When Veelas Collide

Chapter Seven

Draco didn't think he could get enough of the raven haired Gryffindor. Kissing him was like nothing he had ever known, his body ached, his blood boiled, his heart raced and he wanted nothing more than to sink into him and never resurface.

He had never understood before now how you could suddenly realise the longing you had always held for someone. Never really knowing that it was there all along, but here in Harry's arms he realised that he had wanted the green eyed boy-who-lived ever since he had first laid eyes upon him.

Breaking the kiss he went for the Gryffindor's neck, his skin tasted so tantalisingly sweet he knew that he would never get enough of it, he heard the smaller boy moan and it fuelled his desires even more. With a growl he nipped the skin harshly then went about soothing it with his tongue and delighting in the shivers it caused in response.

Then Harry was touching him and he was on fire. Hands danced so gracefully over his skin leaving a scorching trail in their wake over every acre of flesh they travelled.

He moaned his pleasure and fused their mouths together once again.

He was unsure how they had ended up on the floor but he felt the cool surface under one of his palms and the sensation of the cold tiles touching his heated flesh caused a shiver to wrack his own body.

His hands travelled over Harry's skin, it felt like silk to his touch, he couldn't get enough of its texture and knew he would delight in learning to map its plains. His hands travelled lower their destination intent and he felt his partner still beneath him…a groan was forced passed bruised lips and all of a sudden he was being pushed away.

He growled in frustration at the loss of contact but he did not want to force himself upon Harry so he moved off the boy much to his own regret.

His gaze took in the sight below him and it was almost his undoing, Harry's eyes were hooded but he did not miss the passion that simmered within their green depths. That tantalising body was trembling from its unbidden desire and his lips were bruised and plump, aching to be taken…Draco held on to his need to kiss Harry again and moved away from his temptation.

"You're playing a dangerous game here Potter" he drawled his voice husky and filled with unsuppressed lust.

"There was most assuredly no game playing on my part Malfoy. But I want you to know that I will not be your toy…you do not own my body" Harry responded tartly pushing himself up from the floor refusing to meet his gaze as he did so.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean Potter" Draco spat his voice clearly portraying the anger he felt at Harry's careless statement. The Gryffindor was his mate not a convenient hole to fuck just because it was there; he disliked the implication that Harry would even think something so crass about him.

"What I mean is too much too fast, I know you have a reputation to maintain about being a stud and fast working…but I don't work that way" Harry returned smoothly crossing his arms over his bare chest and ignoring the growl of warning his words managed to produce from the blonde.

Draco had never felt so incensed in his life, how dare Harry demean what he was feeling and speak of it as though it was merely a flight of fancy. It was high time that the boy-who-lived heard a few home truths about how Draco was feeling and if he had to use every weapon in his arsenal he was going to bring his mate to his knees with want.

Stepping forward he raised his arms to trap his prey against the wall allowing no room for escape, reaching down he hiked Harry's head up forcing him to meet his gaze before once again blocking any attempts to move away.

"Listen closely Potter as I will only tell you this once, you are mine…you know that your body aches for mine if your reaction to me is any indication and you will give into its desires sooner rather than later. I'll take you to heights of raptures that you never dared think possible and watch you freefall into the ecstasy I know I can create in you."

He watched as Harry's eyes dilated and his breath came out in harsh shaky rasps at his seductive and smoky promises.

"I'll bring you to the brink and leave you tittering on the edge and when you feel like you can't stand it any more I'll watch you shatter and fall under the intense pleasures I bring you and just when you think your body will explode from sensation…I'll do it all over again"

Giving Harry an intensely smouldering look his lips a mere breath away from the still parted and bruised ones he had kissed only moments before he forced his body to back away ignoring his inner protests and turning he made his way from the bathroom.

"We'll talk again you and I, please don't bother trying to hide since I'll be more than happy to find you…Harry" he purred his name out and cast a last look over his shoulder smirking when he saw the wanton abandon shining from those beautiful eyes. He nearly gave into the desire to claim him right there on the bathroom floor.

It was on his way out that he noticed something that caused his steps to falter. There on the floor just near the doorway were two feathers swaying softly over the cool tiles as the slight breeze ghosted through the bathroom. Feigning fixing the ruffled bottom of his pants he picked them up making sure to keep them out of sight as he left the room.

Bringing them up in the dim light he inspected them. Obviously one was his own he recognised it instantly, the other however was strange to him…it was slightly smaller than his own and it was black in colour…where had that come from?

Shrugging he pocketed it, he'd been looking for a new quill and this would be perfect.

If his brain hadn't been in such a state of arousal from his previous activities with Harry then he may have pondered more where it had come from but obviously it was not the first thought on his mind. His imagination was already fast forwarding to future meetings with Harry and how he would get the Gryffindor to trust him.

It would be some time later when his mind began to wonder as to what or whom the black feather had belonged to.

Harry slid down the wall as though boneless, his lower body spread-eagled on the floor and his head back against the wall. His body had betrayed his rationality once more…a hunger so insatiable in its want burned beneath his skin crying out its protest that it had been denied satisfaction once again.

He'd meant what he said though. Draco was taking things far too quickly and no matter how much Harry's Veela side may have wanted it his wizard side wanted to think before he gave himself to the blonde…his fate was accepted and give himself to Draco he would.

Just when you think your body will explode from sensation…I'll do it all over again

The memory of the provocative words caused Harry to shiver with anticipation. He had no doubt that Draco would follow through with every single word that he had uttered so erotically…Harry knew Draco wanted to watch the control within him break…and watch Harry break he would, it was inevitable.

But what Draco wouldn't count on was that Harry wanted Draco to break too. For far too long had the blonde reined supreme behind his mask of icy indifference, but Harry knew the truth. Passion bubbled underneath the Slytherin exterior and burned with longing to strike out with its heat, to coil, to flare and consume with an intensity unrivalled and unmatched.

It was in that heat that Harry wanted to burn.

But it didn't mean that he fully accepted it, he'd never wanted any of this…had not wanted something so inhumane residing within his body that was as untameable as a wild animal. He'd always had the ability to loose control but now with the Dark Veela gene inside him he was afraid what would happen when he eventually snapped.

The prospect both intrigued and terrified him.

He knew that his wings had been out before; the fact that Draco had not seen them had been pure dumb luck on his own part. He had been so inwardly sure that the blonde would see and would know but he had been fortunate.

It was funny how he had allowed Draco the control. He had been the one pinned under the Slytherin and yet he had also been the one able to stop the interlude…was it possible to hold the power from a position of submission? He wasn't exactly an expert on the subject so he was unsure how it all worked.

What he was sure of was that he wanted Draco and that he had liked feeling the taller boy pin him down and lavish his body with attention…a part of him was damning him self for making the blonde Slytherin stop.

Slowly his hand crept up and cupped the bulge still evident between his legs and he hissed at the first initial contact. Hastily he brought his heated flesh out of its trapped confines almost groaning in pleasure as the cool air washed over it, sensation skittered through him and he sank into the feeling.

Closing his eyes he pictured pale hands grasping at his eager and willing body. A moan escaped past his lips as he wrapped his hand around his swollen cock and slowly began to move it up and down, up and down.

"Draco" the name came out a whispered caress.

His hand moved at a steady pace, each stroke hitching his breath more in his throat. Using his free hand he suckled two fingers into his mouth, slowly he let the wet digits trail down his body stopping to tantalise his nipples…oh god he wasn't going to last long.

Visions from his dream flooded through him as he worked himself. The pale contours of Draco's body moulded to his own, the fingers that had played him as expertly as a musicians played an instrument…that was what Draco was. The blonde was a musician and Harry's body was his instrument.

He'd never expected to be so responsive to the Slytherin's ministrations. When those pale fingers had ghosted over his sensitive skin he hadn't realised the roaring need that would take over him, that he would want what was so plainly given so much. It was wrong…it was Draco Malfoy…it went against everything that he had ever known.

Just when you think your body will explode from sensation…I'll do it all over again

His back arched as he came violently, the words that the blonde had uttered so seductively resounding in his head and the forbidden name fell freely from his lips as he emptied himself all over his hand.

The spasms died and his back un-kinked. His languid muscles couldn't sustain his position and he was once again boneless and spent against the wall, his breathing echoed in laborious succession around the deserted bathroom.

"Draco" he whispered softly, his voice was husky as he navigated it past the lump that had formed in his throat.

His body may have found a release but it was not what it craved. Although he longed for it with every fibre of his being, a part of him still hated the fact that the longing was there…that it was something out of his control.

Slowly he brought his hand before his face; he could smell his own essence from his fingertips. Cracking an eye open he looked over the glistening digits, watching as they reflected the dim light that shone through the high rise windows.

It was really only a matter of time now before he and Draco took the tentative steps to create and complete their bond.

Once completed Harry Potter would no longer be the boy-who-lived, he would no longer be golden…he'd be dark, primal, determined and above all else he would share a bond the likes of which had never before been seen…after all Draco was a powerful wizard in his own right. Their coupling would result in something very powerful and very explosive.

Smiling he sucked a sticky finger into his mouth using his tongue to lave it clean.

The part in him that was through with being the pawn could hardly wait.

Those slender limbs were compliant as he bent them to his will; each panted moan fuelled his desires to fevered pitch. His tongue trailed a path over honeyed skin and tasted its glorious texture, no matter how many times he laved it his taste buds would forever burst with its flavour.

"Tell me you want me" he whispered against the glistening flesh, his hands roved over the hard contours above his head as he inhaled the musky scent beneath him.

"I want you" the words were panted out on a pleasure filled cry.

A feral growl ripped from his throat and he bit down on his captive's hip, a long drawn out moan followed the action and he smiled against the skin under his lips. He had never thought he would want this as much as he did, never thought of the possibility he could accept it...but here he was bending to the will of the Veela within.

"Draco...oh please god Draco...I need you. Draco...Draco...wake up sleepyhead."

Frowning Draco opened his eyes to encounter the smiling face of Pansy as she loomed over him. He snarled at her when he realised that she had woken him from a very pleasurable dream. She blew him a kiss and turned away, but not before he had seen her eyes begin to get the telltale glaze of someone under his allure.

The allure was the one part he hated about being a Veela most of all, it was difficult to speak to people without them looking at you like a potential lover. Although his allure had been slow in coming it was now making up for lost time, he hadn't missed how his friends had been looking at him with renewed vigour in their eyes.

Sighing he raked a hand through his hair and flung the sheets from his body, the cold dungeon air hit his sweat dampened skin and he shivered.

Memory slammed into him as he flung the sheets from his body, Harry being his mate, Harry's body beneath his own reacting to his every touch. Fire pooled into the pit of his stomach even as a groan broke free from his lips, he should not have pushed the other man so soon.

But the Veela side of him needed Harry as much as he needed air to breath, he'd been going crazy from that tantalizing scent and then to capture the owner and realise they were the one thing he had had been looking for had been bliss. Then he was being denied his need to initiate the bond, his need to cement his claim...it was frustrating.

Stretching his body out as he stood another realisation crossed his mind and he was sorely tempted to jump back into his bed...he would be going into the great hall today.

Since his awakening as such he had avoided overtly crowded places as much as possible, today however was different. Today he wanted to see Harry and he wanted to watch the smaller teen eat, converse with his friends and just bask in his loveliness...good god he sounded like a Hufflepuff, but it was a side effect that could not be helped.

Shaking any thought of doubt from his mind he made a move to get dressed, he wanted to look his best for his mate. If that meant he would have to endure some blatant stares from his classmates then he supposed that he could deal with that, one he and Harry were bonded then he would have more control over the allure.

Catching his reflection in his vanity he offered it a smirk, this was going to be an interesting day.

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