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Child of the Crimson Moon

Chapter 9: For the one I love

"Today is the day, isn't it?" Motoko asked as she went through a series of katas - dancelike moves which helped keep her fit while honing her warrior arts. Her hair spun with her body as she swung her bokken with grace, and after a few more swings she decided to take a break, wiping her forehead with her gi.

"It sure is." Kanako replied, having been watching the swordswoman practice from one side of the balcony. "You know, my Big brother never had much luck with women until he came to Hinata-Sou, so we should make this a Valentine's Day he won't forget."

"He's already happy as things are with Kaolla." Motoko raised an eyebrow as she resumed her training, shooting out three consecutive energy waves at Kanako, who dodged them with ease. "Why should we become involved in a holiday of lovers, when we are only his friends?"

"You're right in regarding the holiday being special for couples." Kanako replied, dodging to one side to avoid another attack before lashing out herself, pinning Motoko's bokken under her foot without breaking a sweat. "But that doesn't stop us from showing we care for him just the same."

"Point taken."


Shinobu hummed to herself cheerfully as she worked on the morning breakfast for the Hinata-Sou, and smiled cheerfully at Naru and Mutsumi as they entered the kitchen - which Kitsune had joked by calling it Shinobu's territory.

"Your cooking smells as delightful as ever, Shinobu!" Naru smiled as she praised the master chef, who beamed happily as she chopped vegetables for another dish. Glancing in the oven to take a sneak peek, she quickly did a double take before her jaw dropped in amazement.

"Is that what I think it is?!" Naru gasped, Mutsumi peeked in as well.

"Ah, that's right!" Mutsumi smiled. "Today's Valentine's Day!" She then tapped her chin in thought. "That's not good... I haven't gotten any choclates for Kei yet..."

"Shinobu!" Naru begged at the master chef's feet, who looked baffled. "I know I suck at cooking, but you have to help me! Can you teach me how to bake some choclate chip cookies?"

Shinobu laughed and helped Naru to her feet, "All you have to do is ask! Come on, I'll help you both..."


Keitaro slowly stirred from his sleep, wondering what all the noise downstairs was about. Not being fully awake, he tried to sit up only to be gently pushed back down by a soft hand. Looking up and adjusting his vision with his glasses, he smiled as Kaolla's face came into focus.

"My my..." Kaolla smiled warmly, her sleeping kimono slipping somewhat off her shoulders, allowing Keitaro a peek at the bra she wore underneath. "Is sleeping with me so bad that you're in a hurry to get out of bed?" She teased with a warm smile.

"Not at all..." Keitaro smiled back, pulling her down into a soft kiss. "I was just wondering what all the commotion downstairs is about..."

"That?" Kaolla chuckled. "It's Valentine's Day, silly... They're probably scrambling around trying to make choclate treats."

"That's right...!" Keitaro smiled. "They must have some lucky boyfriends, getting choclates like that from them..."

"Silly landlord..." Kaolla giggled. "Have you ever thought of the possibility that they might be making them for you?" Seeing his surprised expression, she continued. "You've been an absolute sweetheart to each and everyone of us, so I'm sure that will be the case."

"And this doesn't make you jealous in the slightest bit?" Keitaro teased, and received a pillow to the head with a laugh.


"Ah, there you are!"

Having gotten dressed, the couple entered the hallway to see Kitsune walk in their direction. Upon reaching the landlord, she grinned in the fashion of her namesake and pulled out a wrapped bottle.

"Here ya go, Happy Valentine's Day, ya perv!" Kitsune giggled.

"Um, thanks...?" Keitaro raised an eyebrow, then decided to take off the wrapping to check the vintage. Partway through, he realized with surprise that the bottle itself was made of choclate, and shook it slightly to discover there was indeed liquid inside.

"Took awhile to find something like that, we'll share that bottle sometime, okay?" Kitsune smiled and patted Keitaro's cheek before walking off.

"Good morning Kaolla, Big brother..."

Keitaro turned, and smiled as Kanako and Motoko stood before him. "Good morning!" He replied cheerfully, then smiled at Kaolla. "Do you mind if I talk to them alone for a second?"

"Fine..." Kaolla pouted, then winked at the two women. "Better keep your hands off him though, he's mine!" This drew laughs from the group as Kaolla walked away.

"Everything's done as you've asked, Big brother." Kanako whispered, being careful even when Kaolla is out of earshot.

"As is the preparations on my end, Keitaro." Motoko nodded, "We both will be looking forward to this."

"Thanks, you two." Keitaro smiled. "This means a lot to me."

"We're not gourmet chefs like Shinobu." Kanako replied with a smile. "Consider this our Valentine's present to you..."


As Keitaro and the other tenants walked downstairs, they could not helped but be amazed at the amount of choclate treats and desserts which covered most of the kitchen counters. The shocked landlord was the first to recover, and turned to the three tenants wearing cooking aprons and oven mitts...

"You three made all of this?" Keitaro blinked, then smiled to himself as he imagined what his guy friends would say if they saw that all this choclate was made in his honor.

"Not quite, I only baked the cake." Shinobu smiled, gesturing to a lone choclate cake in a sea of cookies, wafers, and other sweets. "The rest were made by Naru and Mutsumi, you can kind of tell that they got carried away..." This made everyone laugh, and Keitaro thanked the women for their kindness as everyone settled down for breakfast...


As evening came, Keitaro surprised everyone by inviting them to a restaurant dinner as an appreciation gesture for a wonderful Valentine's Day. All the tenants politely refused at first, thinking of the amount of money he would be spending. But after making it clear that he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, the tenants reluctantly agreed.

Upon arriving, the tenants were further surprised that Keitaro had brought them to a Western cuisine restaurant, which was notoriously expensive in Japan. Despite everyone's worries for the landlord's budget, he happily reassured them to not worry and simply enjoy dinner. The food and drink was unlike anything any of the tenants had the pleasure of partaking, and were greatly pleased.

Towards the end of the meal, Kitsune cleared her throat and raised her wine glass. "To our beloved landlord," She grinned. "For being the greatest man I've ever had the pleasure of meeting!" The group cheered and raised their glass, then teased Keitaro for a speech, who eventually stood to everyone cheering.

"I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for sharing this wonderful Valentine's Day with me." Keitaro began with a smile. "Each of you hold a special place in my heart, some more than others..." He smiled at Kaolla, who smiled back at him warmly. "There are no better friends I could ever ask for, and for that I thank you all." This drew a smile from everyone at the table, and Keitaro cleared his throat before continuing.

"Being the landlord has been like a pleasant dream that I would never want to wake up from, as each of you are like family to me..." He smiled as he raised his glass, which the tenants also did. "And should any of you be willing to put up with this pervert, you're all welcome to stay at the Hinata-Sou for as long as you want." This drew laughs from around the table before Keitaro continued on...

"However, there is one person I'd like to thank in particular on this very special day..." Keitaro smiled as he turned to Kaolla. "A very special someone who has captured my heart, who I would give anything to spend the rest of my life with..."

Drawing surprised looks and gasps from everyone present, Keitaro went down on one knee before Kaolla and withdrew a diamond ring from his pocket. "I want to ask, with my closest friends here tonight..." The landlord smiled at Kaolla's stunned expression. "If you'll marry me...?"

Leaping out of her chair, Kaolla bowled Keitaro over and kissed him deeply, clinging onto him as if she were afraid of losing him. Everyone at the table, including the rest of the restaurant smiled and applauded in approval at the happy couple.

"Does that answer your question, silly...?" Kaolla smiled at him after they broke their kiss, her face covered in tears of joy...


Five years later...

A warm summer day, perfect for a getaway at the beach...

And that just exactly what the crew of the Hinata-Sou did. The women laughed as they played beach volleyball or simply relaxed to enjoy a healthy tan. As usual, such a gathering of many beautiful women drew the attention of men all over the beach, much to the dismay of many girlfriends of said men...

A happy couple watched on the sidelines of the volleyball game, laughing and cheering whenever someone made a beautiful play. Kaolla Urashima smiled behind a pair of sunglasses, looking as fit as she did at eighteen as she wore a two-piece yellow bikini with white stripes, and a nearly transparent green sash which wrapped around her waist and covered her legs.

"It sure seems like a dream everyday, doesn't it?" She asked with a smile.

"If it is, I don't want to wake up from it..." Her husband replied, also smiling.

"Poppa! Momma!"

Turning, the couple smiled as they watched two kids run up to them. One was a boy with spiky black hair and deep brown eyes, while the other was a girl who had long white hair and emerald green eyes. The boy smiled up brightly at the couple, while the girl sat down beside him, looking exhausted from the run.

"Poppa!" The young boy beamed. "Auntie Kanako wants to take us swimming, is that okay with you and Momma?"

"Of course, Sho." Kaolla smiled. "Just be sure to take your sister Yuki with you and keep an eye out, okay?" The boy cheered and took his sister by her hand, and the two soon ran off to join some of the tenants which were by the water's edge.

"They both got your looks and brains, you know..." Keitaro smiled at his wife.

"Flattery will get you nowhere, sweetie..." Kaolla smiled back, then lowered her sunglasses and winked. "...Not in public, at least..." The two laughed, then kissed tenderly for a long time before resting in each other's arms.

"I love you, Kaolla..."

"I love you too, Kei..."


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