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"I am, to say the least, disappointed in you, Mr Anderson. You came highly recommended from you last, what is this, three jobs?

"This is not the first time you have arrived late at MetaCortex, Mr Anderson. It is beginning to get rather of a regular occurrence with you now, and I don't like it. This has to end."

Thomas Anderson shifted his feet as he gave a small nod to the floor, where his gaze determinedly looked anywhere apart from into the eyes of his boss. Thomas knew perfectly well why he had been late.

The previous night after Choi had left, Thomas had reprogrammed his alarm for the Monday wake up and went across to his bed, with the intention of sleeping, only sleep never graced him. Intrigued by the disk that lay a few metres from him, he sat contemplating on his bed until he gave up and slipped the disk into the computer. Loading the disk up, he started reading, in hopes of satisfying his curiosity. Instead, he found the most curious of messages.

Searching for the truth, or the reality behind the fiction? The truth is coming, soon. You either accept or reject it, embrace it or take flight, red or blue. There is no in-between.

This is no game; it is life and death. There is danger where you walk, you must be careful. Sometimes you must embrace what you don't always understand.

Are you ready?

Thomas has been so absorbed in the message, he hadn't been able to sleep for another three hours. By the time he had awoken, he had overslept his alarm by three quarters of an hour. He knew then that he would be having a very bad day.

"If you think that this kind of behaviour is acceptable, then you are mistaken, Mr Anderson. You are not special, the rules do apply to you, and whatever you might think, you are not exempt from them. Now, if I find you sneaking in late again, you will be searching for another job. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mr Rhineheart, perfectly clear."

Morpheus sat on the bench in the solitary room with his head bowed and held in his hands. Before him lay the lifeless body of Trinity.

He regretted letting her out into the Matrix to watch Neo so often, but deep down, he knew there could have been very little, practically nothing he could have done to stop her. If she had made her mind up about something, that was final. Pretty much only death could ever had stopped her. And now it had.

After all the trouble and pain Morpheus had been through to set up Neo's unplugging, he seriously hoped the final results were worth it. The Oracle had said that Trinity would be key to finding the one, but Morpheus had never dreamed this is what she could have meant. They had lost Trinity. The Trinity. The expert hacker and undefeatable worrier.

After being told that Trinity would be key to finding the One, Morpheus had taken to asking her about potentials as soon as they were freed. Over time, this had continuously grated on her nerves, and the last time she had been asked, she had replied: "If you ask me that once more, you wont be conscious long enough to receive an answer."

Consequently, Morpheus had never asked Trinity about any other potentials, something that she had been extremely grateful about. Considering her part in finding the One, she hadn't been very eager to spread that she was to be his lover, and had become rather uncomfortable with the fact that Morpheus seemed to recognise that she would be close to finding the One. How close, she did not know if he knew, but she had certainly felt herself getting slightly paranoid at ever being called 'the One's girl'. She had sworn that she would kill- or at lease seriously injure- anyone who even came close to suggesting that. Thank God that had never happened. And now it would never happen.

Morpheus wiped one silent tear from his cheek before recovering the woman's face again and turning to leave the room. Quietly sliding the heavy door closed before him, he slowly made his way through the ship to the Captains room, passing a shocked Mouse on the way, hat held firmly in his hand at the sight of his grieving captain.

Sitting in his room for a minute, he thought about the man that had brought their fate down upon them, upon her. Cypher. The name itself meant zero, something of no importance, and that was what Morpheus felt about the man now. However, he felt foolish to have taken his name at face value. Cypher was more then just nothing; in fact, Cypher had just proved he was more then nothing when he brought a dark future down upon them by going to the agents.

After Trinity's death, Morpheus had made sure there had been an investigation. He had been so infuriated with his anger at himself and his grief, that he could not not know if there had been any overlooked causes, or if there had been something that could have been done differently….

He had then found out about Cypher's activity at the operator's console, and then his messages to the agents and the automatic exiting systems he had used to meet with them. Just the idea of what he had done enraged Morpheus. To go behind his back and alert agents to his crews locations, and then to bring death upon not just one of crew members, but most of all, his friend.

He felt sick with himself for not noticing sooner that Cypher had started to distrust him, and he felt sick that Cypher had gone this far as to proving that distrust. Morpheus didn't understand how Cypher had gone about doing his shifts and chores and could have met the eyes of all the other crew members, or to have had conversations with people he was planning to sentence to death. He just could not understand.

He could not understand how Cypher didn't even feel any remorse for what he had done. All he had said was a sick joke about how he hadn't expected her to be the first one to go down. All Morpheus could do was hope that the latest potential would be the One, and at least her death would mean something. Otherwise, he didn't know what he would do. He didn't know where it would end, or if it would end at all.

Just the words of a murderer echoing round his brain.

"She's still as beautiful in death, isn't she? Just like she's sleeping. All the barriers just melt away. Innocence. Indifference. Nothing."