearthly voice roar and Serena looked upon the man's face and saw true horror.

His smile wasn't one to be trusted, his eyes held a dark flame and his hair burned like the fires of hell.

"You!" his hand snapped out and clung to Serena's neck and squeezed, she couldn't breathe, she tried to struggle but he came closer to her, his eyes dancing with flames and his leering smile danced in her vision.

"You can't stop me now!" the being roared and Serena opened her mouth to scream at the unbearable pain that flooded her body.

She was shaken awake by a concerned Elrond, her chest heaved if she just swam for miles and tears streamed her face, her arms flung around Elrond's neck as she sobbed, the elf waved away the servants who gathered at the woman's door and held her close to him.

"What ails you Serena?" he softly asked and she recovered from her sobs enough to tell him of her dreams.

He sat there in stunned silence and when she asked what was wrong he opened his mouth with some reluctance, "I think your dream was a premonition. Arwen my daughter frequently suffered them whilst Aragorn was at battle. Turned out her premonitions were true when he told us his stories. I knew that the world of men today were related in someway to Aragorn as his off springs are numerous but its been along time since I followed the well-being's of his direct kin....." he broke off, not knowing what to say next, his mind overflowing with too many things that needed processing in that moment.

"What about this premonition?" Serena quietly asked, Elrond looked up at her face and blinked as if he was seeing her for the first time.

"He calls you to find him, and find him you must. You need to find Isilder's heir once more and bring him to us." The elven lord said, his voice ringing with the ominous tone of expectancy as he gave Serena a small smile. "Come, let us start a new leg of the journey. The tables have yet to turn and we'll need every advantage till then."