"This can't be right," Usagi looked up from the shadows of the alley to the massive clock tower standing tall and proud across town. It was already past four and Jon told her to meet him at three thirty.

The nervous blonde clutched the long narrow box she was carrying even tighter as a motorcycle roared by somewhere in the distance, "ohhh... I am so not liking this."

It was one thing when she was here with Jon, but alone it was nerve-racking.

"Hey! What are you doing back here?" Usagi spun around to meet the eyes of her favorite coffee shop waiter.

"Andrew! Hi."

The young man shook his head and threw two large bags of trash in the nearby dumpster, "Look kiddo, this is no place to be just hanging out to gather your thoughts."

"I know, I know," Usagi stared off towards the street, "I'm waiting for someone."

"Well, do you have to wait right here?" Andrew walked over and put a muscular arm around his petite friend's shoulders, "Come inside and I'll hook you up with a cup of your favorite, jasmine tea."

Usagi's tense body began to relax with the safety of Andrew at her side, but she knew she should protest, "I'll just wait out here a little longer."

"Nope," with one swoop, Usagi was lifted into the arms of her protector and moving towards the back door of the Coffee Cup. "It's not safe back here."

Once inside the kitchen Andrew set Usagi on the ground and pointed to the seating room, "Pick a spot and relax. I'll be out there in a second with your tea."

Usagi just heard and obeyed. She new better than to try and argue with self-proclaimed big brother when his defenses went up. He was really too much sometimes.

She pushed her way through the swinging kitchen door and sauntered over to a luscious black velvet armchair by the window. It would be nice to sit down after walking half way across the city from work and then standing around for nearly an hour.

I wonder why Jon never showed up? Usagi slid off the lid to her sleek white box to reveal a score of fragrant white roses. She lifted the little florist note from the stems of her gift and read it to herself for the 10th time that day.

*** 3:30... behind Coffee Cup

much love, Jon***

"Whatever you say, Jon." Usagi slouched back on the chair. What an exasperating man. She had been seeing the no-show for two months now. With Usagi's demanding life as a court translator and Jon running his own law firm, it was hard to spend quality time together.

The two first met when Usagi was translating for a deaf teenager who had wandered onto off-limits government property. The terrified boy claimed he was trying to escape some bullies that were chasing him and didn't see any restriction signs in the area he was running. The government prosecutors were pushing for the maximum penalty for his trespassing. They had security camera footage of him wandering on the restricted grounds, and since he was there alone with no witnesses to back up his bully story, the case looked hopeless for him. That's when Jon Ito stepped up. It was his associate's case and Jon pulled some all nighters to help out. He discovered old zoning records that showed the government was claiming property that was already privately owned from the 1800's. The old owners had living descendants unaware of their right to the property, and were motivated by Mr.Ito to reclaim their inheritance.

Usagi was smitten with the clever attorney. Not only was Jon a good lawyer, he was a deathly handsome man as well. His naturally bronzed skin, toned body, black hair streaked with gold, deep husky voice, brilliant hazel-green eyes... Usagi moaned out loud.

"Um... is this a bad time?" Andrew stood hovering over his pink faced customer with a white ceramic cup filled to the brim with jasmine tea.

Usagi snapped out of her daydream, "Andrew!"

"Yeah, that's me," he set down the cup next to Usagi's box of flowers. "Jon's doing?"

Usagi dropped the note she had been holding inside the box and quickly put the lid on it, "You make it sound like a bad thing. I love roses."

"Don't I know it! Your mother reminds me almost every time I visit."

Usagi laughed, "She'll never give up, you know. She's absolutely infatuated with the idea of you as her son-in-law. You can do no wrong in her eyes."

"That's precisely why I need to find you a boyfriend, Usa," Andrew pushed his finger on the tip of her nose.

Usagi squirmed away from his pestering, "Aren't you forgetting about one Mr.Ito?"

Andrew rolled his eyes, "You have got to be joking."

"What?" Usa sat up in her chair and looked stubbornly at Andrew's familiar know-it-all expression. "Jon is a good man!"

"A good man, yes," Andrew quickly replied, "but a good man for you?"

Usagi crossed her arms across her black V-neck sweater, "You're worse than my father, I swear."

"Now, now," Andrew wagged his index finger at her, "a pretty girl like you shouldn't be swearing."

He turned around to head back to the kitchen, but Usagi wasn't done, "You know, I'm not a little girl anymore."

The waiter just shook his head and kept walking.

"Maybe you just haven't noticed yet," Usagi muttered.

Andrew stopped and turned his head, "Oh I've noticed."

A smile crept to his lips, and if there weren't a dozen other customers sitting around, Usagi would have thrown her purple chair pillow right at his head. Instead, she huffed and turned to face the window.

Jon is a great guy for me. He's honest, smart, hard-working, we have a lot in common... It would be nice to be able to spend more time with him, but it's not his fault we can't... Well, it's not all his fault anyways. He has a business to run, and a successful business at that. I love that he cares about what he does... "Hee hee hee," Usagi started to blush. Damn, is he sexy!

Usa stopped daydreaming and started noticing what was going on outside. Tiny drops of water began to hit the window pane, and a few cars driving by turned on their windshield wipers. The soft mummer of chatting customers now accompanied by soothing sounds of rainfall was overwhelmingly relaxing. After many sips of her jasmine tea, Usagi's eyes batted shut and she fell into a comfortable sleep.

A warmth pressed itself against Usa's forehead; she stirred into a slow reunion with reality.

"Usa? Are you awake, Usagi?"

The man's soft words brought a smile to Usagi's face.

"Jon," she wrapped her arms around the man's neck as he bent down to help her stand up.

Laughing, the man took off his heavy brown coat and put it around Usagi's shoulders, "It's good to see you too."

Usa snuggled into Jon's side, getting comfortable.

"Don't get used to standing here, we have to take off, Rabbit."

Usagi made a terrible face, "Oh, I hate it when you call me that."

Jon pushed Usagi towards the glass door of the coffee shop, "Your folks will be expecting us in about ten minutes for dinner, and I don't want us to be late."

Usagi held fast against Jon's pushing, "That reminds me, where were you today?"

Jon looked at her questioningly, "What do you mean, where was I?"

"Three thirty, behind Coffee Cup... ring any bells?" Usagi started remembering her long wait in the back alley, and got more annoyed. "I waited almost an hour for you there!"

Jon widened his eyes in remembrance, "Oh that! I almost forgot."

"No, you did forget," Usagi corrected him.

Let's just get going and I'll explain on the way.

"You better," the woman twisted away from Jon's embrace and threw his coat back into his open hands, "What time is it now, anyways?"

Jon pushed his buttoned sleeve up his arm to check his watch, "Five forty eight. Why?"

"I just wanted to make sure I wasn't sleeping that long," Usagi started walking towards the back of the shop, "I plan on getting to bed early tonight."

"What does that mean?" Jon stood watching Usagi get farther and farther away, "Where are you going now?"

"Maybe Andrew's hungry." Usagi couldn't turn around to face Jon with such a big smile on her face. Jon did not understand her relationship with Andrew very well, and tended to get a little jealous whenever she mentioned him.

"No," Jon weakly protested.

Usagi ignored him and strode into the kitchen, "Andrew?"

The dirty blonde man stuck his head out from between an expresso maker and oversized coffee grinder, "Hey, you're awake."

"I was just wondering if you would care to join me for dinner at the Tsukino residence."

"Well, hey baby, you just need to ask once," Andrew came up close to his friend and began to give her a booty dance.

"Oh my God! Andrew!" Usa laughed and tried to smack the gigolo away. "I meant dinner at my parents house!"

The dancing queen stopped his convulsions, "Yeah, I figured." He started dancing again.

"Being in this place so long is doing something to you."