If the InuYasha Cast was in the Real World

Summary: This is just another off the wall idea thought up by yours truly. It examines what could be in store for the characters of InuYasha if they were in the real world.

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha or any other characters who either hang out with or have a sudden urge to kill InuYasha. I own half a bag of Frito Lay Honey BBQ twists and the Book if Roast Beef Could Fly by Jay Leno. You sue me for damages caused by reading my stories, that's what you'll get.

Chapter One: If Sesshomaru Lived in the Real World.

            If Sesshomaru lived in the real world, he'd have a lot of changes to make in his life.

            First off he'd have to go out and get a job that didn't include attempting to steal the Tetsusaiga from his brother. Possibilities he could try would be a tour guide, an anthropology or ancient history teacher or a model.

            Unfortunately the tour guide idea would really only work in Japan showing historical sites to tourists. The history teacher could possibly work out a bit better. He could teach ancient history at a local college and focus on mythology or anthropology. I think many of Sesshomaru's fan girls would most like to see him as a model. However, he could possibly get overly temperamental and end up tear up the expensive designer clothes therefore placing him in extreme debt. In that conclusion, the career in teaching ancient history or anthropology. That way, he could talk about what he knows and if he tore his clothes up it wouldn't put him in debt.

            But perhaps Sesshomaru would surprise us all and get his own talk show. While on the talk show he could try to give advice to people who need it most. Like I don't know, those who are in love but don't know how to tell the other person. Because as they say, those who can't do teach, those who can't take advice give it, or something to that effect.

            Getting back to the tearing of clothing-Sesshomaru would also have to work on anger management. Yes, he's usually a calm and collected youkai, but at times even that Sesshomaru loses his cool and turns into a giant white dog. In the real world you can't turn into a giant dog, white or other wise every time your brother takes something you wanted.

            Speaking of InuYasha, Sesshomaru would probably be expected to partake in some sort of family counseling which may result in the great inu youkai letting his feelings out. For instance we could all finally learn why he hates his younger brother so much and why he has such a total dislike towards humans. The family psychiatrist would probably delve into Sesshomaru's childhood and dig up some hidden trauma from his fifth birthday when his father bought him hockey equipment when he wanted to learn to be a ballerina. After such a session, Sesshomaru would admit to wanting a closer relationship with his brother and spill out another thousand dollars or so per session until he either goes broke or feels cured.

             As for Rin Sesshomaru would have to enroll her in school so she could begin interacting with other children her age and learn to speak properly. Sesshomaru would have to learn to be an involved parent and attend parent teacher meetings where he would learn about Rin's grades and behavior. While talking to the teacher Sesshomaru would probably learn that Rin cared about other children and brought them flowers when they felt sad. He would also learn that his surrogate daughter has a bad habit of talking in third person and her teacher is perplexed as to why she does such a thing. To this Sesshomaru would probably reply 'This Sesshomaru Sama will speak to Rin about her talking in third person.' After that, the teacher would probably enroll both of them in speech class.

            And don't even get me started on how Sesshomaru would have to adjust to the modern world. He'd probably flip out and attack a toaster or some poor defenseless microwave. Yes, that Tai youkai would have to hire someone to teach him the basics of modern living, including driving a car, starting a check account balancing a check book and pumping gas. The poor doggy would probably fall over by the end of his first week.

            Well, this ends my first installment of If the InuYasha Cast was in the Real World.  Come back again when I find another new character to dissect for the enjoyment of my readers.

            That's the end of my first chapter. So was it good or bad? Let me know. And tell me who you want in the next chapter. Thank You.