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            Chapter 6: What Did We Do?

Legolas left Estel and Lord Elrond while he went to find Elladan and Elrohir. He was pondering over what he was going to tell them. He decided that he ought to ask the twins what they thought, but he wasn't sure how. How did you tell someone something like this? It was so hard! Legolas continued down the hall and stopped outside of Elrohir's room. He knocked on the door and sighed, hoping they wouldn't kill the messenger.

            Elrohir opened his door and grinned when he saw Legolas. He quickly embraced the prince and dragged him inside of his room.

            Elladan was sitting in a chair reading a book when Legolas entered Elrohir's room. "Hello Legolas. How are you?" Elladan asked.

            Legolas smiled slightly when he saw the twins. They were his friends and he hated to bring them such news. "I am well," he told them. "How are you two?"

            "We are doing well also." Elrohir answered with a smile.

            Elladan frowned slightly. "Legolas, where is Estel? I do not see him with you."

            Elrohir nodded; he had been wondering where their younger brother as well. Normally the elf and human were inseparable. 

            Legolas sighed and looked at the twins. He hoped that they wouldn't be angry with him. He decided to skirt the question as much as he could. "He is with your adar," Legolas replied simply.

            Elladan wasn't satisfied with the answer at all. "Why is he with our adar? Did something happen to you two? Is he alright? Are you alright, Legolas?" Elladan's face had worry etched into it. Elladan thought maybe the two had been attacked when they had met up in the woods.

            Elrohir seemed to have the same thoughts as his twin. "What happened, Legolas? Are you two hurt?" The concern was evident in Elrohir's voice and it made Legolas wonder why he had been so angry with Aragorn before.

            Legolas took a deep breath; this was going to be hard for him. "Elladan." He looked at the elder twin. "Elrohir," He turned his gaze to the younger twin. "I must speak with you about your brother." Legolas cast his eyes to the floor; unable to meet the twins' eyes.

            Elladan looked worried and shocked; he reached out for Legolas' arm. "What happened, Legolas? What is wrong with Estel?"

            Elrohir was on his feet. "Where is he? Is he hurt? Legolas, what is the matter with our brother?" Elrohir's voice was nearly a shriek.

            Legolas looked at the twins. Shock was in his face as well, he didn't mean to scare the two into thinking their brother was knocking on death's door. "Estel is alive and quite well," Legolas answered.

            The twins settled back down in their chairs and fixed their gaze on the blonde archer. "What happened?" they chorused quietly.

            Legolas looked at them, his eyes sad. "He is troubled."

            Elladan and Elrohir both frowned. They didn't know what to make of what Legolas said. Everyone had troubles but something in Legolas' tone made the twins wonder what had their friend looking so upset and uneasy.

            Sighing, Legolas continued. "There are things weighing heavily on his mind and he does not know how to react." Legolas looked at the twins who looked utterly bewildered. "He is not himself and he is hurting. His heart aches and he cannot turn to you for aid." Legolas held up a hand to stop the protests. "He feels as though you have betrayed him."

            Elrohir looked at Legolas. "How?" he demanded. "What did we do?"

            Legolas shook his head. "These are not questions for me. I cannot answer these things and I do not want to cause you grief. Speak with your brother; he is in so much pain." Legolas couldn't look the twins in the eye. He was trying hard not to blame them for what was happening to Aragorn. It wasn't the twins' fault and Legolas didn't fault them for what had happened to his friend.

            Elladan rested his gazed upon Legolas. "You know more than what you are telling us, Legolas. Please tell us what you know."

            Legolas lowered his eyes to the floor; something he rarely ever did unless in the presence of his father. "You are not going to like what I speak of."

            Elladan tipped Legolas' chin up so that he could look into Elladan's eyes. "It matters not whether we like what you are saying mellon-nin. We need to hear your words; we need to know what is wrong. We must know what troubles our brother!"

            Elrohir nodded his agreement and squeezed Legolas's hand tightly in reassurance. "Please tell us what is wrong with our brother," Elrohir said softly.

            Legolas nodded. "From what I gathered when talking to Estel, he is feeling unwanted."

            Elladan looked at Legolas. "Why?"

            Legolas smiled dourly. "He feels as if you don't love him."

            Elladan and Elrohir exchanged horrified looks.

            "Peace, my friends; I know you do. He was talking about how things are hurting him now. How his heart is aching. He did not need to say these things; I could see them written in his eyes," Legolas told them quietly.

            "Where is he?" Elladan asked softly.

            "In his room sleeping; your father is working on him," Legolas replied.

            "Is he injured?" Elrohir asked.

            Legolas nodded. "Yes, he has a few wounds."

            Elladan looked at Legolas. "What from? What happened to him?"

            Legolas shook his head; he didn't want to tell the twins that Aragorn was hurting more emotionally than physically. He didn't want to say how he thought the twins no longer loved him and that he felt unwanted. He had been sugar-coating most of what he told the twins but now he realized he needed to just tell them what was going on for real. Taking a deep breath, he began to tell them. "Your brother has both physical and mental wounds." He paused, wondering if he was the right person to tell them this. Perhaps their adar should be telling them, he thought.

            "Please tell us, Legolas." Elrohir quietly begged.

            Legolas nodded. "The physical wounds your adar can mend. They will heal in time for they are not poisoned at all."

            "What are they from?" Elladan asked.

            Legolas looked at him. "When Estel first rode to meet me he fell off of his horse and hit his head. It hurts but it is little more than a scratch. He also has wounds on his chest, legs, and arms from the run-in with Orcs."

            "He kept that he was hurt from us." Elrohir sighed.

            "Again," Elladan added. 

            Legolas sighed; what he was going to say next would hurt Elladan.

            "Is there anything else that has happened to him?" Elrohir asked.

            Legolas nodded. "Yes; Elladan hit him with a staff."

            Elrohir whipped his head around to stare at Elladan. "You did what?" he demanded.

            Elladan was looking opened-mouthed at Legolas and failing to speak.

            Legolas nodded solemnly. "I know you did not mean to wound him, but you did. I think he knows it was accidental for everyone gets hurt when practising. It hurt him both physically and emotionally though Elladan. He feels as though you are picking on him."

            Elladan had tears in his eyes and he stood up. "I cannot believe I hurt him," he whispered.

            Elrohir took his brother's hand and held it in his own. "You did not mean to."

            Legolas nodded. He went over to Elladan and forced him back down into his chair. "I know you are hurting but right now you need to listen to me. I have more to tell you, mellon-nin."

            Elladan looked up at Legolas and nodded. He would not cry, he had messed up and he knew that. Why did I hit him so hard? Why did I not just practise normally? He asked himself. Elladan wanted nothing more than to run to where Aragorn was lying in his drugged sleep but he wanted to know what had caused his brother emotional harm.

            Legolas looked at Elladan. "Do you mind if I continue?"

            "Please do, Legolas," Elladan whispered.

            Legolas nodded and opened his mouth to begin the long tale; this was going to be hard.

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