This is the final chappie. I am writing a sequal.

Chapter 27

Theresa and Fox stood over the grave of there child. It wasn't much but a grave in her memorial. Fox looked at Theresa who had tears in her eyes. Little Ethan stood next to them with a small rose in his hand as he placed it on the small pile of dirt where the baby, Janna, was buried. Fox cried aloud as Ethan stood behind him gripping onto his shoulders as he also felt the pain that he lost his neice. Pilar stood next to Theresa holding her hand and Paloma and Dylan stood in the back praying.

"How dare she do this?" Theresa said crying. Fox looked over at her. Rebecca had caused this heartbreak in this family.

"Honey, I know. I know." Fox said reaching over and hugging her. Ethan stared at Ivy who was standing behind all of them. Ethan walked over to her and looked at Ivy.

"Mother, if you have come to cause grief just leave. Fox and Theresa are in enough pain right now and they don't need more to it." Ethan said.

"Now Ethan, I lost my granddaughter. I realized how cold-hearted I have been." Ivy said admitting it. Ethan looked at his mother.

"Mother, Theresa is breaking down. And plus, I have never ever seen Fox like this. He was always so well....happy and he never ever cried in my presence. He never seem to show emotion." ethan said.

"I know." Ivy said. Over at Fox and Theresa, they kneeled in the freshly cut grass crying. Fox held Theresa in his arms as they both cried.

From a distance this family was so sad and they would never forget about the death of they're daughter, but there was more to come in the future. And life for there on out would be harder.

An: thanks for sticking with me in this story. The sequal is in the works.