You are an idiot

You are an idiot. An absolute and complete idiot.

I am so ashamed of you.

How could you do this to me? How COULD you?


A Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing fanfiction by Cyberwolf

I am so ashamed of you, heart. You used to be the greatest heart any logic-blooded brain could wish for. You were tough, you knew how to accept cold hard logic, you had erected several walls around yourself to neutralize those dangerous little distractions called emotions.

But then you had to go and fall in *in a tone of extreme distaste* LOVE. It was bad enough that you were allowing our boy to consider those other Gundam pilots as friends. (it was rapidly approaching the point where he'd jeapordize the VERY MISSION-just to help one of those boys. Now what, I ask, is the logic is that?) But I allowed it, since friends are sometimes a tad more useful than mere allies.

But then you went and FELL.



Are you insane? You know as well as I do that since the age of six, our boy has had to be cold, calculating, pragmatic, efficient, and-I don't mind saying it even if you do- downright RUTHLESS. He needed...WE be that in order to survive, to fulfill what was expected of us. He grew just as we expected, too.

And love that intense is not especially conducive to the traits we worked so hard to encourage, now IS IT?!

I know you resisted that horrid little sentiment but you should have resisted HARDER. Love is not a flash of sunlight nor a beautiful strain of music. It is not a breath of fresh wind nor a fire smoldering in your heart or any other of that poetic rot.

I wish love were that easy to spot.

No; love is a sneaky little worm of an emotion, trickling in through cracks in your armor you didn't even know you had. Like sand slipping through a sieve. It did its work silently, slowly but surely getting its mission accomplished. Rather like us, actually. While our boy stood looking into those big blue eyes, love was slowly inching its way into his heart. (that's you, by the way) Like an itch you couldn't quite locate, so you left it alone. Then it would spread so minutely, a grain then another grain, that there was no apparent effect.

But grow it did. Everyday. And you didn't even notice, you great gallumphing dunce! By the time you even knew it was there, you (and our boy) were already so head-over-heels in love with that blasted female it didn't matter!

And no matter what I do, this 'love' will not obligingly evaporate. I argue and argue with you, presenting some very valid reasons for the speedy removal of this impediment, but you always reply: "But I LOVE her."

Oh, what's the use? It's obvious that this love will be with us for the rest of our (miserable, significantly shorter, certain to end in painful death, thanks to you) life. . It's kismet, fate, karma, whatever, I guess.

(sigh) At least I'm not infected with this idiocy.

Don't worry, Brain. That could change very, very soon..