"Remember, we have to act surprised," Molly told Arthur firmly.

"Of course I'll act surprised, dear," Arthur answered.

Today was Molly and Arthur's seventy-fifth wedding anniversary. Their children had planned a huge surprise party for them. Fortunately, Hermione had enough sense to warn them; realizing that not many ninety-five year olds really enjoyed surprises.

Molly looked at her husband. The last little bit of hair fell out years ago. Molly was glad Arthur went au natural. Too many wizards, including her son Bill, tried using potions and charms to keep their hair.

She caught the reflection of herself in the hall mirror. She patted her hair, her one vanity. She was pleased that it never went entirely gray. There were gray strands mixed in with the red, but it made Molly's hair look wonderfully unusual. In her constant battle with the scale over her lifetime, the scale seemed to have won. Over the years, the weight Molly had lost during her time with the Order of the Phoenix seemed to creep back on without her even realizing it.

"Ready?" Molly asked eagerly.

Arthur smiled at her. Molly's heart melted. His face might have been one of an older man, but his eyes showed the young man she had fallen in love with so many years ago. "As I'll ever be," Arthur said, taking her hand in his own.

He pushed open the door, and the room erupted. "Surprise!"

Molly put her hand over her heart, trying to convey how happy she was. It was difficult getting the entire family together now, but they were all there. Tears started trickling down her cheeks.

Molly and Arthur were led to a table and sat down. They had a perfect view over all of the guests.

Bill and his new wife were there. Fleur passed on after only thirty-five years of marriage. Veela simply have a shorter life expectancy than humans. Molly had been very worried, learning that. She though her two part-veela grandchildren might have the same fate. But as of now, it wasn't looking like it.

Bill had been teaching charms at Hogwarts since Professor Flitwick retired. It had been announced that he would be the Head of the Gryffindor House as of this coming school year. He married the school nurse two years ago, Parvatti Patil, who had been a classmate of Ron, Harry and Hermione's. She was also a widow, and Molly was thrilled that Bill had found someone else to love.

Charlie was looking more and more like Arthur everyday. Even the hair and the glasses were alike. He and Danya were still settled in Bulgaria. Molly had wondered if any of her children would have a lot of children. Charlie answered her question and had seven, just like Molly. Though he had four girls and three boys.

They lived on a farm, which was Charlie's new passion. He still loved Dragons, and worked the reserve part-time. But Charlie said that nothing was as wonderful as getting your hands in the soil. The first time Molly and Arthur saw the farm, Molly had to laugh. The most livestock they had: chickens.

Danya did eventually become fluent in English.

"We just wanted to welcome everyone here tonight," Percy said, standing up. The party was being held in his and Penelope's ballroom. Percy, or as he was now known, Percival, was used to hosting huge events like this party. He and Penelope were the co-chairmen of the Clearwater Foundation. Though Penelope ran that mainly by herself. Percy still worked in the Ministry, but he was now the Head of the Department of International Cooperation.

"We are so pleased that we are all together on this very special night," Percy raised his glass. "Thank you for showing us the right way to raise a family, for teaching us that we can get through anything as long as we love each other."

Arthur squeezed her hand. Molly was touched by the words Percy was saying. Those words meant more to her than any present ever could.

Percy sat down and the room erupted into applause. Molly felt moved. Normally, she would let Arthur speak in a situation like this. But Molly felt compelled to tell her family the words in her heart. She stood up slowly, and the room immediately fell silent.

Molly looked around and saw the faces of her children, grandchild, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. "I'm not quite sure how to begin," Molly started.

"That's a first!" one of the twins shouted. Molly couldn't help but laugh with the rest of the room.

"I just want to say thank you. You all have been such a joy to me over the years, keeping me young and busy. Everywhere I look in this room, all I can see is love and family," Molly continued.

"And a lot of red hair!" the other twin yelled out.

"Gred and Forge, behave," Molly joked. "At first, seventy-five years ago, family was Arthur and me. Then one by one the children arrived. Then they grew up and married, had their own families…" Molly trailed off, wiping a tear from her eye.

"And now look at the results. We can hardly fit into this room! Thank you for being the most wonderful family any witch could ever ask for," Molly finished. Arthur stood up and gave her a kiss. Molly could hear the sighs in the background. When they sat down, the room started cheering again.

Molly just smiled, and then was surprised. Dinner had arrived on the table without her even noticing.

Molly decided to continue her survey of the ballroom, being too excited to eat anything. Fred, Angelina, George and Alicia were all sharing a table. Several years ago, Fred and George accomplished one of their goals in life. Weasley Wizarding Wheezes bought out Zonko's joke shop. Age didn't seem to slow the twins down, which secretly pleased Molly. Not that she would ever tell them that, of course.

Rina was sitting at the table next to the twins. Molly knew she shouldn't show any of her grandchildren preference, but it was hard not to with her first born grandchild. Rina gave Fred and Angelina just as just trouble as Fred and George had given Molly. Rina had dropped out of Hogwarts at age sixteen to become a singer. Her gamble worked though. Rina was regarded as one of the best singers in the wizarding world since Celestina Warbeck.

Dinner went quickly, followed by a wonderful desert. Molly seemed to regain her appetite by then. Ron and Hermione could be seen bickering at a nearby table. Even though they sometimes acted like they were eleven years old, Molly knew how much they depended on and loved each other.

Ron had been one of the most popular Aurors in recent memory. His early capture of the Dark Wizard Krynote, saved the wizarding world from another would-be Voldemort. A few years ago, Ron retired from active duty and was now the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. It was the first time in the history of the Ministry that two brothers were the Heads of two different departments.

Hermione seem to keep changing her calling. She would rise to the top of one profession, and then decide to try a new one. She did in fact become the youngest member of Wizengamot, appointed only a few months after their daughter, Nora, was born. Now she was an Unspeakable for the Department of Mysteries. She said it was her favorite career of all of them. Her commitment to S.P.E.W. never did waiver. House-elves were no longer bound to families, but could work wherever they wanted. She was still trying to change the status on wand use.

Molly could hear the band starting to play. Arthur looked over at her, "Shall we risk it?" he asked playfully.

She stood up and took his hand. She saw Ginny and Harry dancing out of the corner of her eye. Molly sighed happily. The Seven Times Seven Curse ended with Ginny. Ginny and Harry had two daughters, Lily Ginerva and Marilla Blanche, who were born a year apart, just like Ginny wanted.

After her daughters were born, Ginny went back to playing with the Canons. She became the first female captain of the squad in their history. In her late thirties, a leg injury ended Ginny's playing career. The Canons didn't want to see her go, and they offered her a coaching position. It took Ginny a few years to learn how to coach, but she eventually led the team to win the British Championship eight years in a row, setting a record. Ron still thanks her every time he sees her.

Three years before Mister Ollivander retired, he insisted that the store name change to Ollivander and Potter's. After his death, his will instructed that the store be called Potter's. Harry became regarded as one of the best wand makers in the world.

As Molly and Arthur took the dance floor, everyone stopped dancing and started clapping loudly. Molly was thrilled with how well the party was going. She and Arthur started dancing to the song that had first played at the wedding so many years ago.

"Can you believe we've known each other for eighty-five years?" Molly whispered to Arthur.

"Really?" Arthur laughed, "Why it only seems like eighty-two or three years."

"Silly," Molly smiled, wrapping her arms around him tighter. She had assumed that the desires of her youth would fade with time. How wrong she had been. Even if it was in a glance, or a touch, the passion and desire Molly felt for Arthur were just as strong as when they first married.

Their dance ended, and Molly and Arthur went to sit down once more. Champagne was flowing freely at the tables. Molly picked up her glass.

"To us," she said softly.

Arthur picked his glass up and gave her a smile, which caused Molly to fall in love with him all over again. "To us," he whispered back, pushing a stray hair out of her face.

They clinked their glasses and drank to their family, their successes, and their life.


Arthur never did become the Minister of Magic. Amelia Bones' tenure had come to be regarded as one of the most peaceful and prosperous times in Britain. When she was ready to retire, Arthur decided to step down with her. Percy was elected to the post of Assistant Minster of Magic. Seventeen years later, he would become the Minster of Magic.

But Arthur and Molly never did quite learn how to retire. Arthur took up drawing again, which thrilled Molly. She hated to admit it, but the drawings Arthur would give out at Christmas seemed more popular than the famous Weasley sweaters.

He worked part-time at the Wizarding Currency Exchange, not because they needed the money, but because he loved it. He would come home with story after story of muggles trying to exchange money. Molly never missed her Monday morning shift at Fred and George's joke shop.

At one hundred and four, Arthur passed away very suddenly in his sleep. He was honored with a Grand funeral by the Ministry.

Molly MacKenzie Weasley passed on seven years later to the day of Arthur's death. She was surrounded by her children.

Her funeral was a quieter affair, with only family attending. She was survived by seven children, nineteen grandchildren, fifty-one great-grandchildren, ninety-two great great grandchildren, and six great-great-great grandchildren with two great-grandchildren, fourteen great-great grandchildren and three great-great-great grandchildren on the way.