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Bleeding Petals

The silent sound of rhythmic breathing was all that could be heard in the small room, bare save an empty cot, and next to it a few unused bandages and two people. The one creating the silent sound was asleep, still resting in the arms of his beloved who was contently watching over the sleeping fox. Yusuke began to absentmindedly stroke the scarlet silk strands that softly covered the resting kitsune's back, and a small smile grew on the boy's face. It wasn't a hentai grin, or a 'I know something you don't know' smirk, it was genuine, happy smile. Born from the weight of his secret gone, and simply being so close to the youko, knowing that he felt the same way.

But the silent peace did not last long as uncertainty reared it's head in Yusuke's mind. That question Kurama had asked him, Yusuke wasn't completely sure of his reply. He knew he loved Kurama, but… how did he feel about Keiko? He always before had answered that she was just a friend, but had never had reason to really think about his relationship with her. He cared about Keiko, there's no question about that. But he didn't love her, not the way everyone thought he did. Although a few times before, Yusuke had thought he might have had those feelings for her. After all, he was always worried when she was in danger, and his power always increased when he thought of protecting her. And when no one else in the world seemed to care about him, Keiko was always there. For the longest time she was the only one who saw through the delinquent label the world had given him.

But then Kurama came along. Out of no where this so called enemy walks in, not bringing a fight like all of his other opponents, but carrying this unbelievably kind heart like none Yusuke had experienced before; so much that Yusuke was willing to throw his life away for this person he'd just met. Then the fox walked back into Yusuke's life as a teammate, the only one who didn't yell at Yusuke or call him names, but instead accepted him and trusted him completely. And as time went on, little by little, Yusuke began to worry about him more and more, even though he knew Kurama could take care of himself. Those same worries that came whenever Keiko was in danger were now surfacing for Kurama, only no one but Yusuke seemed to notice, and he barely did himself.

Everyone had always said that he and Keiko were 'meant to be' and all of that crap. Yusuke himself never really cared that much about love and that stuff before. The toughest punk at Sarayashiki Junior High didn't have the time to think about things like that. Of course the occasional question did cross his mind, but he'd known Keiko for such a long time, and changing that friendship to something more wasn't really something he wanted to do, although it seemed like everyone else was doing that for them, including all of the youkai Yusuke fought who purposely put Keiko in danger just to see him worry about her. And wasn't caring for and wanting to protect a girl he knew love?

But that's not how I feel about Kurama. Yusuke reasoned with himself and looked at Kurama's sleeping face. I do love Keiko…but not the same way I love him. Whenever I'm with him, it's special. I'm always amazed at everything he does…even if we're with other people I always notice him. When he talks, I don't tune him out or get bored. I hang on to every word. And when we had to leave, I actually wanted to stay and talk to him some more…I just could never figure out why or come up with a good excuse. All the times Keiko made me take her to the park or the movies or wherever, I didn't feel this way. I was just going somewhere with Keiko and I wanted to be somewhere else. I didn't think of it as anything special-

Yusuke stopped stroking Kurama's hair and his eyes widened as another thought shot through his head.

How did Keiko feel about him?

As if on cue, the door to the room slid open and then closed. Yusuke turned his head and saw the brunette herself standing there with a soft, almost sad smile on her face, her amber eyes looking right back at him.

"Keiko…" Yusuke whispered, unsure of what in the world he could or should say to her. It was obvious she already knew what had just went on between him and kurama, because she didn't look shocked or surprised. He just didn't know how much or where on earth to begin. Her calm face was just making it harder! Words were never his strong suit. He moved his gaze from Keiko to Kurama, as if to get some inspiration to just say something. "I…"

"It's okay Yusuke." Keiko assured him, bringing Yusuke's attention and confused face back to her. She then answered his unspoken but obvious question. "After you left, Botan showed up and asked me to get you…so I went looking for you…and then I heard you and Kurama…" Keiko looked away from Yusuke and paused in her rambling.

Before she had walked into the room, she had an idea of what she wanted to say to him, how she wanted to say it…she'd prepared herself. Go in, say what she had to say, and settle everything once and for all. But now she had just forgotten everything and had no idea what to do, because she hadn't planned and didn't realize just how hard it was going to be to see Yusuke's face. He looked guilty…that's not the way Yusuke Urameshi was supposed to look, supposed to feel.

It's hard enough letting him go without him looking like that…

Keiko did love Yusuke; with all her heart, she had for so long. She knew him better than anyone, even his mother. (Although that's not saying too much) His moods, his habits, sometimes even what he was thinking. That's what love does. And because she loved him so much, knew she couldn't make him happy. She had known for a long time.

Yusuke was always moving. His life never stopped, he was never still. Although sometimes he may appear slow or motionless, she knew inside he was racing; and she knew she couldn't keep up with his pace. Ever since she was little, she could only watch from behind while he sped far ahead of her. He'd eventually come back, but he'd be off soon again. She always hoped that one day he'd settle, stop all the dangerous stunts and risks to stay put for good. But he couldn't. Yusuke would always be fighting, he'd always be jumping on tasks he shouldn't be able to handle, he'd always be dealing with demons, and he would always be running so far ahead of her. That's who he was. And now he'd found someone to keep up that pace, to run alongside him and help him; she couldn't keep calling him back anymore.

This is what's best…

"Keiko-" Yusuke started.

"It's alright Yusuke." Keiko told him, closing her eyes and forcing a smile. "Really, I think you're right about what you said. We were never really together or anything. Besides…" Keiko's amber eyes moved from Yusuke's face to the sleeping redhead. Kurama was going to let himself die for Yusuke's happiness…How can I compete with that kind of dedication? Yusuke loves him and Kurama… "…he really loves you."

Yusuke followed Keiko's gaze to the sleeping fox in his arms. The small smile that resided on the detective's face before came back for a moment, giving Keiko the last reassurance she needed to know that this was the right thing to do.

She says that but… Yusuke then looked back up to the amber-eyed girl, without the smile but with honest eyes. "You're really okay with this?"

"It shouldn't matter how I feel about it, Yusuke." Keiko reminded the spirit detective. "Only how you and Kurama feel."

"Yeah, I know about that but…" Yusuke tried to explain. "Damn, I don't know how to say this without sounding cheesy...oh what the hell…what about me? I mean, what are we…"

"You want to know what I think of you?" Keiko interpreted. Yusuke gave her a hesitant nod. "I think of you as the little annoying delinquent brother I never had."

"Oh good, 'cause you're the bossy nagging older sister I never wanted." Yusuke countered with a smile.

"Yusuke!" Keiko lightly hit him on the head. She then smiled as Yusuke rubbed the spot, knowing now was probably a really good time to leave. "Don't break his heart okay Yusuke?"

"I won't…" Yusuke replied in a little kid's voice thinking they were still kidding around.

"Get some sleep okay, it's pretty late." Keiko told him as she headed for the door.

"Sure mom!" Yusuke responded, but not loud enough to wake his fox who he was now moving back into the cot. But Keiko had already slid the door shut.

Outside the room, Keiko almost ran right into a certain blue-headed deity, who had been looking for Keiko after she taken so long in coming back.

"Oh Keiko! There you are! I was wondering what happened to you…is Yusuke in there?" The bubbly grim reaper asked and motioned to the door of the room Keiko had just come out of.

"Yes…" Keiko replied slowly, not wanting Botan to interrupt her friend, and searching her mind for an excuse. "But he's kind of busy right now, and he's talking to Kurama. How about we tell him about the stuff tomorrow? It's pretty late anyway."

"But…" Botan began.

"Besides, you know how Yusuke is. He's not going to pay attention now! And Koenma already told Kuwabara what's going on right? Kuwabara can tell Yusuke later! So lets leave them alone for now." Keiko explained with an assuring grin on her face and began to gently push Botan away from the room.

"Leave them alone…?" Botan attempted to question the brunette.

"Yeah! I'll explain later okay?" Keiko persuaded as she continued to push Botan down the hall. She looked back over her shoulder at the door of he room and whispered.

"Be happy, Yusuke…"

The next morning, the sun shone through the window, waking the crimson haired fox from his peaceful slumber. When his eyes opened, they met the handsome face of the sleeping spirit detective only a few inches away from his. A blush covered the smooth features of the yoko as surprise quickly changed to remembrance of the eventful night before. I told him…it wasn't a dream, it was real…and he said he felt the same way…

Kurama pushed himself up into a sitting position and studied the detective's face, a blush still coating his own. He looks so young and innocent…almost like a child…Before he realized what he was doing, Kurama's hand had reached out and brushed some loose hairs from Yusuke's face.

Suddenly, Yusuke's hand clasped Kurama's. Kurama jumped as Yusuke's eyes opened and the detective grinned. The yoko stuttered as the detective sat up.

"I-I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?"

"Nah, I was watching you for a while." The delinquent grinned.

"You must've woken up early then." Kurama wondered, ignoring his own reddening blush at the detective's words.

"Never slept." He replied simply.

This caught Kurama off guard. Never slept? He must be exhausted! "I'm sorry. Is it because you were on the floor? I knew I should've at least moved over last night with my injuries not being a problem anymore…I'm sorry, here you sleep on this for now-"

"Kurama!" Yusuke grabbed Kurama's wrist as the fox attempted to get off the cot and apologize. "Jeeze you gotta listen to people more you know?"

Kurama just stared, confused and not understanding Yusuke's statement at all. Yusuke shook his head and put his hands on either side of the fox's face. "It's not that I couldn't sleep, it's that I didn't want to…I like looking at you" Yusuke informed the fox as his eyes then trailed Kurama's body before looking back at his face, which was now turning red under all the attention. Yusuke grinned and then reassured the yoko. "I'm fine okay. I probably dozed off some time last night anyway. Don't worry about it."

"Okay…" Kurama agreed softly, staring at the detective's face.

"You're injuries are okay now right?" Yusuke asked concerned, and Kurama nodded in response. "Good…" Yusuke smiled and then titled his head and began to lean towards the fox, intending to continue from where the two had left off last night…

"Urameshi! You up yet?" A loud annoying voice shouted as the door to the room was slid open. Yusuke and Kurama jumped back away from each other and turned to the oblivious teen. "Oh, you are up…"

"DAMMIT! You have got to have the worst possible timing in the whole friggin' world!" Yusuke shouted at Kuwabara.

"Well sorry! Genkai told me to wake you up because Koenma needed to talk to you! So go yell at her not me!" Kuwabara paused for a moment, noticing Kurama was up too; and that the two were in the same bed. "Uh, what're you guys doing?"

"Nothing Kuwabara." Kurama explained. "What does Koenma want?"

"He got information on that Noirai person, I think. You feeling better Kurama?" Kuwabara asked, concerned because the fox's injuries didn't seem to be affecting him.

"Much better Kuwabara, thanks." Kurama smiled.

"Okay Kuwabara! Tell the pacifier junkie we'll be there in a few minutes! Kurama and I gotta get dressed." Yusuke informed, pushing the other teen out the door.

"Fine! Jeeze, ya don't hafta push me!" Kuwabara shouted through the door. Kuwabara then started to walk back to Genkai when Yusuke's words fully registered. "Wait a minute…do they have spare clothes?"

"Damn, he always comes in at the worst times!" Yusuke complained as he closed the door behind Kuwabara. He turned and grinned at the fox. "But at least we got a few minutes now, huh?"

The redhead, however, didn't seem as happy about Kuwabara's exit as Yusuke. He was staring at the floor, with the same worried look Yusuke knew all too well. "Yes, Kuwabara does seem to find us a lot…"

"What's wrong?" Yusuke asked.

Kurama stared at the detective for a few seconds before he answered. "It's just that…I didn't think of how everyone else is going to act. I mean, I know you're sure that Keiko won't mind but…everyone else? If our first instinct is to lie when Kuwabara finds us, that can't be a good sign…"

"Ah don't worry. Kuwabara's Kuwabara! We lie to him all the time!" Yusuke laughed it off. "Sure we might get a few surprised faces, but it'll blow over. You got nothing to worry about fox-boy." Yusuke patted Kurama's shoulder.

How does he do that? Just a few words and I'm not worried anymore…Kurama smiled and agreed. "Alright Yusuke."

"Great…now it's time to get you dressed!" Yusuke announced.


"Well you were practically mummified last night! You're covered in bandages so there no way I'm going to let you dress yourself!" Yusuke explained. Then he grinned and added "Really, I don't mind doing it…"

"Yusuke!" Kurama began to blush and looked away.

"You know, the more you blush the more I'm going to keep talking like that." Yusuke grinned. "Now stand up, Hiei already brought in your spare clothes before."

"But Yusuke, you don't need to-" Kurama began to protest, not wanting to put Yusuke through anymore trouble over him.

"I'm going to dress you whether you like it or not, okay? And it'd be much easier if you just said 'sure Yusuke, I'll do whatever you want…' and let me do it, okay?" Yusuke was already holding Kurama's clothes in his hand.

Realizing it was impossible to win the argument against the sprit detective, Kurama gave in. "Alright."

"Where is he?" A certain impatient seven hundred year old child complained, floating in midair with his arms crossed in frustration.

"I'm sure he'll be here soon Koenma! He's probably just helping Kurama change." Botan tried to assure her boss.

"It doesn't take half an hour to put on clothes." Genkai pointed out. "Kuwabara, go make sure idiot hasn't forgotten how to put his pants on."

"No!" Keiko jumped in. Everyone (save Hiei) turned and looked at her with surprise. "I mean, I'll go instead! In case Yusuke needs some convincing or fell asleep again!" Keiko put on a smile and then rushed out of the room.

"Well that was weird…" Kuwabara commented, and Botan nodded in agreement.

What could be taking them so long…Keiko wondered as she ran down the hall, and blushed as her mind gave her a couple of answers. She closed her eyes and tried to shake the images out of her head.

And almost ran into the spirit detective while doing so.

"Woah! Watch where you're going!" Yusuke exclaimed, grabbing Keiko's shoulders as she almost fell.

"Yusuke! There you are!" Keiko stated as she slowly came back to reality, and then covered her mouth as she realized how stupid she just sounded.

"No kidding…"

"I take it Koenma sent you?" Kurama asked from right behind Yusuke.

"Yeah, he's been waiting for you two." Keiko exclaimed. "What took you guys so long?"

"That's grandma's fault!" Yusuke yelled. "Apparently, she thought it'd be funny if she didn't leave me any extra clothes! But she has extras for everyone else, yet her pupil has to stay in blood covered outfits!"

Then Keiko noticed that Yusuke was wearing one of Kurama's extra outfits, a black and green Chinese-styled shirt and pants. It looked pretty good on him, and it seemed like it suited him more too, somehow. Not that he probably would wear something like that if he had the choice.

"But Yusuke, isn't it your fault for not bringing Genkai any extra clothes?" Keiko informed him in a knowing voice.

"No, it's her fault for not telling me to." Yusuke argued back.

"I'm pretty sure she did-"

"Forget it! I'm still going to yell at her anyway!" Yusuke shouted and started walking towards the meeting room.

Kurama smiled and shook his head as he followed the detective. Keiko then sighed and followed the both of them.

At least Yusuke isn't acting weird around me. He's acting exactly the same, but I guess that's just the way he is. Kurama though…he looks a lot happier. Keiko sighed as they walked into the room.

"Where have you been Yusuke?" Botan jumped on him the second he got through the door.

"Getting dressed! Old grandma here didn't have any extra clothes for me so I had to borrow Kurama's!" Yusuke defended himself.

"I warned you last week that you'd used up all of yours. It's not my fault you get covered in blood every mission and you're a scatterbrain." Genkai stated.

"Can we just get on with it?" Koenma complained. "I've been waiting here since last night!" Then he "poofed" himself to his teenager form. (since he knows by now that Yusuke won't listen to him any other way) "I've got information on Noirai."

"That bitch that hurt Kurama right? You found out how to kill her?" Yusuke asked seriously.

"Not exactly." Koenma explained. "You can't really kill her."

"What?" Yusuke yelled. "How the hell is that possible?"

"Calm down! Like I told Kuwabara and everyone else yesterday, the reason her energy is so unusual is because it isn't completely reiki or yoki. It's a combination. As it turns out, Noirai used to be a human. A fairly powerful psychic actually. She fell in love with this man a few years ago, but he apparently didn't feel the same way. When she found out, she was heartbroken and ended up running into Genkai's forest in her confusion. She ran into several demons, and got injured pretty badly when she fought. Her wounds were so bad, she ended up dying from them after she won the fight. But, while her spirit began to leave her body, a demon came and tried to eat her soul. Since she was a psychic, she tried to fight it off in her spirit form, and ended up somehow merging with it. So she's basically an angry ghost with demonic powers, and she's using them to steal the ki and kill off of humans who, we're assuming, are going through some sort of heartbreak. Would that make sense Kurama?" Koenma asked the fox for confirmation.

"Yes." Kurama nodded.

"Then maybe you shouldn't go…"

"No, it's all worked out now." Kurama assured the demi god.

"So…what're we supposed to do?" Yusuke asked.

Koenma sighed. "I'm not sure…this is a very unusual case. I think if you were somehow able to get rid of her powers, or were able to convince her to let go of her anger, she might be able to go to reikai so we could take care of her."

"Do I look like a shrink to you?" Yusuke argued. "Dammit, how the hell am I supposed to convince an angry girl to just…die?"

"Wait, I think I have an idea…" Kurama interjected.

"What?" Botan asked.

"Koenma, you said that she's living off of the energy she gets from the people she finds right? The ones who she feels are heartbroken?" Kurama asked.

"Yeah, she turns their own pain against them and as they get hurt, their ki becomes hers." Koenma elaborated.

"So the opposite could work also." Kurama explained. "If one of her victims finds the will to live, she would get weaker and maybe enough so that she could lose her power."

"That could work, if she got weak enough I might be able to send her to reikai." Koenma thought. "But Kurama, if you're not fully over whatever it was that made you a victim, she could use it against you again."

Kurama glanced at Yusuke and took a breath. "No, I don't think she'll be able to use that again."

"Okay, then let's go." Koenma announced.

"You're going too, Koenma?" Yusuke asked.

"Yup. I just said that I'd send her to reikai, right? Just making her weak won't do much good for you." Koenma put on a confidant face.

"I have no idea what's going on…" Kuwabara complained.

"Hn, big surprise there." Hiei commented. "Can we get moving already? I'm getting tired of just sitting here doing nothing but listen to you people."

"Sure Hiei. Let's go!" Yusuke decided, as he began to walk out.

"Botan, you stay here with Genkai and the girls. I'll call you if we run into trouble alright?" Koenma informed the grim reaper.

"You think it could get that serious?" Botan asked worried.

"This will either be really simple or it could turn into a serious problem. You can never tell with ghosts, and this one is a psychic with demonic powers also. There's no telling what could happen." Koenma warned her.

"Be careful!" Botan told the demi god.

"Move it pacifier brain! We're waiting on you!" Yusuke shouted from outside.

"You do realize I'm your boss Yusuke! You could show a little more respect!" Koenma babbled as he ran out.

"Whatever." Yusuke brushed Koenma aside.

"Good luck!" Keiko called out to them.

Yusuke turned and gave her the thumbs up sign, and Kurama couldn't help but feel a bit of a sting once again. By the time they got to the forest, Yusuke realized what was wrong and walked over to him. Yusuke draped his arm over the fox's shoulders and grinned at him. "Cheer up fox-boy, we're going to fight a evil human-demon-ghost! Just because we have no idea how to kill her and she could very easily kill each and every one of us, doesn't mean we shouldn't smile! After all, the sky is blue, and we're all together!"

Kurama smiled "Thank you, Yusuke."

"Am I missing something here?" Kuwabara asked.

"You're always missing something Kuwabara." Yusuke called back.

"That's not what I meant!"

"My god, you're pathetic." Hiei rolled his eyes.

"What was that shrimp?"

"You have got to be the slowest person I've ever met."

"We're walking stupid! Of course I'm not going fast!"

"You just proved my point."

"What are you talking about?"

As Hiei and Kuwabara continued their argument, Koenma was eventually drawn in by some accidental insults by Kuwabara. Kurama and Yusuke were alone up front.

Yusuke laughed. "Hiei's pretty good at diverting attention huh?"

"Yeah. He probably already knows." Kurama noted.

"You okay with that?"

"Well, he knew before you did."


"He figured it out on his own." Kurama smiled.

"Damn I feel stupid!" Yusuke brought his arm behind his head.

After a few moments of silence from the two, Yusuke spoke up again.

"I'm sorry Kurama"

The fox turned in surprise. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, I realized when Koenma was talking before, that I'm kinda the reason you got hurt." Yusuke explained.

"It's not your fault Yusuke." Kurama persisted. "Those were my feelings, and because I kept them to myself, I ended up hurting myself. You had nothing to do with it, really. Don't say that it was your fault." Kurama stared at Yusuke. I've already put you through enough, please don't tell me I did any more.

Yusuke noticed something in Kurama's eyes that made him feel like there was more the kitsune wanted to say. "Why didn't you tell me in the beginning? Was Keiko really the only reason?"

"…no, I suppose not…" Kurama replied softly.

"Then why?"

"You're going to call me stupid for this…" Kurama warned. "But, I felt like I didn't want to ask you for anymore. You've already risked your life for me countless times and you saved my mother's life as well. You let me live even when I was an enemy…and then you became my friend. I owe you a lot."

"You're right." Yusuke agreed. "I am going to call you stupid. But, you can feel indebted to me, if I can feel guilty for getting you hurt. Okay?"

"Okay." Kurama smiled.

"What are you guys doing up there?" Kuwabara yelled.

"What's it to you?" Yusuke shouted back.

"I'm sensing that lady again! Hurry up!"

"Perfect timing!" Yusuke grinned. "You're not feeling guilty about anything else, right?"

"What?" Kurama was shocked. That was the reason he got me talking about this?

As if Yusuke read his mind, he smiled and told him "I don't want you getting hurt like that again."

Playing follow-the-orange-haired-psychic, the group reached an opening in the forest that convinced Kuwabara that Noirai was somewhere nearby. Koenma mentioned that she could be cloaking herself.

"No, she seems a lot weaker, and her energy feels like that too." Kuwabara told them. "I don't think she's strong enough to do that."

"Then where is she?" Hiei contradicted.

"She's supposed to be here!" Kuwabara argued. "I can feel her!"

"Then I suppose she's hiding behind a rock." Hiei replied sarcastically.

"She may have found another girl…" Koenma pointed out. "And she is cloaking herself."

"She's here." Kurama stated softly, but loud enough so that the others could hear him.

Koenma, Hiei, and Kuwabara turned, and Yusuke walked over to Kurama.

"How do you know that?" Yusuke asked carefully.

Kurama gripped the spot on his chest right above his heart, and he looked like he was having trouble catching his breath. "Because I just started feeling really bad…"

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