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In Rocky's POV...

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The life of Rocky before the Chicken Run

Chapter 1 (DeBuT!!)

Mum just laid the egg containing my unhatched sibling today! I'm so excited. I hope it's a boy. I need someone to play football and other boy's games with me. My mum wants a girl. She said she had already had a son, so it's time to have a daughter. I think my father doesn't care. He is lying around in his usual drunken stupour AGAIN.

So I went to school as usual (school is held at henhouse no. 2) and discovered we had a new classmate today. Her name is Georgina and she had been sold from a farm in England all the way here, America. Wow. Georgina had chocolate brown eyes, ginger brown feathers, and wears a red bandana around her neck a cowboy hat on her head. Sort of like a cowgirl.

All the boys in our class stared the moment she entered the classroom and I found myself staring as well. However, I soon found out that she ignored all the other boys except for me. I found myself walking home with her after school. Sad to say, I didn't like her that much. She is very snobbish and says she only 'talks to guys with high standards'. Although I felt very flattered that I have the 'high standards' that she wants, that's no way to talk uncivilly about the other guys whom she found 'nerdy' or 'gay'.

I went home and found Father quarrelling with Mum. Mum is trying to protect the egg. Father steals eggs and gives them to the farm rats Kit and Kat so that they could get more liquor for him. I'm so ashamed to admit that he is related to me that I call him Mr Rhodes when we were out together. In the end, he gave up and gave Mum a tight slap. Then he went to sleep. What kind of father is he?

Mum is crying. I went to comfort her.

"Don't worry Mum. I'll protect the egg with my life. That bastard will never get the egg."

"Rocky, how can you call your own father a bastard?"

"Mum! You're still protecting him?!"

"Go to sleep, Rocky. You have school tomorrow."



I trooped to my bed, anger pounding in my ears. How dare my father try to take the egg? How dare he? Eventually I fell asleep and had a wonderful dream of stabbing my father with a toothpick.

The next morning I got ready for school as usual and found Georgina waiting patiently for me outside my home. I instantly regretted telling her my address.

"Hi Rocky," she whispered and gave me a soft peck on my cheek.

I blushed and muttered, "Let's go."

So we went.

It was April Fools Day. The farm rats Kit and Kat had fun playing jokes on all the chickens. We didn't have fun though. They put itching powder down poor old Mr Gum's back. The whole class laughed as Mr Gum scratched and scratched and tried to remove the powder. He is one without a sense of humour and gave the whole class a big scolding for laughing. The rats put some down my back. It wasn't funny. I had to go home (with Georgina tagging along as usual) to remove it.

When I reached home I discovered that Mum was ill. She had fever. It's all father's fault. He shouldn't have slapped her. I stayed at home to look after Mum (not to mention remove that annoying itching powder) and didn't go back to school again.

The next day I checked on Mum again. Her condition had deteoriated. You could fry an egg on Mum's forehead. (not that I want to fry any poor eggs) I skipped school today. I had to look after Mum and watch the egg.

When I went to school the following morning a whole group of girls (with Georgina right in front) greeted me. She explained to me that they were the "Rocky Rhodes Rock!" fanclub and all the hens started to introduce themselves. I was so shocked. Mr Gum and all the other boys frowned. Mr Gum thinks that it was silly to worship someone so much and the other boys were just jealous. I realized that I'm not that popular with the boys. I really need a brother.

After school I went home (with the fan club tagging along behind) and discovered that Mum was gone. The only person that was left at home is none other than my father.

"Where is Mum? What did you do to her?" I shouted at Dad.

He looked at me, annoyed.

"I didn't do anything to her. The humans took her away cuz she had bird flu. Guess they killed her. Good riddance."


A slap went across my cheek, the same cheek that Georgina had kissed not so long ago.

"You will soon learn that you are not to speak like that of your father, MR RHODES."

I was so angry, that tears of anger went down my cheek.


I stomped up to bed.

The next morning when I woke up I found that my future sibling (which I had wanted to name Ricky by the way, as it kinda rhymes with Rocky) is gone. I stomped up to my father.


It turned out that father had given him to the rats so that they could get him more alcohol.

"...saves a lot of trouble you see," he said, relaxed.

That was the limit. I was so angry and furious, that I felt like punching him. And I did.

"This is from Mum," I punched him in the stomach.

"This is from Ricky," I punched him on the cheek.

"And this is from me!" I punched him in the eye.

Then I packed my things and left, just like that. I dug under the fence that separates the farm from the outside world and successfully escaped. I couldn't stand another moment looking at the smarmy face of my father. I walked and walked for a long time, and got so tired that I fell asleep in a box that I've found abandoned on the street.

To be continued... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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