Summary: This is something I'd really like to see on Cowboy Bebop, I could imagine seeing on Cowboy Bebop, but I know the writers won't put it in. Especially since Spike is dead. (WHAAAAAAA!)

Disclaimer: I own nothing! I don't even own the computer I'm writing this on.

-- Snip...snip...snip --

The Bebop was quite, aside from the occasional sound of Jet trimming his Bonsai tree. This was because Ed and Ein had gone off somewhere and no one knew exactly when they'd be back. Faye had left a few hours ago, not really saying when she'd be back. Spike was in his favorite place; sprawled out on the couch, his hands behind his messy green hair. Every once in a while a soft snore would escape him.

* * *

Faye strode proudly into the Bebop and confidently slammed the door behind her. Spike snorted from the couch and awoke with a jerk. He opened one eye and glared down his long slim nose at her. Jet looked up from his bonsai. "Where have you been?"

She untied her red jacket and tossed over the back of a chair and then plopped down in it and propped her feet on the table. "At the race track."

"How much did you lose this time?" Spike said.

She raised an incredulous eyebrow at him. "What do you mean this time?"

Spike shifted on the couch, trying to get back into his former comfortable position. "I mean, every time you go to the track you lose wulongs, and lots of 'em."

"I don't lose money every time I go."

Spike snorted. "Just about. Right, Jet?"

He didn't even look up from his bonsai. "Hey, don't bring me into this."

Faye smiled up at him. "Smart man."

"Some friend you are, lettin' me take the full brunt of her bitchiness."

"Who are you callin' bitchy!?"

Jet rolled his eyes from where he sat, bent over his precious tree, knowing full well what would happen if he took a side.

"You're just jealous!"

"Of what? The fact that you can't get off you're lazy ass long enough to catch a bounty, or even try!"

"At least I don't always lose money gambling!"

He'd heard their arguments so many times he was beginning to tire of them. At least he didn't have to pretend to ignore this one for long, though. Ed burst through the door, her arms full of packages and Ein barking at her heels. Spike and Faye didn't even look up from their verbal war.

"What do ya got there?"

Ed dumped her load on the floor and began tossing stuff at Jet. "I gots lots of stuff. Fish, melons, hamburgers, noodles..."

"How did you get all this Ed? You didn't steal it, did you?"

The red head giggled insanely at him, did a backward roll and then popped up, doing an airplane impression. "No, Ed not steal. Brrroooooom! Ed and Ein catch fish in the river...ZOOM! And Ed helped man fix his computer and he gave Ed and Ein lots of food. Wheeeeeeeee!"

Jet stared at the food for a minute and then decided it was better than the soybeans they'd had last night, so he didn't ask again if she stole it. Even if her story was true, she couldn't have gotten this much for fixing a computer. Suddenly Ed popped up in his face, blinking curiously.

"Why are Faye-Faye and Spike-person fighting, Jet?"

He heaved a sigh. "They're always mad at each other and end up fighting. I'm surprised you haven't noticed it yet, Ed. I wish they'd get along. Hell, I just wish they'd quit fighting all the damn time!"

"Ed will help!" Before Jet could stop her, Ed had run over to the dueling pair and jumped up on the coffee table.

"Faye-Faye and Spike-person kiss and make up!" And with that she pushed the back of their heads together, which caused their lips to fuse. They stared at each other for a second, they're eyes wide and then both wrenched way from the other. Spike ran a hand through his hair and then stuck both in his pockets, not sure what else to do with them. Faye stood stock- still; her hand stopped midway to her lips before reaching into the jacket she had draped over the back of the chair. She dropped a wad of cash on the table.

"I, uh...just'd like won...200,000 wulongs at the track." She rushed up the stairs and slammed the door to her room behind her. Spike stared down at the money and then up at the door to Faye's room. Jet watched him for a few minutes and Spike still didn't move. He turned to listen for any sounds coming from Faye's room, but heard nothing. Ed bounced up onto Jet's shoulders, nearly knocking him down.

"Did Ed do a good job?"

He reached up and patted her tousled head. "You did great Ed. How about fish and watermelon tonight?"

Ed rushed off acting like a plane with Ein barking at her heels. "Wheeeeeee!"

Jet gave Spike one last look, found him still standing silently by the couch, and then headed for the kitchen, shaking his head and chuckling. "Well, I'll be damned."