Tommy stared at his opponent

Chapter One: Tommy (White Ranger) vs Heero (Break System)

Tommy stared at his opponent. The boy standing across the grassy field was fifteen, three years younger than the long-haired teen himself. As Tommy regarded the boy with his pale brown eyes, he could not see exactly what the threat was, why Zordon had chosen to bother HIM, the White Ranger, leader of the Power Rangers, for anything less than a monster attack. After all, it was only a boy...

True, the boy's sharply handsome looks were perfect, he seemed to have stepped right out of a cartoon. He didn't seem real: skin too smooth, features too chiseled, hair parted into strangely symmetrical spikes. But... Tommy ran a hand through his long locks. That posed no threat. Anyway, he himself was much more good looking.


Under the hair that spiked over his face, the boy regarded the cocksure teenager with half-shut cobalt eyes. He obviously wanted a fight. The young pilot shrugged his deceptively slender shoulders. Why not?


Tommy suddenly noticed the boy shifting into a fighting stance. Huh, let the brat feel his error. No one challenged Tommy Oliver!

"You're going down, punk! I don't know what you want, but you aren't getting it!" he yelled. "I'll show you no one messes with the Power Rangers!" Tommy was very proud of how important he made the words sound.


Heero rolled his eyes. Melodramatic hormone-driven AMATEUR!


"It's Morphing Time! White Tiger Ranger Power!" shrieked Tommy, as he held his morpher up to the sky. As cracks of lightning struck around him and his body was slowly encased in a skintight suit made of Spandex, with a few obviously plastic add-ons, Heero silently thanked the gods that he had no need of such cheesy yells whenever he needed to fight with Wing Zero. As a warrior, he knew the importance of stealth-silence and secrecy were every fighter's friends. Not overblown special effects.

As he finished transforming, Tommy began to pose, all the while screaming threats and assurances of justice to the amused pilot. 'God, this guy makes Wufei look like a mild, meek, _SANE_ librarian!'

After twenty minutes, Tommy was still screaming, and Heero was yawning. Finally the young Gundam pilot decided to end the misery (his, that is) and snapped out with a roundhouse kick to Tommy's throat. The White Ranger fell to the ground, gasping. Looking up at his opponent, he wheezed, "But you''re su..supposed to w..wait until AFTER I'm done talking!"

Heero smirked. "Says who? This is war, not some cheesy show for drooling preadolescents! Besides," he added as he raised the barrel of his black gun to the head of the whimpering, twitching Power Ranger, "Your screaming was getting on my nerves."

BANG! Heero again placed the gun in the secret pocket of null-space where he usually kept it. "That was easy," he said. He walked away, whistling Just Communication to himself. He was feeling pretty cheerful, even more so than when he blows up contingents of Aries suits, usually the high point of his day.

'Maybe I should start wearing jeans. Thanks to that guy, I'm going to have bad memories of spandex from now on.'


AN: And that's the real reason behind Heero's wardrobe change in Endless Waltz. (snicker) Reviews greatly appreciated. ^_^