**Matters of the Heart--

Never something one should toy with

Nor something one should ignore.

In their case; malicious argument,

Bred by harbored desire.

Neither willing to indulge,

Neither willing to admit.

Both had power; both had passion.

But both held a grudge.

She scarred him,

He tempted her.

They couldn't meet--common ground was nonexistant.

He was jealous,

She couldn't trust.

He was night--she was day

He was a dragon--she was a phoenix.

Raised to despise one another,

But ultimately fated to love.

She was good--he was evil.

He was dark--she was light.

Both a worthy opponent,

Yet both forbidden.

The hate was thick between them,

But then again, so was the passion.

During the day, insults were hurled and glares were passed,

But at night, forbidden touches and kisses were shared.

He had her,

She had him,

But the entire world frowned upon them.

Until it was remembered--until they thought it over.

It all made sense--it fit with the history.

Two destined to be together, yet never understood.

That one year, two of them would find it,

And all of the Wizarding World would be affected.

Whoever thought

The Passion

of a


Could be



Welcome to The Passion of a Dragon, my Harry Potter fic based on passion, seduction, suspicion, and prophecy. Hr/D, G/H, R/L, S/P.

Summary: Mixing a Slytherin and Gryffindor was about as hopeless as hoping the sun and moon would one day coexist. That's exactly what they were--two opposites who would never coincide. After all, he was night; she was day. He was bad; she was good. He was a dragon; she was a phoenix. There was nothing they could do to change it. But when one of their own is targeted for death, and the other is being deceived, will any of them figure out the truth, or will they lose one of their own forever? D/Hr, elements of H/G & R/L

Disclaimer: All right, yous guys, I know you're smarter than this: Do you really think I'd be writing fanfiction if I owned all this? No way! I'd be living in a mansion in the mountains, DUH! The Great J.K Rowling owns Harry Potter and his affiliates. I, however, do own Xander, Ivan, Mikail, Devin, Maya, Taryn, and Luke—basically, if you don't recognize the name from the Harry Potter books, it's from the silly mind of me ;) Enjoy!