Seth lay back on the grass, lazily watching the clouds float by as Rui plucked grapes from a bunch in her lap, popping them into her mouth one by one. Every now and then, she would hold one over his mouth and he happily opened it to accept the berry. It had been a month since his rescue from Cipher. Slowly but surely, he was beginning to grow a bit softer, often surprising Rui to the point of a panic attack with sudden gifts of flowers and berries. They delivered the two hard drives to Nett, who immediately poured his time into them, breaking down the research data and filtering out Seth's personal memories for erasing. He had been very direct about making sure that his emotions and thoughts remained his own.

"It's such a beautiful day. I wish all days were like this." Rui sighed as she pulled another can of lemonade from the picnic basket. They were camped at their favorite spot on a hill overlooking all of Agate Village. A few days after Seth's 'death', she had returned home to Zirconia City. Seth himself took to the desert for his home, living in various caves and sheltered spots all over the region. He would go to Zirconia often, delivering presents to Rui's doorstep.

It took some time, but she was able to get away for another long visit to her grandparents' home. Seth immediately left the desert to meet with her and take her safely across to Agate, where they picked up their daily routine of enjoying life and freedom.

"Mmm." Seth hummed and cracked an eye open in irritation as his PDA went off. "What is it now?" He fished it out and opened it, propping the visor onto his head. "Nett. Figures." Jupiter and Pluto lay curled together in the sunlight, dozing. Rui scooted closer to him and hugged his arm, letting her fingers dance across the front of his coat.

"What does he say? Has he found anything else interesting about you?" she asked. Nett's research had dredged up information that Ein had told Gonzap, the knowledge that Seth had been created by the combined DNA of Groudon, Kyogre and a human woman as part of an experiment to create the most powerful Pokémon in the world. Seth frowned at the mail and clapped the device closed.

"There are still a few Shadow Pokémon out there. I hadn't snagged them all." he grumbled and covered his mouth, thinking. "The other Snaggers must have had lucky shots in grabbing some before they disappeared. According to Nett, they were sent to the other lands." Rui looked confused and blinked in surprise when Seth smiled brightly at her. "We're on another mission to save the world, Rui! How about we do it from the lands of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn this time?" he remarked. Rui laughed and jumped up, startling the Eons with her cry.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" she exclaimed.

The End...

A/N Spoiler Alert!

I really enjoyed writing this story. After having ransacked the Cipher Admins several times in the Deep Colosseum for cash, I decided to have them return and spearhead the teams in Hoenn, Johto and Kanto. Fein will also make appearances, still trying to ruin Seth's reputation. I decided against having Mirakle B. replace Miror B., 'cause I hate his speed-up version of Miror B.'s theme.

Nascour and Evice/Es Cade may or may not come back, I haven't decided, but count on Ho-Oh looking to Lugia for a bit of help in making sure Cipher doesn't stand against the combined might of all of Pokémon's heroes! It'll be up to Seth, Rui, Brendan, May, Silver and Red to stop Cipher from completely tearing up the balance between humans and Pokémon and possibly wreck the world!