I yelled as I walked into the LAPD office, I really shouldn't have yelled though. Many of the officers turned around, probably wandering whom this crazy girl was, running through the LAPD office at lightning speed. But, once they saw it was only I, Harley Markinson, the Chief of Police's Daughter, a majority of them smiled or just went back to their work.

Maryanne, my father's secretary, turned around and looked at me with a smile on my face.

"Hello Harley!" She called, as I ran over to her.

"Hey Ms. Anders! Is my father here?"

"Yes he is actually, but he's in a meeting right now, the Captain brought in a new recruit today, and your father just wanted a quick word with them.


I said to her, as I walked over to a chair that was beside my father's closed office door, and waited for him to come out.

The office was buzzing, like usual, policeman walking in and out to get their coffee, before their shift, or while on their break. The phones rang off the hook, and people were working hard on their computers.

I loved going to visit my father at work. I always went there after my dance lessons on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's. My dance studio was only a few buildings away from the LAPD office, which made it convenient for my dad, to not have to leave his busy job, just to come and get me.

I was never scared to walk to the office either. I figure who could hurt me when I walk into the biggest police department in the country. Why would I be scared? Besides, I have always been in wonderment of the whole police lifestyle. How these people did what they could to keep justice and peace among people of Los Angeles, which was not the easiest in the city of Angels.

And my father was head of it all. He was the Chief of Police. I have to say that I worried about my father and all the scary positions he puts himself into, but to tell you the truth, I secretly wanted to live that life as well. To have an adventure everyday, and almost be like a modern super hero.

But my father wouldn't hear of it, he didn't want me to even think about this field, he couldn't think of his baby girl wanting to put her life on the line, and living in constant fear of something happening to me. It would be to much for him to bear, but my mother actually encouraged him let me visit him at work, thinking that I would grow tired of this lifestyle, and it just be another phase of my life.


"How could she know that this is what she wants to do, she's only twelve, just let her see you at work, she'll eventually get to bored with it, or to scared, then move on. It's just a phase in her life, like the New Kids On the Block. Don't worry honey, this isn't her calling, we won't let it."

~*End of Flashback*~

I remember hearing my mom say those words so easily. I had listened through the half opened door one night. But hearing her say those words just made me want to do it more. So, I secretly kept it to myself that I would be a policewoman, no matter what.

My thoughts were soon rendered when the door to my dad's office opened up. I turned around to face a bigger built man, with dark hair and a black suit with a white shirt underneath a red tie walked out. He looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Then my father came out, still looking good at his age of 49. He had blonde hair with just some slight gray growing out from the sides. He still had a good build, only a little belly popping out, but that was common at his age. My father had green eyes, that shimmered in the sun, and his tan skin from all his years from living out here in L.A. I hoped I would age nicely just like him and my mom at their ages.

I had almost called my father, but then HE walked out, the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His blonde hair glistened, even though the sun was not even shining on it. His eyes shone a bright blue, and his body was nicely built, I could tell even under his police outfit.