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Chapter 4 Goodbye America, hello Dollface.

I was lying in the cage, and overheard the ringmaster telling a gathering of all the performers (not including the animals of course) that the circus is going to move! All the way to England! This may be the last time I'm going to see of good old America. The place where I grew up and was born in, you know? I have invited Ellie to take a walk with me outside the circus and enjoy America for the last time. It may also be the last time we could take a walk outside the circus as I heard that the ringmaster would be stationing dogs outside to make sure that no chickens or any other creature would dare to escape. It looks as if I could not ride my bike out this time.

Ellie nearly fainted when I asked her out.

That night, when I was supposed to sleep, I stared at the ceiling of my cage and thought how I could escape without getting consumed by the dogs. I thought maybe I could ride my bike out, like Ricky did before the dogs came, but when I heard them growling around outside, I knew it could not work.

Then I thought of an idea. If Ricky can make use of his act to escape, I could use the cannon to escape too! Maybe I could snitch extra gunpowder sufficient enough for me to break a hole out of the ceiling and go soaring over the countryside and the dogs. Not to mention, tilt the cannon.

"Dogs couldn't fly," I thought gleefully. "So I could get over them without much problem!"

It was a risky plan. I didn't know where the gunpowder is kept and there might not be enough thrust to break the tent ceiling, and even if I did, I might not get pass the dogs. But I still decided to go ahead with the plan.

Snitching gunpowder was not easy. The ringmaster only put gunpowder into the cannon about an hour before the show. So I had to snitch it when his back was turned. Once he caught me stealing the gunpowder (with a broken eggcup by the way. I can't find anything better than that) I got a good flogging. But as I was the star of the show, he could not do without me so I got away with the death penalty. I had to go without gunpowder that day.

The next day there was no show. It was time for the circus to move. Everything was packed, and all the chickens are packed into cages and put into trucks, their cages stacked up neatly one above the other. I looked out at the landscape before the truck door was closed. Goodbye America.

We traveled for months and months before we reached England. (Occasionally stopping on the way at short intervals, like a week, to entertain crowds. But I'll skip that part.) England is the next 'permanent' place we're going to stop in. I knew we're going to stay there as long as we stayed in America, so there will be time enough for me to snitch the remaining gunpowder I need.

I already got more than enough gunpowder. The extra is just for precaution. That evening I started packing my things. I packed stuff like: A poster of Rocky the Flying Rooster, Some grains of chicken feed, and my dismantled bike. I will be ready to go tonight.

Everything worked out as planned. There was a greater bang than usual and lots of smoke was emitted from the cannon. The audience cheered. They thought it was part of the act. The ringmaster turned purple. "Those audience are so brainless," I thought. Soon I was soaring over the countryside and enjoying the fresh cool air of freedom. As I flew over the snarling dogs, I laughed and waved to them.

"Sayonara all of ya. You're barking up at the wrong tree. Or in this case, chicken."

As I flew over a chicken farm, I thought of the American farm I used to live in, and Georgina. Strangely, I think I don't hate her this much now. I sort of miss her. As if in answer, I saw a hen laughing and looking up at me. She looked so much like Georgina! Only that she have green eyes, and wears a matching hat and a flowered scarf. Like a good performer, I smiled and waved back. Suddenly...


I think I had crashed into a windvane. I'm not sure. I'm not paying attention. Then I got knocked out. I'm not sure what happened then. That knock sure knocked my senses outta moi.


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