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Several days had passed since the last time that Harry had talked to Ginny in the chamber of secrets. Ginny had been avoiding Harry because she was still contemplating the situation that she was now in. In the meantime Draco was rapidly improving and he was almost ready to begin his animagus training.

Harry was currently in the room of requirement brewing one of the three potions that Draco would need in order to help him figure out what his animal would be. Looking up when he heard the door to the room open Draco came in followed by another person.

Making sure that he was able to let the potion simmer for a few minutes unguarded, Harry looked to find Draco and Ginny engaged in a heated conversation about school.

"Hello," Harry said noticing how Draco was able to put aside his house prejudices and was rapidly becoming friends with Ginny.

Draco and Ginny looked up at Alexander and both murmured a sort of greeting, and then went back to their conversation ignoring the other occupant in the room.

Shrugging his shoulders, Harry went back to his potion. He knew that when Draco wanted to talk to him he would approach him, sure enough the blond Slytherin walked over to where Harry was brewing.

"Alex?" Draco inquired.


"I was wondering if it would be okay with you if Ginny could start training with us. You know, she'll need the added defense for the upcoming battle."

Harry was afraid of Draco asking this question. He knew that it would help the young witch if she did the basics in defense training, but what would happen if word got out that he was training people? He would have students coming to him asking him to be trained just like it was back in the DA in his fifth year at Hogwarts; he didn't know if he had enough time to train anyone else.

"Draco, I'll have to think about it, but you will have my final answer in a day."

"No problem, thanks for even considering it," Draco said as he went back to where Ginny sat and took a seat beside her.
Harry said nothing else as he took the silver spoon and began to ladle the steaming potion into several small vials, so that he could use them. After that was done Harry waved his hand and all of the potion making supplies were cleaned up and put back in their proper place.

Walking over to Draco, Harry handed him one of the vials. This was the first dosage of the animagus potion that would enable the drinker to determine their animal form.

"Ginny," Draco said looking up into the young witch's beautiful eyes. "I'm sorry but you have to leave for now. I have to begin my training for this evening."

Ginny nodded her head in understanding and leaned toward Draco placing a small gentle kiss on his cheek. She then walked out of the room.

The door shut behind the young witch and Harry placed a few silencing and locking charms on the door leaving Draco and him alone in the room once again. He turned back to see Draco place his hand on his rosy cheek where Ginny had kissed him. Even if Draco wouldn't admit it, Harry could tell that the young man was head over heals in love.

Harry broke into the young wizard's thoughts saying, "Draco, tonight we are going to start working on your animagus transformation. What I mean is that we are going to spend the next few nights doing more theory work than practical."

"That sounds great; I can't wait to get started."

Draco put away his things and took out the vile of potion that Harry had given him to await further instructions.

Harry pointed towards the vile and said, "When you drink this it will project an image of what your animal might be. It might take a while for it to work because the potion will try and match the animal with the closest personal characteristics that it has in relation to your own personality."

Draco said nothing as he uncorked the potion and downed it in one gulp and started to sputter and cough at how bad the potion tasted. After regaining his composure Draco looked over at where Harry was sitting and sent him his best death glare only to be interrupted in pain as shifting shapes began to project from his body onto the surrounding walls.

Images that were flashing all around the room slowly became clearer and clearer. There were wings, flight, and a small animal in flight. Harry sat silently and he watched Draco twist around in pain and then stop.

Gasping for breath, "I never," Draco began to say panting slightly pulling himself into a sitting position. "Want to ever do that again."

"Well it's not my fault that you didn't ask what exactly the potion did," Harry said his voice trying to conceal the laughter that was trying to escape. "By the way, you might want to start looking up different birds of prey. I saw an image that looked like a falcon but I can't be completely sure."


"That's all we are going to do tonight, because I know that tomorrow morning you are going to be sore from the side effects of the potion."

Draco stood up lifting his book bag over his shoulder. "See you later Alex."

As Draco turned to leave the room of requirement he heard a sharp intake of a breath and turned back to see Alex clutching his chest gasping for air.

"Must…… Get…….. Sev………."

As soon as Draco heard the name Sev he dropped his things and ran out of the room towards the dungeons. His body was screaming as he ran as fast as he could with the lingering affects of the potion causing him pain. As soon as he reached the slytherin's head of house office door Draco began to pound on it with all of his strength.

Professor Snape opened the door to his office to find a panicked Draco Malfoy standing there gasping for some much needed air. Raising an elegant eyebrow he waited for the student's explanation.

"Sir, Alexander is hurt and he needs your help."

"Where is he," Snape inquired forcefully.

"In the room of requirement."

Draco and Severus said nothing as they began to run back to the room hoping that they would arrive in time to help Alexander.

Upon returning to the room Draco noticed that there were specks of blood on the floor. His eyes followed the blood trail to Alexander's body where a pool of blood circled the unconscious wizard.

Taking one look at his Harry, Severus muttered a spell that cleaning up all the excess blood. He then turned around looking into the pale face of Draco Malfoy and studied him closely wondering what the two were doing together.

Stopping that train of thought Severus said, "Please go to the hospital wing and tell Madame Pomfrey to be expecting someone."

Severus glanced up from his Harry as Draco left the room of requirement. Conjuring a stretcher and carefully placing the body of his Harry on it. Severus began to make his way to the hospital wing where he knew the fate of his bonded would be decided.

Lost in his own thoughts of his relationship with Harry, Severus didn't realize that he had arrived to the hospital wing where the doors where open and waiting.

Standing there were Minerva McGonagall and Poppy who quickly went into nurse mode as soon as she saw the body of Alexander floating alongside of the potions master.

The Medi witch levitated the body of Alexander to a near by bed setting him down gently and began to run a few scans to see what the problem was.

"Minerva," the nurse began to speak with a quizzical look upon her face. "This is very strange. This person lying in front of me is Alexander, but his magical signature matches-"

"Shut up you daft woman," Severus snapped in his most threatening voice shooting multiple death glares over to the nurse. If looks could kill the nurse would be dead ten times over.

"I'm sorry Poppy but we cannot have you telling us who this person is."

"Why not Minerva?"

"It is for our own safety and the safety of others that we can't have this information given out," Minerva said in a grave voice, her normally gentle eyes were hardened as she added. "Please keep this to yourself and tell us what is wrong with our Alexander."

"There is nothing physically wrong with him except for the blood loss, which I have corrected already."

"Then what is wrong with him?" Draco asked hoping that his mentor was okay.

"This person," Poppy began trying to choose her words carefully. "Is bonded to another person, who is ignoring their bonded. Since the bond is being ignored Alexander has been driven into a magical coma."

Everyone in the room was surprised or shocked at the news, except for Severus. He knew he was being mean to Harry, but he never knew his actions would result in this, a magical coma. He knew that he was going to be in deep shit when Harry woke up, that was if Harry ever woke up.

Down in the dungeons protected by strong wards sat the imprisoned Albus Dumbledore. The headmaster was thinking about what he had done over the past few years. Making a deal with the Dark Lord to protect the school and the students, ended up being a stupid idea. At the time he thought it was a good deal, but he was wrong.

As the chaos erupted in the wizarding world due to the death of Harry Potter. Voldemort began to destroy innocent people for his cause ridding the world of those he felt unworthy to live. Knowing at some point Hogwarts would be the direct target of an attack. Dumbledore sent the Dark lord a letter asking him to leave the school alone in exchange the order of the phoenix wouldn't do anything to stop the other attacks occurring beyond the gates of the school.

Voldemort sent Dumbledore the letter back asking for his signature to seal the deal. Unknown to Albus that it would cause future problems.

When Voldemort's followers attacked Hogwarts, Albus was unable to protect the students, because of the cursed paper that he unwittingly signed. Whatever he signed gave the dark lord power over him so that Albus could be manipulated into doing something that he didn't want to do, which was nothing at all. There was only one curse that he thought of that could to that, it was the imperious curse. What puzzled Albus was that someone had to be there to cast it upon him.

Suddenly out of the shadows a familiar voice spoke. "Are you wondering how you could be controlled old man?"

"Yes I am," Dumbledore replied. "Is that you Peter?"

Wormtail stepped out of the shadows looking into the eyes of the once great Albus Dumbledore.

"There is an ancient curse that not too many people are familiar with. It is called compos animula defigo. It is like the imperious curse but it is impossible to detect thus allowing the person who cast it control over the subconscious mind."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"I am telling you this because I know that you won't be living much longer. I will finally be happy to see the great Albus Dumbledore make a mistake that would result in the loss of your own life."

"You can't kill me Pettigrew," Dumbledore said anger evident in his voice.

"I know I can't kill you, but your staff can." Wormtail said nothing more as he shifted back into a rat with a silver paw. He then disappeared back into the shadows leaving Dumbledore to contemplate all that had happened.

Back in the hospital wing Severus, Poppy, Minerva, and Draco stood by the bed staring at the unconscious form of Alexander. His pale face protruding above the pristine white sheets that surrounded his limp body.
Severus didn't know what he should do. He could admit that he was bonded to Harry Potter, or he could stand there and deny everything that was happening. Standing there in denial sounded like the better choice at this moment in time.

Suddenly a bout of nausea hit Severus making him lean against one of the beds clutching his stomach.

Minerva turned around and noticed the color in college's face drain completely.

"Are you okay Severus?"

There was no reply as Severus Snape the potions master of Hogwarts fell limp and lifeless to the ground.