Okay this one is cheesy......but it um works onto the plot.....OKAY I WANED TO WRITE FLUFF! I'M SORRY! I LOVE FLUFF!!!!!! OK thanks for the review Jen!

"Future Liz and Max"

The original seven people and the two new people sat in the Crashdown Café, the seven teenagers nervously shooting glance at each other. Liz was laying on Max's lap incapacitated, Michael and Maria sat together Maria clinging to Michael, Alex and Isabel sitting together nervously and Tess sitting all alone. ((A/n I hate Tess)) The two adults sat next to each other not nervously but very seriously and somewhat maddened. The teenage Max finally spoke up holding Liz closely, "What do you both want?" "Well we both want you two," The future Max said pointing to Max and Liz, "to stop loving each other so the world does not end. Also I am not Max any more and this isn't Liz. Our names are Zan and Rachel. We changed them to get away form Roswell." Everyone was completely dumbfounded. Blank stares were thrown at the two outsiders and Liz started to come to. "Max?" Liz said quietly and confused. Max stood up and carried Liz to the back bathroom and locked the door and waited patiently as she came to. When realization came into her eyes Max couldn't help but smile at her,
"Max are you okay. What about everyone else? What's going on? Are they here? Were ARE we?" Liz said panicking, to settle her down he laid a hand on her face.
"Liz everyone's fine. They're here to make us not love each other. That wont happen. Okay? We'll be fine, are you okay?" Max asked.
"Uh yeah I guess so. I won't stop loving you because they say to." Liz said with determination in her eyes. `"I know that and vise versa we love each other and that's that. SO let's go out there okay? We'll be fine I'll protect you okay?" Max asked earnestly. "Okay."