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They Were Us-Chapter 1: Noticing the Strange

Opening his locker, Tim sighed. He had football practice after school, and he had promised Kory that he'd meet her at the Tower, the local diner, for a homework session.

"You are in my way. Move. Now"

He blinked and saw a strange, black clad, girl was waiting impatiently for him to move. "I'm sorry" Apologizing, he stepped aside.

"Whatever" She muttered, opening the locker next to his. Putting away her books, she pulled out a gym bag.

"P.E?" Tim asked sympathetically. The girl glanced over to him and shrugged, swinging the bag over her shoulders. "It keeps me fit" Turning, she walked off.

Tim stared after the strange Gothic girl, surprised. He had never seen her before, was she new? Something was tugging at the back of his mind, bird...black...His train off thought was broken as Garfield Logan, a Junior more commonly known as Gar, ran up to him, holding a piece of paper in his hands and waving it about excitedly. "Yo Tim! Guess what? I made it! I made it!"

"Whoa, Gar, calm down. What are you talking about? Made what?"

"The Changelings! They've finally accepted me in the club!"

Motioning for him to join him, Tim started to walk down the hall. "Isn't that that club for role playing?" He raised an eyebrow. Gar nodded happily, his normally funny mood skyrocketing. "For only the BEST game in the entire world-" Here, Tim chanted along, "-Justice Avengers Three: The New Generation. Yeah, yeah, Gar, I know all that. Why did you want to join in the first place?"

The younger boy just grinned up at him, "If I'm in a club, a very, exclusive club, then I'll know things about the game that old Victor won't"

Tim just shook his head.


"Hey Victor!"

Vic just nodded as yet another nameless face called out in greeting. Looking around the courtyard he grumbled. The people around here, namely Goths and various other freaks were definitely not his crowd. Looking down at the book of creepy poems by some Edgar dude, he regretted letting Kory talk him into returning it to its mysterious owner. One slightly vampiric guy stepped up to him, snarling. "What are you doing here, pretty boy?"

Victor stiffened. "I'm trying to return a book to someone I was told hangs around here" The boy looked him over, barely hiding his distaste.

"Who?" He asked

Opening the book's cover, Vic read the name written in neat cursive. "Deirdre Shant"

A girl wearing a long, black dress moved beside the boy, her pale blue eyes boring into the prep that had invaded their area, "He's talking about Raven, Scott" She murmured.

Scott raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing with Raven's book?"

"She dropped it by my locker, I'm returning it" Victor defined. There was a tense silence between them, which would have lasted the entire lunch break, when an oddly familiar voice broke in. "Why are you all standing around?"

Turning, the huge footballer blinked. There was no one there. He glanced down and saw a pale girl, staring up at him. She'd be pretty if she smiled, He thought to himself. Handing her the book, he said gruffly, "You dropped this near my locker"

Taking it, she only nodded. "Thank-you, I was searching for it" Then she walked off.

Vic watched her go, a weird feeling building up inside, then left the courtyard, eager to get to his beef burger.


Kory smiled as she saw her boyfriend Tim sitting at his usual table. Walking over she placed her tray next to his. "Hello Tim! Friends!" She greeted the others, who smiled. Kory had been an exchange student from Tamera the previous year, and since then had never left. "I hope that all is well"

"Eh, same old same old" Wallace West, or 'Flash' as he was known to the others for his speed on the track, grinned. His girlfriend, Linda Park, tugged his ear, giving him a furious glare. "Don't flirt!" she scolded.

Kory just laughed and turned to Victor and Garfield. "Did you return the book to the girl who lost it?" She asked.

Vic sighed. "Yep. Just how I thought. Creepy"

"That is not an nice thing to say," The redheaded exchange student scolded. "I am sure she was a very nice person"

"Watcha talking about?" Tim queried. He had had a miserable time in Trig, unable to stop thinking about the girl he had met that morning. He could have sworn he'd known her...

"Just some gothic chick who'd dropped her book" Grimacing, Vic muttered, "I'm never going back there"

Suddenly there was a loud crash of trays and then a lot of swearing coming from the doors. The gang turned, interested in who was making the commotion.

"You stupid bitch! Watch where you're going!" An upper-class jock that thought the world of himself was now yelling at a smaller figure. Lifting his hand, Tim realized that he was going to hit the girl who had bumped into him. Standing in his place, he shouted angrily, "Don't even think of it Johnson!"

The boy lowered his fist and glared at him. "Are you sticking up for this hoe? Why Wayne, that's a new low for you" His eyes flickered to Kory then back. "Yep, even the Tamraren dog is better than this freak" Tim gave a small choked sound of fury, and went for the other boy. "Take that back," He snarled.

"Why should I? Ever since those Tamraren chicks came, this school has rolled down hill. You of all people should have known better" Going to hit him, Tim was stopped by a light touch on his arm. It was the girl from the lockers.

"Don't lower yourself to his level," She told him in a firm voice. "He's not worth it"

"What are you talking about, Witch?" Johnson hissed. "You ruined my jacket! My suede, one-of-a-kind jacket that I had imported from Italy"

"More like bought at K-mart" Was her retort. That made Johnson stutter with rage. About to swing at her again, Vic, Gar, and Wallace stepped up. He glared at them for a moment or two, then making a rude gesture, he stormed off.

"Stupid punk" Victor growled. Looking down at the girl he said, "You ok?" She nodded, and went to leave when Tim stopped her.

"What's your name?" He asked.

Staring at him with eyes he could have sworn he'd seen long before, she replied, "Deirdre Shant, or," There was something she was trying to tell him, something in her eyes, something that he could vaguely remember from...

"Raven. Call me Raven"


Raven wondered around, feeling lost. This place, it was so much like her world, but so different. And the others...well, at least she had finally found them. All she had to do was get them to remember who they were.

She'd already made a start with Robin, making sure that her locker was next to his. He'd be the hardest, so she needed an excuse to be near him. Cyborg had been simple enough, all she had to do was drop her copy of Edgar Allan Poe's poetry near his locker. All that was left was to make it clear she had an interest in cars, and she was home free.

Starfire and Beast Boy, would be the easiest to convert. As the youngest, and the loudest of the group, they still had memories of their old life that just had to be triggered.

Walking past the football team practice, and with them Cyborg and Robin, Raven paused by the field. When the team had gone, it had taken everything she had in the way of self-control just to keep going. She could have stopped, could've gone solo, but...

She missed them.

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