Popcorn and Movies

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Dawn watches a movie and thinks

Dawn had always loved watching movies.  She would always watch the same ones.  No one would watch them with her any more.  They had all seen them too many times when she was younger and would make them watch it with her. 

Now it was only her watching movies alone.  She was ok with that.  Sometimes it made it easier.  She could say the lines along with the movies and not have anyone complain.  She could cry at the little things and not hold back. 

That was one of the major reasons Dawn didn't watch movies with anyone any more.  The littlest things would make her cry.  The 2 main love interests would fight.  She would be reminded of her mother and father fighting and the tears would leak out.  A mother would be taking care of her child and she would think of her mother and cry. 

Too many bad things had happened to her in her short life.  The smallest things would reminder her of events and she would start to cry. 

She always eats popcorn while watching movies.  When she was younger her mother would watch them with her and always made popcorn.  This time she hadn't made any popcorn.  Buffy had forgot to get some at the store and Dawn didn't want to ask for something that wasn't necessary.  By not having popcorn, though, Dawn couldn't help but feel that she was losing her mother. 

No longer in the mood to watch a movie she got up and shut the movie off.   Dawn then promised herself that she would only watch movies if there was popcorn to eat, that way she wouldn't lose the memory of her mother any further than she already had.