Duo Vs

Duo Vs. The Ninja Rangers (or whatever the hell they call themselves after the movie)

Duo ran frantically towards the spot where he'd hidden his Deathscythe. 'Oh, shit! I'm gonna be late! Hilde is gonna kill me!' he thought mournfully as he huffed up the slope of the cliff. But poor Duo's troubles had just started.

About fifty yards away from where he'd hidden his Gundam, Duo ran into a bunch of teens who seemed to form a blockade. They were all dressed in bright colors, and each wore only _one_ color. They reminded Duo of a group of people who had come to a costume party dressed as a rainbow.

"Aha!" yelled one of them, an eighteen-year-old boy dressed all in bright red. Absently, Duo wondered where, exactly, you GOT red socks anymore...

"There's the guy Zordon warned us about!" continued Red. "We've gotta stop him before he destroys Angel Grove!"

"You're right, Rocky," yelled another boy, this time in glaring white. "Whoever you are, we know you brought a giant robot here to try destroy Angel Grove!"

Another boy, dressed in blues more sensible than the practically-neons his friends sported, said, "I don't think he's one of Zedd's monsters. He looks human!"

"You're right, Billy!" shouted a petite girl, dressed all in pink. She looked like a walking advertisement for bubble gum. "He must be an intergalactic bounty hunter that Zedd hired!"

Duo could no longer stand it. He burst out into near-hysterical laughter. "Oh...oh, stop, you're killing me!" As the teens watched in disbelief, Duo collapsed on the grass, clutching at his sides. "Wh..what are you guys? Overgrown preschoolers? Are you going to a Rainbow Brite party or something?" he gasped, laughing uncontrallably. "And do you always have to yell?" He needed three breaths to finish the sentence.

They all glared murderously at him. "That's it!" yelled the boy in white. "We'll show you what it means to insult..." They all struck poses before the boy in white declared, "The Power Rangers!" Duo could practically hear the capitalization of the words.

"Power Rangers?" repeated Duo, rolling to his feet. "And who's your mascot? Smokey the Power Bear?"

"Actually..." started an Asian-looking boy dressed in green. He was cut off when Rocky elbowed him and hissed, "Shut up!"

"You are gonna pay!" yelled White, obviously the leader of the group. 'I already am,' Duo thought sarcastically. 'I have to listen to you spout overused cliché phrases, don't I?'

"It's Morphing Time!" yelled White, shifting into a parody of a martial arts stance. "White Falcon Ranger Power!" he yelled.

One by one, his friends copied him, twisting their bodies into poses that were meant to show what good fighters they were but ended up just looking idiotic. They screamed out long, entangled phrases that were supposed to unlock their power, holding up what looked like plastic squares with animals carved into them. The animals got more and more ridiculous.

"Blue Wolf Ranger Power!"

"Red Gorilla Ranger Power!"

"Yellow Bear Ranger Power!"

"Pink Crane Ranger Power!"

"Black Frog Ranger Power!"

As they were enveloped in skintight suits that offered no protection whatsoever in a real fight, Duo watched them boredly. They began posing again. "You're going down!" yelled Yellow. White charged at Duo.

The pilot of Shinigami, wise in the ways of the street, sidestepped his rush. When White stumbled past, Duo crouched down and legswept the White Ranger. As expected, White flailed his arms wildly and lost his balance, teetering and falling off the edge of the cliff face.

As an unexpected bonus, his entire Technicolor team had charged en masse towards Duo as soon as White did, and so the injured Ranger crashed into his team, knocking THEM off balance. They all fell off the cliff, screaming the whole way.

And there was much rejoicing.

Not for poor Duo, though. However entertaining and stress-relieving the whole experience had been, it still made him later for his date with Hilde. He was in deep trouble...