'...So 1,2,3, take my hand and come with me
because you look so fine
and I really wanna make you mine.
I say you look so fine
and I really wanna make you mine.
Oh, 4,5,6 c'mon and get your kicks
now you don't need that money
when you look like that, do ya honey...'

-'Are you Gonna Be My Girl?', Jet.

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They Were Us-Chapter 5: Pretty Blue Eyes

'..."I swear Beast Boy, if you ask one more time, I will hang you off this building by your toenails"

He groaned and sat on the floor, looking up at the blurred, blue cloaked figure before him. "Please Rae; one flight, that's all I'm asking"

The girl frowned, annoyed. "No. I don't want to go flying with you when I can do it by myself"


"If you don't back off, someone's going to have to explain to Robin why your blood is all over the floor"

Beast Boy threw his hands up in defeat. "Alright, alright! I'm backing off!"

The girl nodded, and was about to walk away when he said, "Are you sure?"

The look she gave him was more than enough...'

Garfield woke up with a start, panting. Whoa, that had to be the freakiest dream of his entire life. Whoever that chick had been, she had totally ripped him! Quickly jumping off his bed, he raced to the mirror, for some reason needing to know...

Looking at his reflection, all he saw was a short, tanned kid with a chipped tooth and green hair to compliment his green eyes.

Gar backed away, feeling... disappointed. Never taking his eyes off the mirror, he swore there was something missing. What though? He was as handsome as ever, so everything seemed fine... but...

Why wasn't he green?

Suddenly his room disappeared, and he was standing in a large room, with a huge t.v. in the middle. Far from being confused, Gar knew exactly where he was.

His living room.

"Beast Boy, have you done the dishes?"

He turned to the door, and saw the same shadowy figure with the long, blue cloak staring at him.


"You better hurry up before the mold evolves enough just to walk off the plates"

"Gotcha, Rae"

Gar blinked, and found himself looking around his bedroom.

Funny, for one moment, he thought he had been home.


Diana smiled at Raven as she walked through the kitchen door. "Good morning, Deirdre! Did you sleep well?"

The gothic grimaced, sitting down at the table. "As well as I could"

Bruce's glaze flickered up from his newspaper, but he made no other sign of having heard.

Not having noticed the morbid tone in Raven's voice, Diana merrily placed a plate stacked with pancakes in front of her, whistling. This definitely was not the Wonder Woman Raven knew. A few minutes later, Bruce folded his paper and placed it by his empty plate. "I've got to go to work, how are you getting to your appointment?"

Diana smiled at her husband's tone. "Grandpa has kindly offered to run me down on his way to the shops" Winking at Raven, she added, "He didn't think you wanted to waste your lunch break-"

"Well, he thought wrong, didn't he?" The door swung open and Raven blinked as Robin rushed in, a trail of toilet paper behind him. "Sorry! Slept in! Gotta go! Bye!" Grabbing an apple from the bowl in the middle of the table, he ran out without a second glance.

"Every day he does this," Diana murmured as Bruce just gave a chuckle. "Do you think Grandpa will get him before he leaves the yard?"

"Hope so; it's a Saturday. I don't want my son getting to school two days early"


Alfred sighed as he tripped his grandson over with the hose. Everyday the foolish boy did this; Monday through to Sunday. He was just like his father.

"What's the rush, Timothy?"

Tim sat up from where he had landed in the freshly turned (and somewhat muddy) dirt. "I'm late for school and I-"He stopped as his grandfather's laughing became louder. "I did it again, didn't I?"

The old man gave another laugh, then helped him up. "I don't understand why you rush all the time. You're young, smell the roses" ("We don't grow roses, Granddad") Brushing the bigger clumps of mud off Tim's shirt, he added, " I dread to think what your young lady friend must think"

"'Young lady friend?'" Tim repeated stupidly, pushing his shades further up his nose. "What 'young lady friend'-Oh no... Raven!"

Alfred raised an eyebrow. "Raven? I was under the impression that her name was Deirdre"

Tim muttered a hasty, "It's her nickname" before asking worriedly, "Do you think she thinks I'm a idiot?"

His grandfather chuckled again. "Well, why don't you go ask her?"

The boy muttered once more, but plucked out a few pansies from the garden for luck.


"So... what do you want to do?"

"You asked me that five minutes ago"

Tim groaned, and rolled onto his back, the soft cushioning of the sofa making a 'poof' sound as he moved. "I'm bored"

Raven tried to refrain from rolling her eyes as she looked at him from her spot on the armchair. "If you're that desperate, we could start on our History assignment"

"Does it mean that I'd have to move?"


"Then... no"

"You are incredibly lazy"

"Eh, I try... wanna play I Spy?"

"Knock yourself out"

"Oookay... I spy with my little eye... something... white"

Raven didn't even need to think. "The ceiling"

"Damn! Your turn"

"I spy... our History assignment"

Tim threw her a dirty look as Raven smirked. "That's cheating; our assignment doesn't even exist"

"Point being?"

The boy sighed and sat up, running a hand through his ungelled hair. For one heart-stopping moment Raven couldn't stop watching him, then she snapped out of it. No, she wouldn't let that happen. She wouldn't be sucked into the same trap as the rest of the team.

She wouldn't fall under Mumbo's spell.

"Fine, we might as well get it over and done with" Suddenly Tim was at her side, holding out his hand. "Come on, we'll have to use my room since it's got the computer"


Tinkering under his car, the Titan, Victor paused.

He could have sworn he had just heard footsteps.

But there were no sounds what so ever, excluding the radio. Shrugging it off, Vic continued working.

"Want any help?" Asked a low voice.

"Yeah, sure" He replied. Barely even noticing that his arms were now metal, Victor started to hum. Someone passed him a spanner, and he began tightening the wires. "Here you go, Dark Girl" Victor said, passing the spanner back.

A small, pale, half-gloved hand took it back.

Looking out, Victor saw a familiar pair of legs standing close by. "Can you hand me over the cable box?"

The person did as she was told, and then asked, "Why are you working on the T-Car this time, Cyborg?"

"Because she's still not fast enough"

"Still not what?" Asked Garfield as he stepped into the Stone's garage. "Vic, who are you talking to?"

Victor frowned, feeling as though he had just woken up. Flexing his fingers compulsively, he looked down at them, thinking hard.

"Vic? Yo, dude, can you even hear me?"

"Unfortunately. Whadda you want now?"

He could hear the smaller boy sigh, then a thump as Garfield sat on the ground. "I've been having the most wacked out dreams," He started, obviously embarrassed. "I mean, it's like they're really happening, then when I wake up, this feels like a dream" Gar gave a nervous laugh. "Know what I mean?"

Victor just laid there, under his car, thinking. Should he tell Gar what he'd been hearing lately? "What are your dreams about?" He asked causally, wanting to see what the younger boy would say.

Garfield shuffled around, nervous. "Well... it's like, I'm me, but I'm somewhere else, and there's this girl-"

"Who's a friend" Victor finished, pushing himself out from under the car. Looking up at his uncertain friend, he said, "I've been having 'em too. Did the girl act like anyone you know?"

The younger boy frowned, and pulled at his shirt, thinking. "Not really, but she kinda reminds me of..."

"Raven" The larger boy supplied. Garfield nodded, then looked down at the floor.

"This is way too weird to be normal" Victor commented, getting up. "I mean, I could handle the freaky dreams, but the fact that you're having the same kind? Way too weird"

Gar frowned, then asked, "What are we going to do?"

Putting the toolbox away, the larger boy suggested, "Go talk to Rob. He'll be able to sort us out"

Victor paused as Garfield's eyes grew bigger with shock. "What? What did I say?"

Garfield shook his head, pretending it didn't matter. The thing was, Victor had just called Tim, his life-long friend, Rob. The scarier thing was, Gar had known who he was talking about.


"So... tell me again why we're going to do our assignment in your room?"

Tim coughed, and pointed towards the computer, mumbling something about Bruce not trusting him enough to use the one in the study.

Eyebrows arched, Raven said nothing, but stayed in the doorway, noticing little difference between the worlds Robins. Apparently, things didn't change in parallel universes. It was dark, mainly due to the heavy curtains covering the large windows, and the only light came from a desk lamp that had been shoved to the furthest corner. Posters covered every inch of the walls, and papers of various things littered the computer desk, hiding the keyboard.

"Nice d├ęcor" She muttered, finally moving into the room and letting the door close behind her. Tim grinned, and picked up a book that was lying on his bed. "It's alright. I'm not in here much expect for when I'm sleeping, so I don't bother about the setting" He sat on the bed, and practically sunk into it, surprising Raven.

"You have a water bed?" She asked, moving towards one bright poster that had caught her attention.

Tim nodded, watching as the Goth frowned at his father's advertising poster. Personally, he liked what the artist had drawn for the Dark Knight Company, a black silhouette in front of a stormy sky; but then again, not everyone shared his taste. "I thought that maybe we could do the founders of Jump City for our project, so I got this book out of Dad's collection" Here the dark haired boy held up the book in his hands, showing the cover.

Raven's eyes widened when she saw the picture, and she found it increasingly harder to breathe properly.

Not noticing anything strange, Tim went on, "I know there's more than one 'hero', but these guys are reason that the area around here was colonized. I mean, that has to have some impact on Jump City, right?"

How ironic, thought Raven, still staring at the cover with the statue forms of herself and her friends. One time Jump defenders, now Jump's founders.

When she caught up with Mumbo, he was going to pay.

Patting the space beside him, Tim waited for Raven to sit down. Snapping out of her violent thoughts, Raven did so-but reluctantly.

Tim laid down, making Raven frown at the motion it created. "How can you sleep on this?" She asked, trying to steady herself. Her leader grinned and just shrugged, his shades sitting perfectly on his face. This annoyed her even more, and before she knew it she was asking, "Why do you always wear those things?"

Smile fading, Tim shrugged again. "I just do" He said, his voice clearly saying that the topic was not under discussion. Raven just sighed, not expecting anything else. If anything, in her world it would have been much more icier. They sat in silence for a few moments, then Tim moved suddenly, sitting up next to the Goth and looking at her intently.

"You know," He started, his face extremely close. "You're the only person who's asked me that" Then before Raven could stop him, he had lifted his hand, and pulled his shades off.

The only thought running through the Dark Girl's mind as Tim, Robin, her friend and her leader leaned in closer and closer was, he has pretty blue eyes.


Kory looked at her friends, trying to understand what they were saying. "I am afraid that you have 'lost' me. Why are you having dreams of a girl who isn't really the girl that you are dreaming of?"

Victor gave a frustrated sigh while Gar flicked his chips around on the coffee table, bored. "Kor, I'm asking if you're having the same ones"

He took her blank look as a no.

"Alrighty then. We'll see ya later, Kory" Garfield was up before Victor even finished. "Later Kory!" He yelled, bolting out into the hallway and out of the door.

Stopping by the doorway, Victor smiled at his pretty friend. "Later, Star"


"Why do I care?" Kitten asked, frowning as she looked from Slade to Mumbo.

Slade gave her a cold look, and she quickly shut her mouth before his famous temper came out. "It's simple. If Raven succeeds in jolting the Titans memories, they'll also remember what we did to their home" He smirked. "And they will not be happy"

"What's the girl got to do with anything?" Mumbo asked suddenly, tapping his wand against the teacher's desk.

Slade just gave another cool smile, and looked back at the blonde before him. "Kitten here, is going to do everything she can to make sure that Raven has no more contact with her fellow heroes. Stabbing, isolation, slandering... anything"

Kitten backed away, feeling frightened for the first time. This guy meant business.


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