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Jenny realized a bit too late that she had resigned herself to one of the longest walks she'd ever taken in her life. She's also realized that there was no way she was twenty anymore. At least she couldn't have been since the woman who had her arm in a death grip was dragging her like she weighed no more than a rag doll. By the time they reached a run down old building, she was exhausted beyond anything she'd ever felt before. Not only that, but she was rather disgusted with her surroundings..

"Welcome to your new home, Wendy," the woman told her. Jenny stared at the woman like she'd grown a second or even a third head. There was no way in hell she was living in a place that didn't look fit for a rat.

"Actually, I'd rather not. I'll just head over to the police or child services and get this whole mess cleaned up," Jenny stammered, inching away from the tall woman who had dropped her arm. Before she got even a foot away, the woman's eyes flashed angrily and she grabbed hold of Jenny's elbow.

"As if the police would help a mutant like you. Better get used to your new home," she pushed Jenny toward the door, and began to follow her up the steps to the wooden door. The teenager had no other choice but to move forward, not wanting to be grabbed or shoved anymore. When there was no other place to go, Jenny panicked and fled into the entrance hall of the old boarding house.

She blinked her eyes several times, trying to get used to the dim light and the dust that seemed to hover in every vacant corner of the area. It tickled her nose and throat as she breathed in. "It'll take some getting used to," Ms. Darkholme told her, placing her purse down on a dusty old end table in the foyer. She stretched out and instantly, her white skin began to morph into blue, as her black bun disappeared to be replaced by loose, bright red hair. Her eyes blazed yellow, and then the light faded. Her business suit became a silver one piece dress with no sleeves, and a slit up either side to her thighs. Jenny had to steady herself against a wall to keep from collapsing in utter surprise. "Did I startle you?" the mutant asked her smiling cruelly at the teenager. Jenny just took a deep breath and shook her head, knowing exactly who she was now dealing with. Mystique's eyes flashed angrily for a moment, but she too took a deep breath to steady herself before looking the girl over.

"So, you're maybe 13 or so?" Mystique asked her. Jenny opened her mouth to retort that once again, she was twenty, but decided against it. It was more than possible that she no longer appeared to be an adult. She glanced up at a cracked mirror on the wall and then looked back at Mystique.

"I'm fifteen, thank you very much," she retorted, no longer playing the innocent, little, shy girl. She was angry; one, she was someplace she didn't know; two, she was about fifteen years old; and three, she'd been kidnapped by Mystique, who as far as she was concerned, only existed in comic books, cartoons, and movies, none of which she felt inclined to believe were true.

"So, you have got an attitude. Well, stow it, and go find a room. I'll leave you to get to know your new house mates," Mystique said, picking her purse back up and morphing in Ms. Darkholme. Jenny just watched as the woman brushed the unwanted dust off her purse. "Don't think about leaving, because I can find you where ever you go, and Wendy, I trust that when I see you next, you'll be able to tell me what your power is." With those final words, she slammed the door behind her, leaving Jenny alone in the dreary house. She sighed, and looked around, running her hand over the dust covered furniture, resolving to at least explore the house if she was doomed to be locked up in it. The first room she crossed into was the living room, which was full of well worn couches, and a recliner with a hole duct tapped up in the center, as well as a tiny television with tin foil attached to the antennas. Pizza boxes, boys clothing, and other bits and piece of trash littered the carpeted floor, which was stained so much, Jenny didn't think she'd be able to identify its original color. She continued her exploration into a tiny kitchen. The sink was piled high with dishes, and the counter was covered in more empty, or semi-empty pizza boxes, interspaced with a few donut cases, soda cans, and milk cartons. She opened the refrigerator to find a few pieces of moldy bread, and some blue cheese which she figured hadn't been blue when they bought it. A few flies flew around the heavily buried trash can, and more laundry covered a chair. Jenny figured there may have been a table under the mess, but at the moment it was quite invisible. The trail of laundry led into an unused laundry room. Dirty clothes, mostly men's littered the floor, and the tops of both the washer and dryer. On a shelf, in the only area not buried under shirts, socks, and discarded boxer shorts, were several bottles of detergent.

The fifteen year old backed out of the small room, and opened a door, assuming it was a closet, but actually finding a set of stairs which led to the second level of the boarding house. Carefully, maneuvering her way around more trash and clothing, Jenny made her way into a thin, and dark hall way. At one end of the hall there was a white door with a gold door knob, and a deadbolt. Jenny had to assume it was Mystique's, and continued her exploration. There were two more rooms on each side of the hall. The first was covered in posters of heavy metal bands, and a strange odor penetrated under the door. Jenny didn't dare open it, fearing she might collapse dead from the stench if it were to reach her. The second door on that side of the hall looked a little safer. She turned the doorknob and felt the door slide inwards, only to slam into a pile of trash and clothing. She stuck her head in and found what she figured was only your average male teenager's bed room. The room appeared to have two occupants, as both beds were unmade, and covered in clothing, trash, and the occasion soda (or even beer can). Jenny shut the door, and made her way to the only door opposite Mystique's room. The door was open, and Jenny poked her head inside an ordinary bathroom, although it was impossible to see the floor under the towels, trash, and laundry. Jenny shook her head, and continued her exploration. She came to the first door on the other side of the hall and moved her hand to try the door knob. As soon as the teenager touched the handle, she forgot what she was doing and released it. Blinking several times, she decided against trying the door again, fearing what might happen if she did, and continued to the last door. She opened it to find a bed room that appeared deserted. There was one bed inside, with a plain grey bed spread folded on top of a worn mattress. There was a dresser near the dirty window, and a desk at another end, with an old radio on it. Jenny sighed and locked the door behind her, moved over to the radio, turned it on, and lay back on the bed. Wondering exactly what she was going to do there.

Amy entered the large warehouse shaped building quietly, trying not to draw any more attention to herself than she was by entering with a really hot, Australian guy who was several years older than she was at that point. To think, that morning, he'd been no more than a year older than she was, and now, she was a tiny little thirteen year old, or at least she hoped she was at least thirteen. There would be hell to pay if she'd lost each and everyone one of her teenage years, and she was beginning to figure out just who was responsible for her transformation.

She peered around her surroundings, and came to the conclusion that she had never seen walls as tall and as white as the ones she was surrounded by at that very moment.

"Amazed, aren't ya?" John asked her, still playing with his lighter. Amy was becoming exceedingly curious as to what mystical powers that lighter processed that caused him to play with it so often, when suddenly, another person popped his head out from inside another room, and shouted.

"It's about time you got back," came the voice, which startled both Amy and John, and suddenly the lighter produced a huge flame, the size of her head, and in the shape of a duck. Amy stared in shock for a moment, as John calmed down, stalked into the room, and began yelling at the owner of the voice, so loud and so fast, that Amy, who still hadn't gotten over it yet, couldn't follow what was said.

"Pyro," She whispered to herself and then proceeded to follow him into the kitchen where he was yelling at a man who stood over the stove in a brown trench coat, with glowing red eyes. She really was in a land of mutants, and Nicole was so dead when she got her hands on her. Only question left was, was she really a mutant, or was she still a normal human.

The kitchen was neat and clean, although very sparse. It didn't look like much eating went on there. She wandered over to Pyro's side, rather confused, and feeling as if there were eyes in the wall and they were all staring down at her, watching her every move. She didn't feel all that comfortable.

Pyro felt the girl's presence and looked down at her, then back at his companion's questioning gaze. "Found out on the lawn. She appeared out of no where. Amy, this is Remy, or Gambit; Remy, meet Amy."

"Magneto ain't gonna like that's she's here, Pyro," was Gambit's only response. "You know he likes to hand pick his followers."

"Followers? Magneto? Wait a minute, I don't even have powers!" Amy protested, backing up a bit. She didn't like the way Remy, who appeared to be in his early twenties was looking at her; and if John had anything to do with it, then she wasn't exactly sure she wanted to be around him either. As she back up, her body hit something hard and cold. She turned around to come face to waist with a giant steel covered man. Behind him was a very feral looking man, who appeared just as gigantic. She screamed and jumped back, slamming into John and nearly falling until he caught her and helped her regain her balance.

"Amy, this is Piotr and Victor, or Colossus, and Sabertooth," John told her, nodding towards his friends. "And don't worry about Magneto, he won't do anything to you," he added, more towards his friends and toward the young teen in his arms.

"Got yourself a pet, Pyro?" the man John had called Victor asked, as he leaned his face down towards Amy's and began to sniff the air around her, much like a cat or dog would. "Just keep her away from my stuff," he added, withdrawing and walking away. Remy just raised his eyebrows at John and following Victor out of the kitchen. Piotr just looked at her, dropping the metal act, and then frowned, before he followed the other two. John just shook his head.

"Don't mind them. They're not used to new people," he told her, and Amy looked at him like he'd grown a third head.

"Not used to new people? More like not used to people period," she retorted. "Listen, I don't want to cause any trouble with your um… boss. Maybe I should go," she suggested.

"No, stay. He won't send you away; not if you do what he asks. Besides, where would you go? You don't seem to be from around here," he answered, leading her in the opposite direction of his friends and up a spiral stair case.

"You have no idea," she mumbled, following and finding herself on a landing with three doors. The one directly in front of the stairs led to a normal looking bathroom, completely white like the rest of the place.

"This is my room," John pointed out, walking into the room at the right. Amy wasn't ready for what she saw. Besides the discarded clothing on the floor, the room was devoid of any colors besides grey and white. Even the bedspread was white. His laptop which sat on the desk in one corner gave off an eerie light. Amy raised her eyebrows but didn't say anything. "And you can have the room across the hall," he added.

"Room?" she asked, a little confused. John nodded.

"I've got to get some stuff done for Magneto, but make yourself at home. You're free to explore, just don't get in Victor's way. I doubt Piotr or Remy would do anything to you, but Sabertooth isn't the most forgiving guy," he told her. Amy nodded and followed him back onto the landing. He said goodbye, and dashed down the staircase, leaving her, slightly bewildered at the top.

Amy signed and opened the last door, finding pretty much the same thing, including the lap top, although hers was off. She shut the door once more and descended the stairs to explore the rest of the warehouse like building.

A small closet under the stairs proved to be a laundry room, with a load actually running. She closed the door and backed into the kitchen. If one stood with their back to the outside wall, they would have the stairs at their left, the entrance to the foyer at their right, and a third entrance in front of them. Amy chose the third and found herself in a living room complete with white leather couches, book shelves, and coffee tables. Piotr was sitting in one of the arm chairs, reading the newspaper, a coffee mug in his hand. He peered over the top of the paper at her, one eyebrow raised. Amy just gave a little smile, and he grunted, going back to his reading, deciding to ignore her. To her left was a dinning room with a glass table, and six chairs surrounding it, and a fireplace. In one corner a grandfather clock stood, chiming the hours. Ignoring it, Amy turned her attention to the right which led to a long corridor. The first room she reached was a bathroom, much like the one at the top of the stairs. Across from that was a locked door, as were the next two across from one another. She figured these were Piotr, Remy, and Victor's bed rooms. She could hear music coming from inside one of them, but she didn't dare linger, in case it was Victor and he decided to come out and rip her to shreds.

The next two doors were much larger than the previous ones. The one on the right held a gym, complete with any piece of work out machinery you could imagine, as well, as one very angry looking mutant. Realizing it probably wasn't a good idea to disturb Sabertooth while he was lifting weights which he could easily throw at her, Amy shut the door and turned her attention to the other large door.

This one was on the left of the hall and led to a room with more leather arm chairs, and a very large pool table in the middle. The right and left walls were lined with books, and the far wall had several ceiling to floor windows which looked out on a perfectly manicured lawn.

"Can I help you?" came a voice from the corner. Amy jumped, startled to find a man in a sweater turtle neck and khaki pants staring at her with a book in his hands. He had white hair and was looking at her with a slightly annoyed look.

"I-um… I was lost and John brought me here and said I could look around while he went to do things for his boss," Amy stuttered, sounding very stupid. She was afraid the man was going to yell at her, or else go and get Sabertooth to destroy her. Instead, he just looked at her.

"I see. Well, help yourself to a book. I could use some company," he told her. It didn't seem like a suggestion, but rather like an order. An order she felt she would be dumb to refuse. Amy nodded, closing the doors behind her and stepping into the room completely, before looking over the books and finding one of her favorites. She pulled it off the shelf, and settled into an arm chair. Maybe this wouldn't be that bad.

Brenna leaned back in an arm chair, half listening to Jubilee going on and on about the goings on in the manor. Her back itched slightly where her wings protruded from her back, and from gazing into the mirror set over the mantle, she figured she was around fifteen years old, which would make Katlin fourteen, approximately the same age as the young mutant who was engaged in conversation with her. It wasn't that comforting of a thought that she was now five years younger than she should have been, but it wasn't like she could do anything about it.

Instead, Brenna allowed herself to take in the décor of the living room. From the vast size, the beautiful wood finishes and carvings, and the comfortable plush chairs and sofas, she knew there was no way she'd seen the entirety of the mansion before the end of the week, despite Jubilee's insistence that as soon as the professor cleared them, she'd commence an entire tour. Brenna kind of wanted to slam her head against something hard, rather than be led blindly around the manor by someone who seemed as if they were running on seven cups of ultra strength coffee.

Katlin on the other hand, was very much enjoying the energy that the young mutant was giving off, and mentions of the danger room and the x-jet, and all the other things Jubilee shouldn't have been telling to strangers, were making her quite curious, and more than willing to let Brenna handle all the grown up stuff so she could run off and get into as much trouble as was humanly (or mutantly) possible.

Off to one side of the living room was a hall way which Jubilee told them led to the kitchen, a bathroom, a parlor, and the dinning room, which also had a connection to entrance hall. Across from the hall way was a large stretch of solid wall, lined with paintings, and a grandfather clock. To Brenna's right was a wall with massive windows, and two glass doors which showed a large pool deck with a swimming pool. To the pools right, a bit in the distance were tennis and basketball courts. On her left was the entrance hall they had first come through, and it was the way Logan had disappeared.

Brenna got up from her chair, ignoring Jubilee's protests that she stay in sight, and wandered into it, observing a beautifully crafted, although, massive staircase. On her right was an elevator, and as Jubilee had said, a second entrance into the mansion's gigantic dinning room. Directly in front of her were the main doors which she and Katlin had entered through, following Wolverine. To her right was another hallway, which turned sharply as well as a bathroom. Jubilee had said that the den, library, and Professor Xavier's office (which also served as their classroom) were located that way. Sighing, she turned to go back into the living room, when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She whirled around, prepared to kill who ever was attacking her, only to come face to face with a group of teenagers who had apparently come down the main stairs. Totally their were seven: five boys and two girls, all who were looking at her as if she'd grown a second head.

One of the guys looked at her, and raised an eyebrow, as Katlin and Jubilee approached. He had short blonde hair with his bangs spiked up and dyed bright orange. "Jubes, new friends?" he asked the younger mutant, still looking Katlin and Brenna over. Jubilee nodded.

"Logan found them on the doorstep this morning," she explained, "He's with the professor."

"He better be, or you're in big trouble," was the response from the smallest member of the group. He was a young boy, probably no older than thirteen with short brown hair and brown eyes. Jubilee just stuck her tongue out at him, and he reciprocated the sentiment.

"Hi, I'm Amara," said one of the girls. She had long brown hair down her back. She was offering her hand to Brenna who took it calmly.

"Brenna; and this is Katlin," she explained as her younger friend nodded and smiled.

"Nice to meet you. This is Ray," she said, nodding toward the first boy who'd spoken, "and the kid is Jamie. And these four," she said indicating the boy with the shoulder length blonde hair, another boy with short brown hair swept to the side, the last boy with black hair, and the girl with short reddish hair tied in pigtails, "are Sam, Bobby, Roberto, and Rahne."

"Wonderful," came a new voice from behind them all. "I see you're all greeting our new arrivals, but you'd best hurry and get ready for training. Your teachers will be back soon," said a bald man in a wheelchair, who was followed by Logan. The teenagers all groaned, at which Logan smirked, but did as they were told. "Well now, this is a surprise. Two young mutants finding their way to our very door, and Storm has radioed that the others have found a third." At his words, Katlin and Brenna looked at one another, wondering if the third was one of their other friends, or just some random, coincidental occurrence. Either way, it didn't matter, as they first had to convince the professor that they didn't mean any harm.

"Professor, I know this is going to sound weird, and even impossible, but it's all true, regardless. Katlin and I aren't from this world; we're not really aliens though. Its just, where we come from, mutants are made up; they're stories, and you and this place, and then X-men, they're all characters in our world," Brenna blurted out until Katlin hit her in the stomach.

"What are you telling him that for, he'll think we're nuts!"

"Better to tell the truth. He'd find out anyway; He's a telepath, remember?" Brenna hissed at her. Katlin nodded and looked down at her feet.

"Sorry Professor," she murmured.

"That's quite alright… Katlin, is it?" She nodded in response but didn't look back up as the professor turned his attention back towards the older of the girls. "And Brenna?" She nodded as well, but didn't look away. She wanted him to know she wasn't afraid of the truth. "Well, that is a very interesting story, but I've no doubt it's the truth you speak. Either way, it seems you are here now, and you at least are definitely a mutant. Any ideas as to what your powers might be?"

"Well, one of our friends was writing a story, turning us all into mutants. I had wings, the ability to teleport and fly, and Katlin could send out fire and heat through her hands, burn things just by touching them," Brenna explained.

"And your wings have manifested here, so perhaps, you've been granted the other powers," Professor Xavier told them, looking at Katlin who at Brenna's words was now staring at her hands, wondering if she was right. The professor smiled and lifted a pad of paper off a coffee table and ripped off a sheet. "You want to test; here. Concentrate on burning it," he told her, handing her the sheet. Katlin took the paper, bit her lip and concentrated. The paper caught fire, Katlin yelped, and tossed the paper from her hands sending it flying at Logan who jumped back, and then stomped out the flames, glaring at the girls, who were trying to hide giggles; Even Xavier was smiling. "It seems you two have definitely come to the right place. Logan, would you show them to their rooms."

Logan just grumbled a bit but nodded, as the two girls moved to follow him up the stairs. "Girls, I won't make you join the other kids in training to day, but I expect you to join us all for dinner. The X-men should be back by then," Professor Xavier told them as they climbed the stairs.

"Yes professor," both girls replied and finished the climb, as Logan had already disappeared beyond their views. This would definitely be interesting.

Nicole spent half of the plane ride talking to Kurt, and the other half she spent in silence, pretending to sleep, as she contemplated exactly what was going on, and how she was going to deal with it all, and most importantly, how she was going to get back to her own world. The images outside the window were speeding by so fast that eventually they became a big blur of colors, and she actually did fall asleep, her mind still reeling from everything that she'd encountered thus far.

It felt as though only minutes had passed before she felt someone gently shaking her arm. She opened her eyes slowly, peeling her head off the reinforced window and looked into the bright blue face of her new friend, jumping in surprise slightly. She blinked a bit and looked around confused, as she noticed that Ororo, Scott, and Jean were already gone, and Rogue was halfway through the exit of the plane. Kitty stood behind her, waiting for her turn.

"Where are we?" she mumbled, still a bit sleepy. Kurt just smiled at her as she undid her seatbelt, and then he helped her to her feet. She stumbled a bit, not used to the stronger pull of gravity, but then steadied herself.

"Home," he replied, leading her towards the exit. As soon as she was on the ground, she realized she was in a massive air plane hanger, now complete with air plane. She didn't say so, but this was all making her head hurt, badly. The other thing she noticed was that none of the others had actually left. To the contrary, they were all standing around an older man in a wheel chair, and a shorter man who was completely covered from head to toe in blue fur. As soon as she'd stepped off the plane, the man in the wheel chair had turned his attention to her and was looking her over. She stepped back a bit, and slammed into Kurt, who steadied her once again.

"You must be the mutant girl my X-men found in the desert," the man told her pleasantly, although stating the obvious. Nicole nodded a bit, but didn't say anything. "Well, you can all go now," he told the X-men. Ororo, stepped to the side to let the teenagers pass, but when they'd barely gone a foot Scott turned back, as did the other four.

"But Professor," Rogue began.

"None of that. Jean and Scott have to help Logan with training the New mutants, and Storm has a danger room mission for you three to run," he said, indicating Kurt, Kitty, and Rogue, all three who moaned, but proceeded to leave. Kurt gave Nikki a bit of a smile and followed his friend and adopted sister out of the hanger, Storm following.

"So, I've been told you're telekinetic," Professor Xavier told her.

"Yes sir," Nicole murmured.

"And your name, dear?"

"Nikki, sir. I could leave if you don't want me here," she suggested, feeling smaller by the minute.

"Nonsense. If you're in need of training, you're more than welcome here. I suppose you're from the world where mutants are fictional?"

"What? But how- how did you know?" she suddenly looked very frightened and worried. Did he, or would he think she was crazy.

"Calm down," the professor's companion told her, placing on massive furry hand on her shoulder, to relax her. Despite its appearance, the hand was comforting and warm, and she instantly calmed a bit.

"No need to be alarmed; we've had two more arrivals from you world this morning. They're up in the dorms," the professor told her. "Hank, would you mind bringing her to one of the spare rooms?" The furry blue mutant, better known as Beast, nodded, and lead motioned for Nicole to follow him. The moment they were through the doorway, he turned to look at her.

"So, you're from another world?" he asked as he lead the way towards an elevator located in the middle of the level. Nicole was already looking around her surroundings. There was a woman's locker room beside the entrance to the hanger, as well as another room marked "Rec room". Beyond the elevator were two swinging doors with round windows in them. The doors read "Med Lab". To her left was the men's locker room, and another room that was heavily locked, as well as having several controls outside it. Nicole guess this was the famous cerebro she'd read about, but didn't say as much. The last area of the level was comprised of jail cells.

"Yes sir," she answered as she boarded the elevator after Hank. He looked at her and smiled.

"Dr. McCoy; much nicer than Sir, don't you think?" he asked.

Nicole smiled, and relaxed a bit. "Of course," she replied as the elevator let them out on the second floor. She stepped out to find a massive staircase to her right, and a set of large double doors to her left. In front of her was a hallway with a sign above that read "Boys Dormitories". Hank smiled down at her.

"We're on the second floor now. Below is main floor, then the basement, below that is the sub basement where we entered, and below that is the sub basement two. You'll go there eventually," he informed her, turning and leading her across from the boys rooms, and to a long corridor. The first room, he informed her, were the girls bathrooms. The next door was Rogue's room, then Kitty's; Jean's room came next, followed by Jubilee, then Amara, and lastly Rahne's. Across from Rahne's room was a locked door, as was the one across from Amara, but the third room on that side of the hall was unlocked, and Hank showed her in, before pointing to the far end of the hall between Rahne's room and one of the locked doors. "That's Storm's room. If you've any problems, you go to her," he told her, also pointing out the little sitting room beside it. Nicole nodded, and retreated into her bed room, leaving the door open, in case someone came looking for her. The room was pretty plain, but it had a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a closet. The bed had light blue sheets on it, otherwise, there wasn't anything interesting about it, save the small cd player on top of the dresser. She laid back on the bed and sighed, shutting her eyes.

She'd almost drifted to sleep again when the door slammed shut.

"Kill her!" came one voice, and Nicole really thought they were going to kill her before she opened her eyes and saw Katlin about to pounce on her stomach. She jumped a bit as the younger girl crash landed on her and began beating her with her own pillow.

"Ow… hey quit it!" Nicole yelped, trying to push herself out from underneath the girl. She made it off the bed, only to have the source of the voice grab her by the arms.

"This is your fault, you know that," Brenna growled at her, although, she was smiling a bit.

"I know. I know. I'm sorry." Nicole said, defensively, trying to pry Brenna off her. When the bigger girl finally let her go, she sat down at the desk, rubbing her sore arms. "That hurt you know," she said, rather irritated.

"Deal with it," Brenna retorted.

"Its not like I did it on purpose," Nicole told her. Brenna nodded, and looked to where Katlin sat on her friends new bed, pouting, her hair a mess.

"So its just the three of us?" Katlin asked.

"I suppose so," Nicole replied. The other two nodded, and sat down to discuss what had happened.