This one is dedicated to four really special people

Jenny, Brenna, Amy, and Katlin

I'll miss you all next year. This one is for you.

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Nicole lay out in a beautiful grassy field, her head tilted up to the sun coming from the blue cloudless sky. Her eyes were shut, and she basked in the calm sounds of the birds. On her right was a gently flowing stream and a few animals were getting a drink. She sighed and slowly began to sink into a beautiful dream.


Nicole's head shot up and banged back own against the cod, plastic and metal desk. She

sat up and rubbed the sore spot on her forehead; blinking, she surveyed her homeroom.

"Awww... poor nymph! Didya have a nice sleep?"

"Ha Ha, very funny Vixey. I didn't see you doing anything to stay awake. Oh except the homework you forgot to do last night," Nicole told her friend as they picked up their book bags and walked to the door. If they didn't leave they'd be late for second block.

"Shut up!" Vixey, also known as Brenna, told her. They walked in silence, for a few minutes, during which Nicole would pull Brenna's pencil out of her long, curly, brown hair. Not that she could put it in her own straight brown hair. She just did it for the sheer purpose of doing so.

"I don't wanna go to english. Go see Kestner for me?"

"Not a chance. I'm gonna try to get some sleep in creative writing. I haven't been able to do so lately." Brenna told her smaller friend.

"Oh yeah, you've got class with those two... um... I dunno what to call 'em."

"Yeah, like they're gonna wanna talk about painting their nails and like shopping at the mall and like how amazing I'd look in makeup. And you know, I've never told you how much I oh so love love love to do that stuff."

"Argh.... Vixey, must you talk like that?"

"But I like it."

"No you don't!"

"You're right, I don't." They reached the top of the stairs, waved good-bye, Nicole promising to see Brenna in about an hour and a half, and they both turned to walk in separate directions, Nicole yawning the whole time.

Nicole walked around the corner to her English 12 AP class. Passing the bathrooms, she saw a figure in a black hooded cloak going into the teachers lounge. She hook her head and convinced herself that she needed more sleep.

She entered her English class and looked around. Her best friend was already at her desk. Nicole set her book bag down by her own, yawned, and collapsed into her own seat.

"Tire Nicole?" Jenny asked the exhausted senior. Nicole just nodded. She had never been so tired in school before, and she had gotten more sleep the night before than she normally did. "You get all the homework done?" Nicole's eyes shot open and her body righted itself. Her stomach and heart did back flips.

"Homework? What homework? Kestner didn't give us any homework. What are you talking about?" Nicole had leapt over her desk chair and was holding her friend by the shirt collar. Her eyes were blood shot and there were tears welling up in them. Jenny looked back at her, her short brown hair hanging in her eyes; frightened, she grabbed Nicole's wrists.

"Nicole, get a grip. I was joking, calm down, it's all right." Jenny told her. Nicole shook her head to clear her thoughts. She was going insane or something. All she knew was something wasn't right. Jenny noticed it too. Nicole wasn't normally like this. Even if she was upset, she kept her feelings hidden in English, especially her nerves and anger. Jenny worried about her friend. When Nicole sat down again, her eyes pouring with tears, which seemed to have absolutely no control over, Jenny left the room and brought back their teacher.

Ms. Kestner looked at the senior who literally appeared to be falling apart. The girls skin was turning a pasty-whitish gray and her brown eyes were almost completely red. Jenny gazed at her frightened; the rest of the class drew back away from her. Something was definitely not right.

"Nicole? Nicole?" Ms. Kestner called to her, trying to get the girl's attention. Nicole turned to her English teacher. Her eyes and cheeks seemed hollow and her face was almost solid gray. "Oh my god. Nicole come with me now. We're calling your parents. You need to see a doctor now."

Nicole opened her mouth to speak, but no sound came out. Instead she shook her head no; or rather her head shook itself; she found she had no more control over her own body than she did over her destiny. Nicole stood up and walked out the door, the other students pressing themselves up against the walls, out of fear she might touch them. Ms. Kestner reached forward and placed her hand on the girl's shoulder. It was ice cold, as if the child wasn't even alive.

Nicole's eyes focused on a cloaked figure peeking out of the girls bathroom. The figure was beckoning to her; she followed, her body obeying the stranger instead of her brain.

"Ms. Kestner? Where do you think she's going?" Jenny asked her teacher. She was just as scared and confused as the other seniors.

"I haven't the smallest clue, but watch her. I'm calling down to the office." Ms. Kestner disappeared into the room and Jenny watched her best friend vanish into the bathroom.

Nicole found herself in the center of the girl's bathroom; her brain finally having control of her body. She looked into the mirror and her own reflection scared her. She studied the contours of the corps gazing back at her. She looked away for a moment and then back again. This time she saw the cloaked figure behind her. She tried to scream, but her voice still failed. She turned around to face the figure, only to find that he wasn't there, only his reflection.

The figure's hood flew back revealing a bright mutilated face, with solid black holes for eyes. Two white fangs dripped some sort of liquid which seemed to be oozing out of his mouth. Three iron horns cut through his forehead making blood run down into the pits in his head. This time Nicole did scream, her missing voice returning stronger than ever. The figure smiled evily and cruelly. Suddenly his arm shot out from within the mirror and grabbed the back of her head.

"You belong to me," he hissed as he slammed her head into the corner of the sink. Her skull cracked and dark red blood pooled around her fallen body. The last sound was the figure's laughter as his reflection faded.

Jenny had heard her friend scream and raced to the bathroom, Ms. Kestner directly behind her. She rounded the corner inside the bathroom and screamed when she saw her friends limp body, devoid of any life. She turned and fell crying into the arms of her teacher. Nicole's skin had more color than it had in the class room, but there was no doubting that she had passed on into the land of the dead. The large hole in her skull left them without any hope. For Nicole, the worst part was that for the first time she wouldn't be able to keep a promise.


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