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Child of the Crimson Moon

Chapter 1: Eternal Youth

Ten years ago...

Two adults watched on as a group of children played on a beach, the setting sun casting an orange hue over everything. The group of children consisted of two boys and two girls, and playing a game of "London Bridge is falling down." The two boys formed the bridge, and to anyone else would've easily mistaken them for twins. The only subtle differences between the two was that one had a slightly deeper skin tone, and has green eyes while the other has brown eyes.

The girls were laughing as they scrambled to avoid the bridge coming down on them. Both have a deep skin tone like one of the boys and green eyes to match, but while one has long silver hair, the other had shorter blond hair. The boys suddenly lowered their arms, trapping the blond girl between them, seconds later the group was tumbling in the sand, laughing and tickling each other.

Sighing, one of the adults broke the silence between them.

"They seem so happy together, don't they?" Seeing the other nod, he continued. "Are you sure you won't change your mind, Mr. Urashima? We do have a wonderful school system here in Molmol for your son."

"Thank you for the offer, your Majesty." The other man replied. "But my son's mother is quite insistent that I bring him back to Japan, and you know how stubborn women can be." The comment drew a chuckle from them both as they walked towards the children, who were just getting up from the sand.

Seeing the adults, all the smiles dimmed from the children's faces as they realized what was going to happen. The yound boy with lighter skin looked up at the adults sadly. "Is it time already?" The adults nodded, causing the group of children to lower their eyes. "Can I at least say goodbye to my friends?" The young boy asked.

"Of course, we'll wait for you in the limo."

As the adults walked away, the children hugged together with tearful eyes. After saying their goodbyes, the blond haired girl walked up to the boy, pulling a necklace out from under her dress and offering it to him.

"For you, big brother." She said with a tearful sniffle. "It's the red moon and silver star which we pray to."

"But I don't have anything to give you in return..." He began, but was silenced as she clasped the necklace around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"Just don't forget about me, Keitaro." The girl whispered. "That's all I want..."

"I won't, Kaolla..." The boy hugged her back.


Present Day...

Climbing up a flight of steps which seemed to lead into the skies itself, a man in his early twenties scratched the back of his head in confusion. His brown eyes scanned over the fax his family received earlier in the morning. Sighing as he realized he barely climbed half of the steps, he pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose and continued on.

'It's been ages since I've been to Hinata-Sou...' The young man thought to himself as he pocketed the paper back into his long coat, 'I wonder why Granny Hina just asked me to come here out of the blue today...?'

Finally reaching the top, the young man took in the majestic view of the Hinata-Sou. The building remained the same pristine shape as it did when he was a child, and the sakura trees on its grounds offered a tranquil setting. Smiling to himself, he opened the front shoji screen door and glanced inside.

"Granny Hina? Aunt Haruka?" Raising an eyebrow in confusion, the young man looked around a bit more. "Anyone home...?" He continued wandering the seeming deserted halls until he saw a sign above a door:

'Hot Spring'

"Hmm... oh well, mind as well have a soak while I wait for Granny to get back..."

Minutes later, the young man was relaxing in the soothing waters of the hot spring. Just as he was about to close his eyes, a sound nearby indicated that someone had joined him in the springs.

"Oh, I didn't know you were in here too Kitsune."

'Oh crap!' The young man tensed up instantly, though the steam from the spring blocked both people's view, the voice definetly belonged to a female. 'I've got to get out of here before she thinks I'm a peeping tom!' His escape attempt was halted as the woman settled down next to him.

"You know, I think my breasts have gotten slightly bigger. What do you think?" The woman nudged him playfully, then paused. "Say Kitsune, you've been working out recently or something...?" She began tracing her fingers over his body, until...

"Ahhh! Pervert!"

Scrambling through the halls as fast as his feet can carry him, the young man ran for his life with only a towel covering him. Numerous objects like washing baskets, brushes, and even soap flew past his head, with some finding their mark. Turning a corner, he plowed into another woman who was carrying a basket of laundry. The young man continued running, leaving the woman stunned in a pile of undergarments.

"Kitsune! Did that pervert hurt you?"

Extracting herself from the pile, the woman dusted off her loose shirt and jeans. Turning to the speaker, she smiled mischeiviously. Her eyes narrowed to the point where it seems closed, hidden beneath shortly cropped silver-blond hair.

"Pervert? I thought he was the stripper you hired to entertain us tonight, Naru." Kitsune's smile seemed to widen even more as she watched her friend's expression.

"Kitsune! You're horrible!" Naru exclaimed, her body covered only by a towel. Her golden brown hair cascaded down her back, with two strands poking up front like antanne. Her brown eyes narrowed as she cracked her knuckles. "Come on, lets go find that guy and teach him a lesson!"

Meanwhile, the young man sprinted into the living room, to his delight an elderly woman and a younger woman just entered the room, with the latter carrying groceries. Both seemed surprised as he latched onto the younger woman's feet.

"Granny Hina, Aunt Haruka! You've gotta save me!" He groveled, and grimaced as a foot stomped down on the back of his head, the force cracking the hardwood floor.

"Just Haruka, Keitaro." The younger woman watched as her nephew climbed to his feet. Her dark brown hair was cropped short, and her matching eyes shone with amusement as she took a drag from a cigarette. Crossing her arms over her black and white dress, she raised an eyebrow. "And just what exactly do you need saving from, dear nephew?"

Her question was promptly answered as the two women earlier also came into the room. "Haruka! Get away from that pervert!" Naru called out, as she prepared to punch him into the lower atmosphere. Kitsune merely stood by with an amused grin.

"Hold on a moment, Naru." The elderly woman suddenly spoke, causing everyone to stop and look at her. Though she stood barely above three feet tall and wore a traditional kimono, her gentle voice carried an air of authority that left no room for arguement. "I believe I can explain everything..."


"...So it's now an all girls' dorm. That explains everything." Having gotten dressed, the group now sat at the dining room table. Wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, Keitaro bowed apologetically to the two young women. "I'm really sorry about everything Miss Narusegawa, Miss Konno."

"No need to be so formal, you're making me sound old." Kitsune smiled, her eyes still the slits from before. "Just call me Kitsune, everyone else here does." She then nudged Naru, who now wore a yellow sweater and a short orange skirt. "Come on girl, lighten up on the guy." Keitaro then turned to Naru, and sighed inwardly as she turned away with a 'hmph.'

"Even if I do forgive him," Naru spoke as she turned to the elderly woman. "Why did you invite your Grandson to our girl's dorm anyhow?"

Granny Hina smiled as she sipped from a teacup. "I've been planning a trip to see the world for some time now, and since Hinata-Sou needs a landlord to keep in business..." She then tossed a set of keys to Keitaro, who caught it with a look of surprise. "I've decided to let Keitaro be the acting landlord in my absence."

A moment of silence hung over the room before Naru slammed the table angrily with her hands. "Absolutely not! How can a perverted, good for nothing peeping tom like him be our landlord?" She glared at Keitaro as she spoke, causing him to shrink under the table. "Not to mention the fact that he's a guy whereas this is a girl's dorm!"

"So why don't we let the tenants vote on this?" Everyone turned to Haruka, who puffed out a small cloud of smoke. "Majority rules, and Motoko doesn't count since she's not present to vote." Haruka added as Naru was about to speak.

"Fine!" Naru grumbled. "I'm making it clear that I don't want him here!"

"Does him staying mean he has to do all the chores?" Kitsune asked Haruka, and seeing her nod, the fox-eyed woman grinned. "Well then, I want him to stay!" This earned a glare from Naru.

"Tied game so far, Keitaro." Haruka took another drag from her cigarette.

Everyone was interrupted by the sound of a screen door closing. "I'm home!"

'That voice...!' Keitaro's eyes widened as he stood. '...It can't be!'

"Ah, another tenant." Granny Hina smiled, "I guess we will have a decision right now."

As the tenant walked in, the woman looked almost as he remembered ten years ago. Her hair was golden blond and cropped short, with big emerald green eyes beaming with energy. Her tanned skin along with her feminine curves made her look attractive, and her appearance was enhanced further by her choice of a red baby-tee and jean shorts.

"Can you believe it? No one in the area sells plutonium! How am I supposed to..." The woman stopped as Keitaro's eyes met with hers.



With a leap that seemed to defy physics, Kaolla leapt over the table and bowled Keitaro to the floor. The pair laughed as Kaolla hugged him close and showered kisses on his cheeks, causing everyone but Naru to smile at the reunion.

"Hey!" Naru fumed, "What the heck do you think you're doing to Kaolla, you lecher?"

"Lecher?" Kaolla gave Naru a confused look, then smiled and hugged Keitaro closer. "What are you talking about? He's like a big brother to me!" The comment sent Naru reeling back a step in disbelief, while Granny Hina chuckled.

"I think I already know the answer, but..." Haruka turned to Kaolla, who was being helped up by Keitaro. "What do you feel about Keitaro being landlord while Granny goes on vacation?"

"You kidding?" Kaolla laughed, "I'd love it! Now he can help me out with my experiments!"

"Looks like it's settled, then." Granny Hina smiled, as Naru muttered something about traitors while eyeing Kitsune and Kaolla. "Keitaro, I'll need to see you later tonight to give you instructions regarding being the landlord."

"Of course, Granny." Keitaro nodded, then smiled as Kaolla took his hand and led him away from the group.

"Come on! I get to show you the latest invention I've been working on!" Kaolla smiled.

"Sis..." Kaolla blushed slightly at hearing his old nickname for her. "Last time you wanted me to use your experiment, my tricycle blew up..."

"Bah, wuss!" Kaolla laughed as she kicked him into her room, then closed the screen door behind her.

"Just another wacky day at Hinata-Sou, eh?" Kitsune smiled at Haruka, who merely nodded while taking another drag from her cigarette.


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