If the InuYasha Cast was in the Real World

Disclaimer: I apologize to everyone who held their breath for a new chapter, but do you have any idea how much energy a four month old takes up? But yeah, I still don't own InuYasha.

Chapter Five: If InuYasha was in the Real World

If InuYasha was in the real world he'd have to wear a hat so his ears would be hidden and protected from small children who have a tendency to grab at things like ears. Since a hat would be a standard part of InuYasha's wardrobe he'd have to go to a hat store and stock up on hats. And since I'm writing this and I'm a Yankees fan the majority of hit hats would be hats with the New York Yankees symbol on them, so it's good that InuYasha lives in Japan and not Boston. He could have baseball hats, some bandanas and some beanies. The beanies would look really cute on him, but he'd probably chose the baseball caps to keep the sun out of his eyes.

InuYasha also needs other clothes besides his red haori. Since he's wearing baseball hats I think some clothes along the lines of Miroku's should work. So, American Eagle, Pac Sun and maybe Zumiez. The Zumiez is because I think InuYasha would make a cute skater guy and I don't want all those beanies to go to waste. Besides, knowing InuYasha he'd start collecting Zumiez stickers.

Ok, now that InuYasha has clothes it's time to decide where he's going to live and send him to school. Because he needs to go to school dur. Long story short, InuYasha would live with Sesshomaru because he has nowhere else to go. Sesshomaru has gone through therapy, as seen in chapter one of this story, and has come to terms with his feelings for his brother. Besides, what better way to prove that he's cured than to allow InuYasha into his home?

So, InuYasha moves in with Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru gives him an allowance of ten dollars a week. He has to watch Rin, clean the bathrooms, the kitchen and his room. He also has to take out the trash and do his laundry. Yes, Sesshomaru is a cheap SOB.

Now for school, as expected InuYasha attends high school and he hangs out with Miroku. They're in most of the same classes until they talk too much and their teachers have to switch their schedules around, now it's just lunch art gym and chemistry. Chemistry is a big mistake. Big huge mistake. Why? Because he and Miroku talk Koga into mixing a bunch of chemicals together to blow up the science lab. The teacher finds out and makes InuYasha become Kagome's lab partner. You'll find out who Miroku's lab partner is next chapter and if you think it's Sango you're wrong. When Sesshomaru finds out that InuYasha has blown up the lab he grounds his little brother and takes away his allowance. Yeah, it sucks to be InuYasha, but at least he has a home.

Well, there you have it. Months of waiting and preparation and all it took me was two days and some insanity. Enjoy.