Kim Possible: Vampire of Middleton

BY Dragonfang33

Chapter II

Vampires Awaken

Location: Castle Dracula, Middleton

"As you can see folks," the reporter said, "the castle just appeared out of thin air during last night's bizzare storm." Large numbers of news crews had gathered in the shadow of Castle Dracula's broken battlements, unawhere of what lurked inside.

Deep within the castle's crumbling walls, two caskets began to stir, and then open. From the casket nearest to the wall, a young man, dressed in all black, emerged. His face was kind, but that kind face hid a dark soul, his name was Alucard Dracul, Son of Vald Dracula. From the second casket, which was purched upon a high pedistal in the center of the room, a dark figure, clad in a black hood and cloak emereged. This was Vlad Dracula, Son of Vald Dracul, Prince of the Vampires and Lord of Darkness.

Slowly Alucard steaped from his casket, followed soon after by a large wolf like creature, a Hell Hound known as Vampir, and approached his father, who was now stairing out the window at the gathering crowd.

"Father," Alucard said,

"Son," Dracula replied, "is all ready?"

"Not as we had hoped," Alucard replied, "The Book of Nod has yet to be found."

"Indeed," Dracula replied, "I think you know what to do."

"Yes Father," Alacard replied, with an evil grin to his face.

Location: The Lair of the Kuang-shi, Castle Dracula, Middleton

Alucard made his way down the stone stairs toward a large room, that laid halfway between his father's privete chamber. Upon the wooden door that separated this room from the rest of the castle, was the Chinese symbol for Demon. Upon opening the door, Alucard was confronted by a horrible face. The creature that confronted the Vampire Lord was lean, yet tall, with eyes as red as blood, and claws as sharp as Iron. This was Shan Yun, Lord of the Kuang-shi Vampires.

"Who dares desturb our slumber?" Yun asked, his eyes glowing red.

"It is I Alucard, Son of Dracula," Alucard replied, "I bring orders from my father, the mighty Count Dracula, Prince of all Vampires." He handed Shan Yun a letter.

"So," Shan Yun repiled, after reading Count Dracula's message, "He wants me to create the first of our new Un-dead horde, while he searches for the Book of Nod."

"Indeed," Alucard replied, "But be warned, I sense that the barrior of the Black Power approaches."

"Who," Shan Yun replied, "I've heard of those who bare the Red, Blue, Purple, and Green Powers, but I've never heard of the Black Power?"

"The Rainbow Comet that slammed into the Earth," Alucard replied, "and help weaken the barrior that the storm broke, contained a special power, that none of those exposed to its other powers could hope to control. The Black Power, not only enables its wielder to forge any weapon he deems worthy, but it also gives him strength and agility far beyond those who weild the Blue and Green Powers."

"And who bares this Black Power?" Shan Yun asked, Alucard looked at him with a cold stare to his face.

"His name is Van Helsing," Alucard replied, "He's a Dunpeal, Half Human, Half Vampire."

Well here's chapter ii, sorry if this seems a little odd, I'll fill in the cracks in a latter chapter.