Ok, this will be a pretty long series. It invovles DragonBallZ and Sailor Moon: particularly Chibi-Usa. It is NOT your normal crossover. At least I don't think so, and it's my first attempt at a crossover, so PLEASE let me know how I'm doing. GOOD or BAD.

A little note: This will take place almost entirely in the DBZ world, but this first part is sort of an-almost-wannabe preview, and it sets it all up. So it is set in the Sailor Moon world. And you'll find out the reason for the series's name... much later. This takes place at basically the beginning of both series'.

That said the only thing I have to declare is,... I don't own or claim to own any part of either DragonBallZ or Sailor Moon.

Hope of a Planet

2 year old Chibi-Usa was sitting on the floor of the throne room playing with a priceless crystalline vase and a few roses, when a maid happened to walk in. She screamed as she saw the roses circling the vase in mid-air.

Chibi-Usa was startled by the scream and began to cry as the flowers and vase simotanously crashed to the floor. When the head butler came in, the maid was quick to blame the infant but made no mention of the hovering vase.

A year later, Chibi-Usa was sitting in front of the Christmas tree. Her nurse had brought her down early, and rushed off to attend to her other duties. Chibi-Usa innocently tottered over to the tree and reached for the pretty candles lined all around the huge evergreen.

The flames leapt off of the candle wicks and danced in the air. When the door opened, Chibi-Usa turned towards it and the flames fell to the tree setting it on fire. It wasn't really a major incident. Nothing was really damaged. No one hurt. So it was listed as a freak accident.

However, at age 4, so many things began happening around Chibi-Usa that it became difficult to dismiss them. After being denied cookies, she was found sitting on top of the refrigerator, eating out of the jar, leaving no clue as to how she had gotten up there.

After losing her favorite stuffed animal, she was found at three am after a frantic search, in the garden under a bush, sleeping with her bunny in arms, where she presumably left it earlier. However, there was no way for her to have gotten out of the palace without several guards noticing.

Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion were beginning to become worried. "I just don't know what to do anymore." Serenity told her husband one night after the meetings for the day were finished, as they headed to their room. "I've already tried to control her with the aid of the Ginshouzu, but it isn't working. She seems to have some sort of teleporting ability and Ami also believes she has telekinesis. Half of the time, no one has a clue as to where or when she's going to pop up. I have maids and nanny's threatening to quit every day." She put a hand to her forehead.

Endymion put his arm around his wife. "Have you tired talking to her? She's very bright..."

Serenity cut him off. "She doesn't remember. Of at least she says she doesn't. I believe her. She seems to be genuinely scared of these... powers. SHE doesn't really understand what's happening. WE don't understand what's happening*" she stopped ranting and sighed, "We need help, Endymion. No one here knows what to do."

As if on cue, there was a flash and from out of a portal stepped a long dark-green-haired Senshi.

"Pluto!?!" said a shocked Serenity as she abruptly stopped walking.

Sailor Pluto bowed. "Your highness'. I must apologize for intruding..."

"Nonsense." spoke Endymion immediately his eyes reflecting both kindness and concern.

"You're always welcome." smiled Serenity warmly.

Pluto gave a rare smile before closing her eyes briefly and resolving herself to the task at hand. "Thank you. You see, I would have waited until tomorrow, but the matter of which I must speak is urgent."

Serenity and Endymion glanced at each other for a moment, fear evident in both their faces, before turning back to Pluto. "Yes?" asked Endymion.

"I came to speak of, Small Lady." Pluto stated bluntly.

"Oh, you mean..." started Serenity only to be cut off by Pluto.

"Yes. I am aware of the difficulties you have been having with her. Her powers are great, and it is impossible to train her properly here."

Endymion raised an eyebrow, "Train?" he asked curiously.

Pluto sighed. "Right now, she has no conscious control of her powers. She needs to learn to harness them. I thought that she could wait until..." Pluto shook her head. "I was wrong. Her powers are manifesting much sooner than I expected. Fortunately I do know a place where, I believe, her powers can be properly brought under control,... ..." Pluto paused a minute before continuing, "Unfortunately, she will have to leave this dimension."

"Leave this DIMENSION??" asked Serenity as Endymion stared in shock.

Pluto nodded. "I know it sound's impossible, but I assure you it is the only way. If Chibi-Usa does not learn to control her powers it is very likely that she will wind up hurting herself or another.... very soon." she added in a low voice.

"You've foreseen this?" asked Endymion.

Pluto was silent, although she did raise her eyebrow slightly as if to say, 'you think I'm going to be tricked into telling you just like that?'

Endymion sighed and grabbed his wife around the waist to support her, as he watched Serenity waver slightly, her eyes tearing over. After a long silence, she spoke. "How long does she need to be gone?"

Pluto sighed. "I'm not sure."

Endymion nodded, deciding for both he and his wife. "Chibi-Usa will be ready to go in the morning." he told Pluto quickly as he turned to embrace Serenity.

Pluto nodded, as she watched Endymion comfort the Queen. Her green eyes were briefly clouded, but she bowed and went back through her portal post haste. Stepping into the room of the time gate she leaned against the time key briefly. 'That was harder than I thought it would be.'

She straightened up. 'Now to secure the other end of Small Lady's departure.' With that, she waved her garnet rod and stepped though a gate, framed with seven numbered golden balls.