Ash and May have just won Hoenn League! As Ash, May, and the others rejoice, one person sheds a tear...a person no one would ever expect to see again.

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Note: The story here is the newest version of Pokemon (Advance) with May, Max and yadda yadda yadda. Oh and Ash is 14 so is May. PG – 13 for course language. On with the story!




(Author's Notes)

A Forgotten Face

Ch. 1 Unexpected Visitor


The crowd roars and cheers as 14 year old Ash Ketchum and May Pedalberg (I didn't know her last name) stand victorious after the two vs. two Pokemon battle.

"We did it Ash! We really did it!" May leapt onto Ash and hugged him with all her might.

"Yeah! I guess we did..." said Ash as he returns her hug. Brock and Max were making their way toward them.

"That was great you two!" congratulated Brock.

"Yeah! You guys were awesome!" Max said.

As the group congratulated each other and the opponents, a cloaked onlooker in the crowd shed a tear...

"Tic?" The Pokemon beside the person looked at them with questioning eyes.

"It's nothing's just..." The person started to sob. The thought of being forgotten stung their heart with horrible pain and angst. "We have to leave now."

Now the crowd had gone down into the stadium and started surrounding Ash and the gang. The stranger started pushing their way through to get out as quickly as possible. They couldn't take the pain.

"MOVE!" The stranger was now at the point where their sadness turned into anger.

"Jeez! Okay lady whatever you say."

This of course caught people's attention, including Brock's. Brock watched the stranger make their way through the crowd. Artic blue eyes met his own.

"Oh my God...ASH!"

"What is it Brock!?" Ash was being carried by the crowd.

"I-I...Ash...I thought I saw someone."

"Well who was it?" Brock searched the crowd but found no one. "Damnit!"

May was getting worried, she had never seen Brock so...determined to find something.

"Brock what's the matter?"

"Nothing..." I KNOW that was her...but why would she be here? "Let's get going."

I can't believe it...that he-he would just...forget...


At least I have Togetic "I'm fine Togetic, let's go home now."

"Tic!" The stranger and it's Pokemon started making their way down the road.

"Listen Brock, whoever it was they're probably gone by now." Ash was really confused by Brock's behavior.

He's never acted this way before...I wonder who would make him act like this.

The group were walking out of the stadium. A lone figure and their Togetic were just ahead of them. May didn't know what was going on but she saw something she liked.

"Oh! Look! A Togetic! cute! May I see it?"

Cold blue eyes just stared at her...with what looked like hatred or even jealousy. "May! What the hell do you think your doing!? You can't just waltz up to someone's Pokemon and start –"Ash was stunned. He stood and stared at the figure in front of him. His brain was running like mad.


So was Pikachu's. It was an eternity of silence between everyone before a howling wind picked up. With it, the wind took the figure's hood. Staring back at Ash were a pair of wintry blue eyes. Long, red hair was billowing with the wind. Milky skin was exposed. A curved bodice was now there. A face, so familiar, but so different was now visible.


Yay! Done! I know it's short but hey it's just the beginning! Extra special thanks to The only person who could help me with my story! So tell me what you think...hopefully if enough people like it I'll keep going with it! Until then!

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