Travis's Secret Pains

T- (in his thoughts) what am I going to do? Sure I can fool Ray and Robbie, but Lily will find out, she is one of my only friends whom, understands me and everything that is truly me, I don't have to pretend in front of her, I can be the real me. So how am I supposed to explain this?

Without realizing it Travis walks right into Lily head on, and falls to the ground

L- Are you all right? She helps him up, and says "Travis hello are you going to say anything, you looked in a complete daze when I ran into you, are you alright, or is there something wrong?

Travis stands there trying not to stare at his beautiful friend and regrets what he thinks in his head, but ever since Ray and Lily had kissed it had been tearing him up inside, he couldn't betray Ray but his feelings for Lily were deep and its like he stopped breathing every time she was around

T- What? I...I...I'm fine just a little caught up in family life, nothings wrong just a little bit tired.

Ra-Amazing we made it through an entire sentence without a Buddha quote. Wait!! There has to be something wrong.

Robbie, and Lily Chuckle and Ray looks like he has passed the big math test today as he rolls in the goodness of his own joke, but still Travis stands there without a thought it seems. Travis is loaded with thoughts, but all he can do is walk to the first class of the day with his one love without her knowing, and deals with it until lunch, he hasn't said anything since those few words this morning, his head is throbbing the world seems to spin a hole lot faster than usual then out of no where Lily slams her lunch tray on the table and seems to have awakened Travis from a deep daze

L- Okay the last word you said was this morning something is wrong, tell me I think I'll understand, please Travis it would make me a lot happier, I'm worried that there is something seriously wrong just tell me!

T-Where's Ray and Robbie?

L- They have lunch detention, they got caught talking on walkie-talkies in the hall about RFR thank god Waller didn't listen in on it, but he did catch them so their, there and were here, so time to spill it

T- I don't have a clue of what your getting at, I have nothing to hide, nothing is going on...He finishes with a glare upon his face, Lily knows he is hiding something, and she wants to help so she concocts a wonderful plan

L- Ok Mr. Strong get up, we are going for a little walk, Lily grins and grabs his arm

T- I have a class in 25 minutes, Poetic Literature, We are focusing on Buddha today, something I know about, Where are we going?

L- I'll tell you when I figure it out, but on the way there you are going to tell me everything

T- What if I refuse, it is my right to keep quite

L- Not if it something dangerous going on, which by the vibe I'm getting, it is so your going to tell me and, you are going to let it out I see its tearing you up which is why you are going to tell me

T- Fine, but its really hard for me you know, He feels tears welling up from the pain he has held back his cheeks are turning colours and he can feel the seriousness in his voice falling apart, he retains the tears as Lily looks into his eyes, he sees the glossiness and feels like she is going to cry

L- No matter how hard it is I'm always here to listen

T- Thanks Lily, you're a really good friend

L- its comes with the territory of having an even greater best friend

They walk until they reach the warehouse which is where they will be in another 3 hours they sit down on the red coach as lily says "I'm ready to listen to whatever you have to say"