Kim Possible: Vampire of Middle-ton

BY Dragonfang33

Crossover: Kim Possible/Dracula

Synapes: Kim Possible has faced many villians in her time, but her latest adventure introduces her to her most menacing adversay yet, the Vamprie Prince of Darkness Count Dracula, and the only thing standing between Un-dead and total control of the world is Kim Possible, and a mysterious Vampire Slayer.

Cast of Characters

Van Helsing- A mysterious Vampire slayer, with the power to produce any weapon from his right hand

Kim Possible- teen hero sensation, cliams she can do anything.

Ron Stoppable- Kim's goofy sidekick

Rufus- Ron's pet Naked Mole Rat


Count Dracula- the undisputed Prince of Darkness, lord of the Vampires, and master of the Un-dead.

Alucard- Dracula's son, and heir apparent, also his father's second in command.

Shan Yun- a powerful, and exteramly dangerous Kuang-shi vampire, known as the Black Demon to all Vampire Hunters


Vampires- the masters of darkness, divided into two main species, Kuang-shi and Nosferatu

Deamons- high level Ghouls that can only be created by the bite of a Kuang-sh vampire, or a special spell

Ghouls- flesh eating Un-dead, created by the bite of a Vampire (any species), or the bite/scratch of a Deamon.