Cycles by the Lady Arianrod

A/N: This is just a little thought based on "Grave of the Fireflies", the best anime in the


Disclaimer: Miyazaki owns Grave of the Fireflies. I do own the DVD, but that's about it.



There are several things that cannot be avoided. The rising of the sun, the changing of the tide.... All are things that make this world what it is.

There are also unavoidable occurrences that can bring about never-ending questioning. Why do we fight? Why do we kill? Why does war have to affect all of us?

Why are there so many unnamed children in shallow graves, buried only inches away from the flowers through which they once danced?

As the rain falls over them and the sun again warms the earth above them, only one answer can suffice.

That's the way it is.

It's the same reason why moths are drawn to light and why fireflies die so soon. The Earth is a dark and blood-soaked place of forgotten dreams and brief lives. Beyond the darkness, there are little tales of survival and of diminishing ability to survive.

What will happen if no one remains to tell these tales? Will the memories of these forgotten children become another part of the world that was? Broken innocence and

snuffed lives will fall gently as dead petals to the dirt that has always existed. This very same dirt will be here in a thousand or even a million years, undisturbed in its inexplicable silence.

And above this ground, the newly-hatched fireflies will flit for a while, unknowing of the ground beneath them that is laden with so many lost memories. Then, one by one, the fireflies fall to their deaths, following the ancient cycle.

These stories cannot be stopped, for any halt would destroy the flow of the natural world. The sun will continue to rise, the tides will continue to change, and life will always bring these tragedies.

Such is the way of the world.


End notes: This ended up being a bit dry and run-of-the mill, but it had to be written. This is my brief reaction to the reality displayed in "Grave of the Fireflies", a wartime movie. This film is beautiful in its tragedy, and it has a certain effect to it.... It truly represents the way the world is and raises questions such as .. "Why should this happen to two children? Why should innocent people have to suffer and cling to life after their world is so changed, so utterly ruined? The failure of two children to survive in this dark world is a tragedy in itself, and the portrayal of such an event in a movie is amazingly moving. I love this anime and just wanted to react to some of the images shown by Miyazaki.