Love's Suicide

Summary: Ryan knew someday that one of the couple would die. He never dreamed that it was today. Ryan/Marissa (with Seth/Summer) Future AU one- shot.

Disclaimer: I don't own any bit of the show, but I wish. Only in my dreams.

Rating: PG-13 for death, language.

Author Note: I was listening to Edwin McCain's song "I'll be" and one of the lines (in the song) was "I'll be love's suicide." And I thought: what more could kill a love than death?

Ryan slid down the wall until he was sitting down, his knees curled up in front of him, and buried his head in his hands, muttering one simple word: "No."

No one was sitting next to him, rubbing his back, offering comforting words that would sooth him, and stop the river of tears that flew out. He never knew that he had so many tears in his eyes. Ryan had never sobbed that much.

"I loved her!" Ryan whispered in a fierce voice. "She loved me!" He started to sob, his eyes flooding out millions of tears. A nurse, passing by him in the hallway, stopped and bent down so she was at eye level with him.

"Sir, can I direct you to the waiting room?" She asked, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She was wearing a short sleeved, blue colored smock with dancing syringes all over.

"I know where the goddamn waiting room is." Ryan answered back, still sobbing. "I know!"

"Sir, is anyone else here with you?" The nurse blinked, her eyes tired of seeing people like these every single time she came in.

"My brother and his family are coming down. They just heard." Ryan was spurting out the words, for his mouth was choked up, making him tremble as he spoke.

"What happened?" The nurse decided that he was worth talking too, and she said this softly, like a mom would to a baby.

"My wife died." Ryan said. The words came out bubbly, like he was hiccupping. "She was in a car accident."

"The one out on 303?" The nurse asked.

"Yeah." Ryan was still crying. "She was in the green Escalade. The one that got hit by that drunk driver going the wrong way. How the fuck can you drive down the highway the opposite way? How is that possible?"

"I'm really sorry..." The nurse started, but Ryan heard the familiar sound of sneakers running on the squeaky hospital floor.

"Ryan!" Seth cried. "Ryan!" He continued running until he was panting in front of Ryan. The nurse stood up, almost falling over, and Ryan wanted to laugh. But he suppressed it and stood up, accepting the hug that Seth offered. "Ryan. I'm sorry." The hug wasn't the traditional hug that men greeted each other with, not wanting to look too girly. It was a full on, I love you, hug that family gave. Seth gulped as Summer and Rachel came, also gasping for breath. Seth let his brother go, giving Summer a chance to hug him.

"Ryan." She breathed into his ear as Seth held three-year-old Rachel in his arms, touching a strand of her curly brown hair, his own eyes glazed over with tears. "God..." Her eyes were welling too, and she blinked. The tears ran down her face. "I'm going to Miss Coop so much."

"I miss her already." Ryan cried into Summer's shoulder, her blouse getting wet. But Summer didn't care that much. Her best girl friend was gone. Marissa Atwood was dead. Gone forever. No more gab sessions, no more crying over romantic movies, no more anything. "I loved her!"

No one told him that yes, Marissa did love him, or that she's was in a better place. Instead, they listened and watched as Ryan grieved, for the love he once had and the love that was gone.

The End

Well, how bad did this suck? It's my first 'The O.C.' story (however, I am not that new to the site) and I'm really nervous *bites finger nails*. My problem is that I write these really quick and don't spend huge amounts of time editing these. I love 'The O.C.' and I hope you guys liked this. Please review and flames are accepted as always.