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Bleeding Petals

Keiko, how would one describe her? She's smart, kind, athletic, responsible, and pretty. She is also a fairly strong girl too, not scared to stand up for what she thinks at all, even if no one agrees with her. She has many friends as well, and enjoys things like shopping. To top it off, she's student council president. She's the perfect girl, the ideal girl,…and the luckiest girl.

Keiko, how would one describe her? She's the girlfriend of Yusuke Urameshi.

Surely you've heard of him. The famous (or infamous, depending on if you're good or evil) Reikai Tantei, apprentice to the powerful psychic Genkai. The ningen who defeated Rando, Suzaku, as well as Toguro and won the Dark Tournament; and that's just to name a few. The one who cracks jokes even at his enemies or when he's on the brink of death. He curses all the time, but will give his life (and has!) to save someone he cares about without a second thought. Openly honest about almost everything, unless he's trying to act cool. But no matter how well he puts up his bad boy façade, he's a good person. Even if he does skip class to go to the arcade and pick fights with anyone if he's in the mood; nearly every single day. And even though he does run into battle without planning a thing, he is a good person. He's…

He's everything I want.

But he loves Keiko, and she loves him.

I don't want to cause him any pain. I already have much more than I deserve.

To be friends with not only him, but to Kuwabara, Genkai, Shizuru, Botan, Keiko, and all of them as well. Oh, and Hiei, my best friend. He's a lot like Yusuke, but at the same time completely different. He's a good person who also hides his heart, though he does a better job than Yusuke. He had a worse childhood than probably any of us can imagine. He doesn't trust anyone easily, unlike Yusuke, but if you have Hiei's trust, it's more valuable than gold. I'm very glad to have earned it. He's one person I can talk to who I know will listen and understand. Even if he pretends not to.

But I can't tell him about this. Love is one of those subjects Hiei will tune out. With the experience he's had, can you blame him?

Not that I understand it much better.

Yes, Shiori did introduce me to love. I do love her with all my heart, but this is different. Romantic love is not something you find easily in Makai. Family love is one thing, but romance is entirely different. Very few youkai care about love, and it certainly isn't something you go around looking for. Ningens see it so differently… I always thought such an emotion weak. Shiori showed me something entirely different. A simple feeling that can empower you far beyond anything you should be able to. I regained my yoki much faster than I thought I could just so I could protect her. That was love.

When she got sick, I wanted nothing more than for her to get well. That's why I took Hiei up on his offer and risked becoming the yokai, Kurama, once more. But then I was faced by Yusuke. I honestly didn't believe he'd show up at the hospital. But I waited for him anyway. I didn't know why I'd asked him to come, but the minute I saw him, I wasn't myself. Almost like I was asleep, or telling this story that wasn't real. Acting out my part, a part I honestly wasn't too fond of. Right up until Yusuke offer his life in place of mine. Then like a cold hard slap in the face, I woke up. Everything came back to me like a movie on fast forward. That wasn't the right line. The Spirit Detective doesn't save the demon. He's not supposed to trust me. The only thing he should be doing is getting ready to pick up the mirror and be on his way. Why is he trying to save me?

That was when it first surfaced. That feeling, the romantic kind. He saved my life. I thought it was just the feeling of debt, because as you can guess I never had many debts while in Makai. But the more missions I went on with him, it got stronger. I cared for him. I didn't want to see him hurt. I wanted to be near him.

One perfect example was right after we fought the Dr. Itchigaki team (or rather Kuwabara, Genkai, and Yusuke fought them while Hiei and I took care of the lackeys) and we had to fight the Mashoukai Team. Now I am not oblivious. I could tell that since we fought the Rokuyokai team that Yusuke's reiki was much lower than normal. That's what I had been going to warn Hiei about when we were ambushed by M4 and M5. And though by the time the Mashoukai team stepped forward Yusuke's reiki seemed back to normal, I didn't want to chance it. If it had to be me or him, I wanted to fight and risk my life. Especially if it was against Shinobi, I didn't want Yusuke to fight anymore than he had to.

I was able to beat Gama, but I knew I was going to be in trouble with Touya. I don't even remember how many times Yusuke called to me telling me to give in. I knew he would be at a disadvantage with Touya. Touya was an extremely intelligent opponent, as were most Shinobi. Yusuke may have been able to win, but he would not get out of it unharmed. We had three opponents after Touya, provided they didn't have a substitute. I wouldn't make Yusuke battle four because I couldn't think of anything.

I let Touya live after I beat him. I knew I barely had any energy left, so I was hoping that the three remaining members of Team Mashoukai would let Yusuke live in the event that Yusuke was put in Touya's position. I also wanted to know what they were fighting for. Why they wanted so badly to go to the place I fled in desperation to. Yusuke gave me the benefit of the doubt, so it was my turn to pass that on.

I didn't go unconscious. I didn't go into a coma. I was just so tired I couldn't move. But I could hear, and I could feel. I will never forget that pain Bakken gave me, but in my own selfish desire, it was almost worth it. Yusuke was willing to throw away the whole tournament to save me. Though I know it was just because I was his friend, nothing more, my heart still beats faster remembering that. That, and the feeling of his arms around me when he carried me to the side of the ring. There was no pain in those moments.

That was when I realized I was in love with him.

And even now after all this time, this feeling won't go away.

Every time I see Yusuke I want to be as close to him as I can; but then I remember Keiko. How can I cause problems for not only the friendship I have with him, but their relationship as well?

So now I'm lying here at… 11:42PM once again going over this problem in my head. Oh, I'm not going to be able to get up tomorrow for school if I don't get some sleep!


School…right now is one of those times where I wonder why I even bother to go there. When you reach over 300, things like algebra seem pretty pointless. Then I remember Kaasan. She'd be terribly disappointed if I stopped going. Stepfather would as well, and what kind of role model would I be for Shuichi then? Well, at least it's over now.

I wonder how Yusuke does it? Never show up for class and still manages not to fail? Keiko probably makes him come just enough so that he'll pass. How does she get him to come I wonder? Well, I guess that's the power of their love. I hung my head as I walked home.

Why do I torment myself like this? What good will thinking about how much he is in love with Keiko and not me do for me? Keep me in reality? All my thoughts keep turning to him, no matter what they are! This is ridiculous! I feel something wet on my cheek. Rain? No, I'm…crying…

"Kurama!!!" Suddenly I'm pulled into someone's arms. Not just someone, I'd recognize that beautiful voice and warm scent anywhere.

"Yusuke?" I look up into those hypnotic amber eyes. The mirror of his every emotion. Of all the many things I love about him, his eyes are high up on the list. Although his arms embracing me now are making pretty good competition. Wait…embracing me?

"Damn Kurama, I've already been hit by a car once! Don't make me do it again!" Hit by a car? What is he talking about? Why is he holding me? He must have seen my confusion because he then tried to explain. "I must have called you fifty times! It sure as hell ain't like you to just stop in the middle of the road. What's going on?"

I realize then where I am, outside Yusuke's arms. In the street right by the sidewalk. I must've stopped in the middle of the street and Yusuke ran to save me from getting hit by a car. Nice going Kurama, get the man you love killed; the same way he died the first time no less!

"S-sorry Yusuke. I must have gotten lost in thought." About you. "Thanks for saving me."

"No problem!" He smiled. Oh, god my heart's beating so fast. Gotta get out of his arms…but I really don't want to. "I was looking for you for something, but I sort of forgot why…" He's so warm…I dreamed of this so much…if I don't pull away soon…

"Urameshi!" Kuwabara! "Man, why the hell did you run for so fast?!…Uh, what's going on?"

Yusuke and I pulled away pretty fast at that. Yusuke does the explaining. "Uh-nothing."

"Whatever man. Anyway, shouldn't we get going? We're already kinda late."

"What, you got a date or something?"

"You jerk! You forgot already??"

I decided to cut in before fists started flying. "Forgot what Kuwabara?"

"Botan came to Urameshi and me at school. She told us to find you and meet up at Genkai's. Something about strange scenery…"

"HA! You forgot too." Yusuke teased.

"Shut up!"

"Could it have been strange energy?" I questioned.

"Maybe, I don't know."

"Either way, we should head to Genkai's."



When we finally reached Genkai's temple (throughout the train ride full of bickering on whose fault it was that neither of them could remember where I lived or where my school was) Hiei, Yukina, Botan, Shizuru, Keiko (with Puu), and Genkai were there waiting for us. Hiei looked really upset, and I could guess why. But what confused me was why all the girls were there.

"About time you three showed up." Genkai commented when we reached the top of the stairs.

"Hn. What took you so long?" Hiei asked.

"Urameshi couldn't remember where Kurama's school was." Kuwabara immediately blamed his friend.

"Shut up! You couldn't even find the train station!" Yusuke shot back.

"Not again…" I sighed.

"You got lost?" Yukina ventured.

"YUKINA!!!!!" Kuwabara rushed to her and grabbed her hands and kneeled down on one knee. "I'm so sorry my ice princess. I didn't mean to worry you, have you been waiting long?"

Shizuru then slammed her fist onto Kuwabara's head, knocking it into the ground. "That's what we've been saying you idiot!"

"Since that's established, what the hell are we doing now?" Hiei demanded.

"Yeah, what's Diapers want us to do now?" Yusuke added.

"Well, like I told Yusuke and Kuwabara before, Koenma's worried about this strange energy that's hanging over parts of Genkai's forests-"

"That's it? That weirdo energy has always hung over the forest." Yusuke objected.

"It's not the same." Genkai corrected. "It's not yoki."

"Then what is it?" Kuwabara asked.

"That's just it, Koenma isn't exactly sure." Botan continued. "Parts of the forest all of the sudden start losing it's normal demonic aura, mostly near the edges. What replaces it is almost like reiki, but not exactly. Koenma isn't sure what to make of it. That's where you four come in."

"If that's all then why did you tell me and Shizuru to come?" Keiko asked.

"Well…I didn't really want to tell you this, but whenever the energy disappears there have been girls, ages mid-teens to early twenties found seriously injured in their place. But only for an hour or so, when they are mysteriously teleported back to their homes; in some cases to die. Those who don't are rushed to the hospital. But when police question them, the girls don't respond. Koenma didn't want to chance you two getting hurt, so he told me to bring you to the temple to be protected by Genkai." Botan then finished her story with a smile…

"And you weren't going to tell us this???" Yusuke yelled at Botan who simply meowed in return. "Dammit, how the hell do you expect me to fight whatever the hell this thing is if you don't give me all of the friggin' information??!"

"Do you know where it's been appearing up mostly?" I asked the cowering Botan.

"Yes, over there." Botan pointed her finger to her right at the trees.

"THAT'S IT???" Yusuke exploded at Botan.

"YOU'RE THE DETECTIVE!! YOU FIND OUT THE INFORMATION!" Botan yelled back, obviously tired of being yelled at.

"This is ridiculous." Hiei muttered.

"Fine, let's get the hell outta here." Yusuke gave up, complaining to himself about how much his "job" sucked as he started heading to the forest.

Kuwabara followed Yusuke, shouting "Yeah! Time to kick some demon butt!"

"Baka." Hei muttered as he and I followed after Yusuke as well. I wonder if those too will ever get along?

"I heard that! Come and say that to my face shorty!" I guess not.

"If you heard it, what's the point in coming any closer to your ugly head?"

"Why you…! What? Are you scared pipsqueak?"

"Hardly." Kuwabara ran out of good comebacks, much to Hiei's triumph and delight.

"Be careful!" Botan yelled. I think it was too all of us. For the grim reaper, she's pretty happy most of the time. Almost too much…

"Don't die bro, okay? It's your turn to take out the trash tomarrow!" Shizuru shouted. She does care about him, no matter how much she may seem not to…

"Good luck!" Yukina called. That was for everyone, no matter how much Kuwabara grinned thinking it was only for him. She is very sweet, Yukina, but as far as feelings for Kuwabara go, even I am clueless. I do wish Hiei would tell her…

"We'll be right here when you get back!" Keiko yelled.

Yusuke stopped for a minute and turned around. He nodded and gave her a thumbs-up complete with one of his beautiful smiles. His eyes seemed to dance in the light, because we hadn't reached the forest yet. They also seemed very determined and full of confidence, he knew he was coming back and would before long be with Keiko once more. He always comes back to her. She knows it too. It's the strength of their love, or as Kuwabara calls it, the "red pinky string".

I closed my eyes, lowered my head, and continued to trudge along.


"REI GUN!!!" Yusuke shouted as his reiki gathered at his index finger and flew like a bullet at the youkai unfortunate enough to attack us. He has gotten so much stronger since I first met him, and his heart grows along with it. While most people would grow corrupt with this power and strength, he won't.

"Man, these monsters are weeeak!" Kuwabara announced triumphantly. "We'll be done in no time!" This is Kuwabara. He is either totally confidant and ridiculously optimistic, or he is planning his funeral in his head.

"We'd be done faster if we didn't have to fight every damn monster in these stupid woods." Yusuke complained. He's exaggerating of course. We had maybe fought three groups of youkai, but no more. "How the hell are we supposed to know if we got that thing or not? Maybe we already creamed it."

"We didn't." Kuwabara responded.

"How do you know?" Hiei accused.

"Hey, I got the extra-high spirit awareness remember? I can sense where it is."

"Then why the hell am I leading if you know where it is?" Yusuke yelled at his friend.

"You're right! I should lead!" Kuwabara began to walk in front of Yusuke.

"The way stupid. Don't let the responsibility go to your head. I'm still the leader of this team so don't stress out." Yusuke informed with a smirk as he walked with Kuwabara ahead.

"You and your smart aleck remarks Urameshi--I work just as hard as you do!"

"Yeah, you just do a bad job."

"No I don't!"

"Name one mission you haven't gotten caught/nearly killed/lost a battle/needed to be rescued…"

"SHUT UP!!!"

"Admit it! The only time you do anything worthwhile is if Yukina is there!"

"What about you!? You act all cocky until the monster threatens Keiko. Then you get serious!"

Yusuke was taken aback for a minute, blushing. She still has this much power over him, even when she's not here. I don't even stand a chance…

"What's going on fox?"

I was pulled out of my thoughts and looked to my right to see to red eyes full of hidden concern. No matter how much Hiei tries, if one looks for it, they can read Hiei's every emotion in his ruby eyes. Hopefully, I'm not the same.

"What do you mean Hiei? I'm fine."

"Don't toy with me, I saw the look on your face just now." I guess I am.

"Really, I was just thinking."

"About the detective?" What?! "So it is him. You've been staring at him since we entered this damn forest. Don't think I haven't noticed."

Truth be told, I had nearly forgotten Hiei. I can't believe how oblivious I've gotten. If Hiei could notice, Yusuke could definitely be able to tell if he paid just a bit more attention to me. It wouldn't be too hard for him to find out…

"You won't tell, right Hiei?"

"Do you really think that I would?" Point taken. "Baka kitsune."

"Thank you, Hiei." I was much more relieved then I should have been. I know Hiei won't tell, I knew before I asked Hiei that he wouldn't tell; but for some reason I felt much more relaxed. Maybe because somebody finally knew, and it wasn't just me keeping the secret.

I guess I was reassured that I had a friend whom I could completely trust.

"Hey! Kurama! Hiei! Mr. Sensitive's saying he's got a weird vibe! And it's close!" Yusuke shouted from up ahead. They had stopped fighting I guess, in the time span of Hiei's and my conversation. We hurried up to our teammates.

"Where is it coming from?" I asked Kuwabara.

"Uhh…hmm…" Kuwabara closed his eyes and thought. "Close."

"We heard that part already!" Yusuke shouted at his friend.

Kuwabara looked insulted. "Well it's hard Urameshi! It's not normal and it's really hard to sense! It's weird…"

"THAT DOESN'T HELP!!" Yusuke shouted. "Dammit! I hate getting only half the info!"

"Let's split up." Hiei suggested. Wait, split up?

"What do you mean?" Kuwabra asked.

"Since he's of no more use, rather than just stand here like fools I suggest we move on ahead. If we split up we won't be so easily ambushed."

"Hey, I'm still useful shrimp!" Kuwabara argued.

"You sure Hiei?" Yusuke asked.

"I'll go with the fool here so he doesn't hurt himself. You go with Kurama." Hiei!

"Hold on a sec, you want to go with Kuwabara?" Yusuke pointed out, but Hiei was already walking away. "I don't think I'll ever figure that guy out…well, see ya Kuwabara!" Yusuke began to walk in the opposite direction.

"Wait a minute! You're making me go with that guy?? He hates me!" Kuwabara panicked.

"Just move it." Hiei called, not so far away yet.

"Don't let him kill ya Kuwabara!" Yusuke laughed. My heart skipped a few beats.

I turned to Hiei and smiled at him. Thanks Hiei. He just smirked and continued walking.


I'd been pretty silent the entire walk. Yusuke hadn't though, which I didn't mind one bit. Truth be told, I was only hearing him speak, not totally listening. I was just happy he was speaking to me. I've become so pathetic haven't I? Getting this happy just being near him? Having him speak to me? But I suppose I should be grateful, because with his heart with Keiko, this is as close as I'll ever get to him.

"Kurama?" Oh no, now he knows I wasn't paying attention!

"Sorry Yusuke, I was lost in thought. What did you say?" Why would he bother to repeat it? You weren't listening the first time baka Kurama! And here it was just him and you.

Yusuke looks confused. What now? He started to walk to me.

"Kurama are you ok? You've been acting weird all day." I've been that obvious? Oh my, he's right in front of me now. Too close Yusuke! My heart is beating so fast… "Your face is red, you sick?" Oh god, oh god, his hand is on my face. Yusuke please…don't…

"N-no, I'm fine…" Just step away before I do something we'll both regret…

"You sure…you feel hot." Yusuke…

"Oh, how sad, I can feel your heartache from here."

We both snapped away and turned to the source of the voice. But it wasn't what we expected. There was this tall, beautiful, apparently ningen girl. She had long black hair, tied in a lose ponytail that went over her left shoulder. She had light blue eyes and blood red lips. She was wearing a pretty revealing top that sleeves started under her shoulders. The top was blue and the sleeves dangled from her arms like a priestess robe. The top was also short enough to reveal her stomach, and her skirt, which was a darker blue, reached about halfway down her thighs. She wore black boots which went right up to right below the knee. She had a sad look on her face.

"Okay, I think you left about half your clothes at home." Yusuke commented. No one confronts their enemies like Yusuke…whether that's good or bad I'm not sure.

"That's hardly polite Yusuke." She answered unfazed.

"Oh, so you've heard of me? That pretty much guarantees you're a bad guy in need of an ass kicking." Yusuke replied in the same attitude.

"I'm not a youkai if that's what you're saying."

"Okay, I give up. What the hell are you?"

"My name is Noirai. As to what I am, I'm not even sure. I have the ability to read the hearts of both man and demon. Not only that, I can control their appearance as well, and feel the emotion. When I manipulate their emotions, I manipulate their ki, since all ki really is just emotion, especially reiki. When I manipulate ki in a certain way, it become mine. That is how I survive."

Now I was confused. Why would an enemy give away that much information before the battle even starts? I must have misunderstood her somewhere…

"HERE!!!!" A triumphant sound came from behind us. Kuwabara jumped over some bushes with a pleased look on his face, while Hiei followed in a less enthusiastic appearance. He really did hate having to depend on Kuwabara for anything. "Oh, you guys are here too?" Kuwabara questioned when he saw Yusuke and me. Hiei rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, and this lady here I think has a hobby of killing teenage girls." Yusuke informed, and pointed to Noirai. She simply smiled.

"I don't kill them, Kazuma Kuwabara. They kill themselves, I just clean up the mess and make sure nothing goes to waste."

"What the hell does that mean?" Hiei snapped.

"It means, Hiei, that like I said before I change the way their emotions are presented. The girls find their way to me, and then when I sense the strongest type of emotion of all, I present myself and help them by taking their ki off their hands since they won't need it anymore."

"What do you mean???" Kuwabara complained, obviously having no idea what's going on. To be honest I don't quite understand either.

"Such simple boys. Well you will understand soon enough, since I have a prime example here." Then she turned to me. She smiled and then snapped her fingers.

And all I could think of was Yusuke. All the memories I've had of him, since I met him in the forest to him talking to me not even ten minutes ago. His voice, his face, his strength, his attitude, his heart, his arms, his eyes, everything. All the times he's ever expressed concern for me. Every time I've been just a little too close to him, got a little too selfish with him. I know. I shouldn't have ever even imagined it…all those nights where I dreamt of so much more than I should have. I know I shouldn't have. Because he loves Keiko.

Keiko, Keiko, Keiko, Keiko, Keiko!!! He chose her, not me! Why can't my heart accept that? Why can't my body accept that? Why does it have to ache every time I'm near him? And why does it have to hurt so much more every time I see them together? Why am I forced to cry each night I think of him and her even though I know that's the way it's supposed to be? Why do I have this stupid emotion? This stupid, stupid, ridiculous emotion? Why does it hurt so much? It hurts so much…

I don't even know what's going on now. All I know is that it hurts so much…why won't this pain go away? Why does it have to hurt this much? My heart feels like it's getting ripped in two…my whole body hurts…someone…please, make it stop…Yusuke…

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