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For Harry Potter this summer had been the worse summer by far, his Godfather Sirius Black had just died and the Dursley's weren't making things any better. They just left Harry alone in his room to think about everything that had happened during his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It seemed to Harry as if Dumbledore didn't care about his well-being. If he kept the prophecy from Harry that long, there was no reason to keep sending him back to this hell-hole that he was now in.

Because of Hedwig wasn't allowed out of her cage, Harry's cousin Dudley had shot her with a BB gun, thus claming the life of his beloved companion and owl.

Harry was depressed.

For being fifteen, Harry had anything but a normal life. When he was only a baby, Harry's parents were killed by the darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, and because Harry's mother saved Harry from dying, the killing curse that was meant for Harry backfired and almost killed Voldemort.

It was for those eleven years that Harry had no idea about who he was. A wizard. It was for the other ten years that he had spent with the Dursley's that made Harry Potter the savior of the wizarding world want to hide himself from everyone, including his best friends, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.

Harry was pushed to the limit. Everything was depending on him killing Voldemort, because if he didn't he would die and the Wizarding world be thrown in chaos. It was not that Harry felt like curling up into a ball and just disappearing from the world at some moments in his life, but he didn't want to bear this burden any longer. It was too much.

Coming back to the present and staring at the blank piece of parchment in front of him Harry brought himself back to reality and looked at the open Charms book on his desk. Gathering his courage he started to do his summer homework.

"What is a Patronus? Describe what it does and how it works," Harry muttered to himself. This was going to be an easy assignment because Harry had learned the charm in his third year at Hogwarts.

Even the mere thought of that year for Harry brought back terrible memories that reminded him of Sirius. It seemed that everything reminded him of Sirius.

"Alone," Harry thought, "All alone." He was right. No one had to deal with the guilt of people's deaths everyday, knowing that whomever Harry allowed to get close enough to know he would someday die at the hands of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Harry had decided in order to defeat Voldemort he would need to start taking his studies seriously and not worry about stupid things, like Malfoy and Quidditch. He knew that Ron would be mad at him for quitting the Gryffindor team, but Hermione would talk some sense into Ron.

Another something that Harry wouldn't ever have was a family. It was true that the Weasley's treated Harry like there own son, but Harry just wanted to be Harry, not anything that had to do with the-boy-that-lived. He wanted a home. Even though Harry had considered Hogwarts a home for the past five years he knew he couldn't spend his whole life living in a castle with children. He needed a life.

Sighing, Harry knew he wasn't going to get work done right now because he was lost in his thoughts about everything that had happened to him. He decided to go downstairs and get some food because it was past one o'clock and Harry's stomach was starting to protest from the lack of food that he had not been getting.

Walking down the stairs, Harry was surprised to find that Aunt Petunia was standing in the kitchen next to the stove cooking something.

Harry tried to walk into the room without being noticed, but failed, and was confronted by an angry Aunt Petunia.

"What do you think you're doing boy?" She yelled at him, spinning around holding a hot frying pan in her left hand.

"I was hoping to get some left over food for lunch," Harry stated being very careful of what he said or did because his Aunt held a hot frying pan in her hand and if pushed to far enough extremes, she would probably hit him with it.

Aunt Petunia slowly put the frying pan back onto the stove and went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a small bag that had some week old meat in it.

"Now, you better be thankful that your uncle and I actually spend the time and money on you put you in our hose and feed you," she said with a visible red color creeping onto her face. "I expect you not to come down here begging for food in another two days."

Harry just stared at her trying to think of something to say. "Yes Aunt Petunia," he sighed in defeat knowing that he was confined to his room for another two days.

Walking back up to his room, Harry opened the small bag of food that his Aunt had given to him wondering what was inside of it. Looking into the bag Harry saw that there was indeed week old meat, though he had no idea what type of meat it was. It was the best meal that he had received from the Dursley's this summer.

Being very hungry Harry started to eat the meat that was inside of the bag. "It actually isn't that bad," Harry thought, just as he put another piece of the meat into his mouth.

After finishing the meat, Harry threw the bag into the garbage can next to his desk and settled down to do his homework.

Several hours later Harry stood up to stretch his legs from sitting too long. He was done with his Charms essay even though the subject on a Patronus was more of a Defense against the Dark Arts topic.

Sighing, Harry looked at the clock and noticed that it read, 7:32pm. Deciding to go to bed early Harry took off his glasses, put them on the night table, turned out the lights, and was soon asleep in his bed.

Harry was sleeping peacefully on a feather bed when he felt someone placing feather light kisses up and down his body slowly bringing him to awake.

Harry softly moaned as the person kissing him was working his way down to his now throbbing member. Releasing Harry from his boxes the person slowly engulfed him in one motion making Harry cry out in his sleep.

"Sev...." The plea was so desperate for more that Harry felt himself on the verge of exploding.

Waking up in his bedroom at Privet Drive, Harry felt very awkward as he tried to remember the dream that he had just had. "Shit," mumbled Harry realizing that he had just had a wet dream about his Potions professor.

Harry had been struggling for the past months about what his sexual preferences were and he had now decided that he must be gay because of the wet dream that he had just had.

Harry was lost in his thoughts when he was brought back to reality b the sound of an owl tapping at his window. Getting up, Harry went over to the window and opened it to let the owl in.

The owl perched itself on one of the bedposts and sat there holding out its leg so that Harry could remove the letter attached to it.

After an internal debate with himself about opening the letter, Harry's own curiosity had gotten the better hold on him and he opened the letter.


I know that you are feeling bad about what happened to Sirius, but it is vital for you to continue to clear your mind before you go to sleep every night.

On a happier note, I will be sending someone from the order to pick you up from your relative's house tomorrow and bring you back to Hogwarts because it is no longer safe for you to live there.

I will explain everything to you tomorrow when you get to Hogwarts.

Headmaster Dumbledore

Harry was looking at the letter that was held in his hand. His entire body felt numb. Damn Dumbledore, he was up to his game again. Do something that affects Harry Potter, but don't bother to consult with him. For Harry it seemed that Dumbledore was in complete control of his life.

He was a Puppet. Trapped in a game.