Hi!  I am back again today!  Now this one is going to be a survey story, I love those!  And it is a good way to learn about what other people think about characters.

I don't own them!

Kurama was in his room on the internet looking up a new species of plant he saw in a flower shop.  Suddenly the handsome boy herd 'you got mail'!

"Who could it be from?" Kurama pondered out loud.  It was from samuraigirlsakura@princeandprincessofspiritworld.  (this is a made up address!  You can't reach me this way!)

Dear Kurama,

Koenma's younger sister, Sakura Kobayashi, invites you to do a survey for Koenma's files.   The princess request that she knows if you sleep in the nude…anywho, ya gotta do this or Koenma will have your head!


Ayame, Botan, Hinageshi, and Sakura (Hi Kurama, call me!)

Name: Shuichi Minamino (spelling?)/ Youko Kurama

Birth date: 6/17/89 (made up!  This is my friend, Miaka's birthday)/ don't remember

Hair color: Red\silver

Eye color: green/gold

Height: 5'8/ 7'0

Weight: I find that very personal

Best friend: Hiei

Employer: Koenma/ My father/ I am a thief…I am self employed.

Lover: I am single/ sex is always on the menu with me

Cutest Friend: Wouldn't you like to know

Funniest: Kuwabara can be so naïve!

Craziest: Yusuke is such a goofball!

Weirdest: Yukina by far…-___-;

Smartest: Shizuru knows a lot about life…

What color are your pajamas? Red/ uhhh…flesh colored? ^_^

Are you a virgin? Yes/ no way in hell I wouldn't be!!

Do you regret losing it? I haven't lost it/ noooo

Who did you lose it to? No one/ don't remember

Do you think you are sexy? Eehhhh…yes? / Hell ya!

He pushed send, worried about the consequences of this survey.

This wasn't that good, but oh well!  Tell me who you want next.  I'll do anyone! (in Yu Yu Hakusho)

Love always,

Samurai Girl Sakura