Dedicated to Mai Valentine, as she is known at Fanfiction.Net; Jess, as she is known to me.

Forget everything I've ever written. This is unlike any of it.

It is a love story tinged with the supernatural, set against the decadence of ancient Egypt. A thief king born of a destroyed people descended from gods; and an orphan child raised in a sanctuary, a goddess's son. Two halves of a broken circle, across the face of time and tribulation, united by love.

Without further, adieu, I present to you….




On the currents of time, he drifted. In the darkness of his prison, his sanctuary, he slept. And in the darkness, he dreamed. Dreamed the destiny that was his past.

He woke, at the end, in the long night that his life had become. And an age gone woke with him.

The balance was shifting. Things were coming alive again that for three thousand years had slept the sleep of death.

Darkness and light flickered across the face of time - half-remembered things, half-lost. He reached out to them, to touch them…and found nothing.

Darkness and light - his past, his future.



That voice…he knew that voice, had heard it before. He heard it still in his dreams.

He had loved the one whose voice it was. Once, and a thousand times before.

The two of them, one born of darkness, the other born of light, bound against all odds by love - a love whose consequences would echo down the ages. And it was this love, in the end, that would both damn and save them forever.

Voices on the wind. Voices speaking a dead language with lips fallen to dust. Voices urging him to remember, remember, remember the past, before it came again….

To be continued….


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