Summary: Hermione hates Valentine's Day. So does Draco. Can a doomed club, a forgotten musical instrument, and a couple friends bring them closer? Will they finally reveal those feelings that have been hidden for so long?
I'm not telling you! SO READ!! Sorry about the aggressiveness....

Chapter One
Something in Common

Enchanted heart balloons floated around the castle like haunting ghosts. Singing dwarves stalked students with overly-sappy love songs. Couples cuddled around ever corner of the vast castle. A sense of love spread warmth throughout the various rooms of the building. Yet, in the midst of all this lovey-dovey-ness, there was Hermione Granger in all her pessimistic glory.

While couples were snogging each other senseless in the Astronomy Tower, Hermione was putting up posters bearing the emblem of the newly-made "I-HATE-VALENTINE'S-DAY" Club. She stalked down the corridors with her clunky combat boots, sticking posters on any and every protesting portrait and over those of the Valentine's Day Dance on Saturday night.

"An anti-Valentine's club, Granger?" A drawling voice asked. Hermione whipped around to find Draco Malfoy signing up for the club. He dropped the pen that was connected to the clipboard and looked at her with icy steel-colored eyes.

"So we do have something in common. See you at the meeting, Granger!" She watched in disbelief as he stalked down the hallway and disappeared around the corner.

Angered at Malfoy's obnoxious display, Hermione stormed down the corridor and up the stairs leading to the Room of Requirement.

"AAAH!" Three different screams resounded, accompanied by a couple of boys swearing.

Two girls were sitting up on couches, looking fairly disheveled and barely covered. Two boys stood near-naked next to the couches, anxiously running their hands through their overly messy hair.

"Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to…" Hermione began to stammer.

"Hermione?" Two simultaneous voices questioned.

Hermione uncovered her eyes and turned around to find Harry, Ron, Parvati, and Lavender looking very, well, let's just say, out of place.

Ron opened his mouth to say something but was stopped by Hermione's abrupt leave.

Hermione ran down the empty corridors until she reached an area of the castle which she was sure no one else ever came to. She slumped down the wall and pulled her knees toward her. Of all the holidays, why did Valentine's Day mean so much to her?

Sorry it's kinda short... I'm not the greatest long chapter writing person around... Besides it's not really that long anyway...