I do not own Ranma or Kasumi or any of the characters that are involved in this my story. They belong to their respective owners. This R+K fic of mine is AU and OCC but it may contain scenes of WAFF and maybe way 2 much WAFF I'm not sure...don't really know how much WAFF is too much WAFF haha. Also I never usually ask you guys I mean those who read my stories to review and I ain't asking now either it'd just be nice if you just give me your honest opinion on this story be it good or bad.

A really big thank you goes out to dennisud who gladly preread this story for me and showed me the numerous errors of my writings and pointed them out to me... H.A bows and says to him Arigato-Gozaimasu.

Author's Notes:

*finds someplace to hide first*

I'm really sorry to those people who've read my previous R+K stories because I've started this one (and really really have finished this honestly only 3 chapters that's all done) when I've still have other stories still hanging around here *see many hanging fics that float around me like the floating castle of Laputa hehe ( I don't own Laputa either...the great maestro Hayao Miyazaki owns it as well as Nausicaa and Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away...u get the point) *smacks myself for over meaningless rambling*

Truth is I've sorta lost the sense of direction of those story, lacks inspiration or huge case of writers block on those fics...maybe my own fault cause I was so used to writing one shots at that time that it took me time to adjust to writing stories with chapters. I am trying my best to finish them up as soon as I get my head back on straight. RL isn't helping me much...on this matter. Anyway I better shut up and let you the good people read my story.

Hope you guys and gals like it.

Himura Alucard.