Chapter Eight

And I Love What you do, don't you Know That you're Toxic?

It took a while for the affects of what had just shaken me so roughly to wear off. I don't know about that stupid moron, Ginny Ð I was still livid with her Ð but one thing was for sure, it would be a while until I forgave either of them.

But then it happened.

Ironicly, I was leafing through Love and it's Potions just a few days later, preparing myself for a Potions essay. I suddenly found a love potion with a very odd name, "Poison Paradise". Interested, I began reading about it:

Poison Paradise is one of the most powerful love potions you can find that's not on the black market. It lures people to it and can have some very damaging results. If someone takes too strong of a dose of it, the person who is affected by the potion (who has not taken it) could become obsessed with the person who has taken the potion.

A way to figure out ifyou are being controlled by Poison Paradise is if you think of a certain someone whom you have never looked at in this way before as though you love them or as though they are some sort of drug that can only make you happy. This generally starts after your first kiss with them when they are under the influence of Poison Paradise.

Poison Paradise must be taken in small doses, so for this reason, it is law to label it "Toxic" when bottling it for later use.

The potion is only lifted when someone who has been affected by it figures out that whomever has been using the potion.

That was it! Draco had taken the Poison Paradise and that's why Ginny and I had fallen so desperatly and madly in love with him!

I ran out of the library as fast as I could and straight up to the common room to tell Ginny.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Someone stumbled out of the portrait hole and I recognized them to be Hermoine as they regained their composure. I started to leave but she called my name after me. For some reason, that made me stay.

"Ginny!" she yelled, panting.

"What?" I snapped, turning on my heel to face her. "If you're just going to lecture me for the hundreth time about how awful of a perosn I am then Ð "

"No!" she shouted, clearly stressed and exasperated. "Just let me talk for a second. I promise I won't scold you. Now, listen, I was researching love potions for a Potions essay, when I stumbled across one called Poison Paradise. It talked about how this is a serious love potion with many side affects on the people who are influenced by it and have not taken it such as obsession or thinking of the person who has taken it as some sort of a drug. I don't know about you, but that certainly sounds like what I felt for Draco."

I didn't talk for a minute. Could I really trust this girl? Had Draco really taken a love potion? As I tried to think back about what I had felt for him, I drew a blank. I couldn't remember what had happened between him and I. It was suddenly as though I was drunk throughout the whole thing, and now I was having a hangover and I couldn't remember what I'd done. I wanted to puke.

Even worse; when I thought about Draco I thought about beating him up, like he was a horribly cruel person for playing such a devious trick on girls.

Had I just convinced myself that he had, indeed taken the potion?

"Yeah, I guess he did take it," I said, looking up and Hermione's face.

"And now that I've figured it out, the potion must have been wearing off," Hermione replied, relaxing a bit. "For some reason, though, everytime I think about him, I think about beating up or killing him."

I nodded. "Me, too," I said.

There was a twinkle in Hermione's eye.

"Let's find him," she said quietly.

We raced out of the common room in search of the evil boy.

God only knew what was in store for him.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


"Cho!" I cried, trying to stop her rantings. "Cho, calm down. We have something dreadfully important to discuss.

Cho glared at us, breathing heavily. Draco looked gratefull that she was not pinning him against the wall and shouting in his face again.

"Yeah, we do," Ginny replied angrily. "Draco's been taking a love potion!" she suddenly screamed.

Cho gasped and clapped her hand over her mouth, staring at Draco as though he had just commited the worst crime known to wizards.

"YouÉyouÉyou son-of-a Ð " Cho started to say.

But I stopped her and said, "Is this true, you filthy jackass?

Malfoy licked his lips nervously before replying with a timid, "Yes.

"What's that? SPEAK UP YOU WORM!" Ginny shouted in his face.

"Yes! Yes, okay! I did! And I have been for the last four years!" Malfoy looked as though he was on the verge of tears. He slumped against the wall. "Nobody had found out and I was so happy because if someone has found out about me taking the potion against my will then the potion will reverse its way of working."

"You mean, it will repel girls instead of drawing them to you?" I asked curiously. What an interesting potion.

Malfoy nodded sullenly.

"So that's why we felt like killing you!" Ginny observed, a wide smile spreading across her freckled face.

"And that's why I didn't want to go to the Yule Ball with you anymore!" Cho realized.

"Well, that's settled, then, Ginny replied, turning to leave. "Bye, scumbag."

Cho spat at Malfoy's feet before smiling innocently and walking off down the hall.

Ginny and I walked back to the common room without saying another word to him.

And I guess everything went happily ever after after that. Well, that is, for us. Things were a little different for Malfoy.

If anything could be learned from this traumatizing experience, it's: Don't lead two girls on at once because chances are, they'll both find out and it won't be pretty.