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Summery: It took a foundation of three things for Neo to become the One- the person himself, the mentor and most importantly, the lover. However, what would have happened if the heart of that trinity had been lost before Neo was even contacted? What would have happened then? Would Neo have even been unplugged?

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"Are there any Agents?"


"Goddamn it."

"You have to focus, Trinity. There's a phone in Wells and Lake. You can make it."

"All right."


Trinity disconnected and ran through the door of the hotel room. She burst out into the hallway to see the arrival of the Agent and more police, and she quickly turned and sped in the opposite direction. She could hear them following her, hear the Agent's highly polished shoes not far behind her. And so she ran. Ran with everything in her, with everything she could muster. But still it wasn't enough. They were still behind her, following her, hoping for a chance to try and even stop her. She could hear it.

She ran out onto the fire escape at the end of the hall, preparing to jump over the rail and get to freedom. She hit the rail with force, managing to stop her movement just in time to look downward and see a second agent blocking her intended path. It was the one agent that had always seemed to find her whenever she was in trouble, that was always there for the opportunity to try and kill her. Shit! Without any hesitation she took the only other rout, and quickly climbed the steps to the roof of the decrepit hotel building, where she set off once again at high speed. She gave no further thought to that Agent Smith. He didn't matter now; she had other assassins to be concerned about. The first agent and the other police were still close behind her.

She sped across the tops of various buildings, easily jumping the small gaps and cleanly racing over the uneven roofing. She smiled slightly inside hearing the uneven footsteps of her pursuers, their little cries and shouts as they tried to follow her. However, she kept her face even, not daring to let any amount of emotion slip out; there was still an agent behind her, and she could clearly hear him gaining on her. She heard the tail tell sound of his gun being withdrawn and then the sounds of the shots as their bullets narrowly missed her head as she turned a corner.

Without hesitation, Trinity continued running towards the edge of the building, a fearless light now blazing clearly in her eyes. Her long strides took her up to the edge and over it, defying gravity, propelling her across the impossibly long distance. Her mind cleared of everything, leaving only an echoing serenity inside, as her legs moved in slow motion over thin air.

Air that wasn't real, gravity that did not exist.

She executed the jump perfectly; her mind simply knowing these facts, as she readied herself for the landing as the distance steadily disappeared before her. The jump was completed flawlessly; a gliding angel of the night, defying the physical laws laid down to mortal humans by their god. It was a move among many she had always made to perfection, every single time, from even her very first jump. She was the only person to have ever completed the jump the first time, a fact that she was proud of, a fact that many people praised her for. However, the circumstances of the serenity of her first jump were far from serene.

She somersaulted upon impact, her momentum smoothly bringing her to her feet and she continued running on hard, before hiding behind a partially destroyed brick wall, screening herself from her pursuer. She heard the unmistakable thud of his flawlessly copied landing behind her, and the soft click of his gun as the safety catch was once more removed. The entire level of the building was a concoction of broken walls and building debris, with some evidence of a roof lying isolated here and there. Her eyes started to hurriedly search her surroundings, frantically trying to find an escape route. Just one, any one that would allow her to survive this attack, to enable the moment to become just a memory, a thrilling tale among others of her numerous escapes from the agents fingers. Just preying for one exit that would allow her to survive for one more day.

After only two or three eternally slow seconds of searching, her eyes focussed on the small old window of an opposite building. Without a further thought, she once again propelled herself towards the end of the building, her legs moving so fast they almost blurred as she fought to gain enough speed to out run the bullets the agent was sending after her. Her feet reached the edge of the building and she once again pushed herself forward, this time having to jump just before a low crumbling wall that just barely reached waist height.

It happened in a split second, a single moment that she could not have changed, to fast for her to have even noticed. The agent's very last bullet had come closer to her than all its predecessors, and although it was no where near hitting her in a damaging way, that single bullet, that minute little piece of metal ruined all. It is strange how something so small, can cause so much ruin.

It came very close to her feet, just missing them, but hit the top of the crumbling wall, sending rocks and pieces of bricks and mortar scattering forward towards Trinity. One piece of a half-broken brick hit her leg as she thrust her weight forward over the gap. She flew through the air towards the window, the world slowly revolving on its axis. Her arms were perfectly streamlined above her head, her legs straight and together at first. As she neared the window, she bent her fingers over to protect her hands slightly, and moved her head down so it was perfectly in line with her arms and her body. She crashed through the small window as the glass smashed and the weak wooden frame broke under Trinity's force. Glass and wood showered her as she rolled painfully down the stairs, now barely noticing any injuries she sustained. After two tumbles, she brutally stopped her motion down the stairs, her back digging painfully in to the hard uncarpeted floor. Her hands instinctively drew out her guns in a fluid motion, holding them out defensively, pointing at the broken window from she had just crashed through.

Her arms were shaking. Her breaths were coming out ragged and hurriedly. A stray section of hair hung limply over her face; the black strands mingled with sweat and a small trail of blood down the side of her head. She stayed in that position fearfully, barely able to move, until a commanding voice brought her back to her mission.

"Get up, Trinity. You're fine. Just get up. Get up!"

It was her own voice.

She barely even noticed the rich red blood running down her left leg, the latex cover slashed revealing the deep wound and a shard of wood loosely embedded inside. She gave it one glance, quickly reached down with her hand and removed the wood in one motion that brought only a slight moan to her lips. She knew she should not have removed the wooden shard, for it would have blocked some of the blood flow, but it would have been impossible for her to run if it was still there. This was a war, and for anyone to survive, sometimes you had to make extreme decisions. It wasn't real, after all…. After that she was off again. She quickly made her way out of the building and onto the roadside, her hand trailing the rough façade of building subconsciously steadying her as she eyed her exit. A single lonely standing public payphone.

A rumbling from behind alerted her to the garbage truck driving on the solitary road ahead of her. Trinity knew very well of the danger that the truck presented, especially whilst she was the only person on this almost completely deserted road. Anyone who saw her could alert agents subconsciously within a millisecond, so she was a blatant target. Her fears were confirmed when the truck suddenly swerved round, its occupants taken over by the agents. It stopped facing the payphone, which had just started to ring.

Trinity's face hardened, slightly fearful eyes grew wider with shock as she sized up the truck. The back wheel suddenly started to spin on stationary ground. Trinity paid no more time to waiting around. A worrier's cry echoed from her lips as she started yet again to move forward, her leg screaming against the torture. She shakily tried to run, but the wound was severely limiting her speed. She could feel it bringing her down, step by step, heartbeat by heartbeat.

She raced the truck as it continued to speed towards her, daring her to continue forward, seemingly driven on by the knowledge that there was no way for her to turn back now. She reached the payphone just as the truck did, her hand grabbing the ringing handset and bringing it to her ear as her momentum carried her fully into the box of death.

Her yell was silenced by the great garbage truck colliding with the box, destroying it utterly along with the wall it stood before. Three pairs of highly polished shoes descended form the truck to survey the wreckage with unemotional satisfaction.


Morpheus stood beside Trinity's sleeping body, hand poised above the spike that entered the back of her head. He had just sent Cypher away, after he had just compromised her position to agents. Knowingly or unknowingly, Morpheus didn't know, but he would find out. His last words to her over the phone were ringing over and over in his head, a broken record that would not play.

"You can make it."

He watched the matrix screens from where he stood by Trinity's chair, seeing her hesitate as the garbage truck swung round to face her only exit.

"Trinity… Don't do it. Please. You can't get out. There must be another way, we'll find it... Please, I cant lose you now."

His eyes widened as he saw her race the truck towards the payphone, her speed hindered by her wound. He turned to look desperately at her unconscious face, just willing her to survive.

Suddenly, Trinity's body convulsed, her face contracting into a look of great pain. Morpheus felt something walm splatter across his face. He brought his hand to his cheek and looked in dismay at the flat lining monitor, before pulling his hand back and seeing the red blood staining his palm and fingertips. His eyes flew back to Trinity once more, and he saw what had become of that once innocent little girl.

One side of her lips was stained red from the blood she had coughed up during impact. Out of the corner of her mouth was a thick trail of dark blood running down the side of her face. Just below one eye was a small tear.


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