The Poem

Summary: What was first conceived as a love poem to Isis from Yami B spawned into THIS. Bits of Yami B-Isis and lots of bashing, but it's all in good fun.

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own Yuugiou.

Notes: Ah yes... The Poem. (sighs nostalgically) First conceived at a sleepover, The Poem somehow spawned into this. Written with help from Kirstie, Melissa, Marissa, Abby, K-chan, Daricio...

Kamilah: Lessee. Things to know – Amy is the lead singer of Evanescence, Bess and her highwayman is from this poem called 'The Highwayman', OOC pills make someone OOC (and Katie created 'em), Isis is known as a cow because of Kirstie discovering the goddess Isis had her head chopped off and replaced with a cow's head (and yes, we do know that Isis the goddess and Isis Ishtar are two separate entities). And Roo is Daricio's nickname for Yami B. And 'spleen' is spelled as 'shpleen' on purpose. I typoed it and we thought it was funny, so we kept it in there.


I love you, Isis.

Your skin is so tan...

Like something that is tan!

I'll be your highwayman...

If you'll be my Bess!

Your shoes are very cool;

But your cooking tastes like gruel!

Monkies are cuter than you -

They make you laugh, they make you spew.

You are scary on OOC pills,

Your butt's as big as a windmill!

You like Evanescence,

I've found this to be true

If only you knew that Amy's cuter than you!

(Joey pops in) Um,'re very...uncrude...

Now give me food! (Gives pen back)

(Malik pops in) Your brother is not dorky!

Agree with me, porky! (Gives pen back)

In your room there's something wrong;

I believe you call it a little blue thong!

(Authoresses pop in) You are easy to write in fluff,

You predict the future and stuff!

For a girl, you're sure mysterious

Don't ask me "Really? How?"

Right when we think we know just who are

We find that you're a cow! (Authoresses pop out)

(Yami B) If anyone else interrupts me

They'll get a knife through their shpleen!

(Yami) It's spleen, tomb robber...

Isis, Isis, Isis, Isis...

I love you more than DNA splices!

I've always wanted to pharaoh

I will kill him with a Legolas arrow!

(Yugi pops in) Isis, you've taught me many things

Like not to always rush

If only you taught Yami about dealing with disappointment

Because on you he has a crush!

(Yami: O.O Aibou!)

(Isis pops in herself) You're the very best duelist the world has ever seen

The very best neesan, too

(Malik pops in and interrupts)

Of course, you'll never win a duel

Not even when going against Roo (And that's saying something...)

Yami B and Isis: -.- (whack)

Malik: x.x.

(Isis and Malik pop out)

(Bakura takes over) My yami thinks you're really something

He says you're sweeter than a crème puff

Even more than a mountain of marshmallow fluff!

My yami really does like you, he's really often said so

You just have to ignore the fact that at times he's really schizo!


Note: Ah yes... crack is fun...

Yes, it was demented and random. NOW REVIEW!