Feel the beat!

Ryanna-18, Pan- 18, Trunks-19, Kankton-18, Bra-18, Goten-18, Uub-19, Marron-18.

Chapter 1: Auditions and disappointment

Story of the Year blared from the boom box. Two figures danced on a glassy surface as two others watched with delight. The brown haired female did a flip and pirouetted around her companion who danced with her tight hips and legs. Bra and Marron were completely amazed by their talent. They had never seen two better girls who could dance like that. One last pirouette and Ryanna, the brown haired female, jumped up and landed in a split. Pan flipped over her friend, kicking her leg up and going down in a split to end their routine.

Bra and Marron clapped and whistled. Ryanna and Pan smiled and bowed for their small audience. "Thank you, thank you, we're here until Thursday!" Pan joked. Ryanna rolled her eyes and grabbed her towel wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead. "You two will definitely get the job! Charlie Webb won't be able to resist your guys' talent." "Well we're hoping for that. We need this job for our big break." Ryanna gulped down some water and added in. "Relax Pan, like Bra said they wouldn't be able to resist us. He needs new dancers. Well he's got them." Bra smirked and began spinning.

Marron and Pan laughed. "What in the world are you doing?" "I'm dancing!" Ryanna shook her head. "You're a nut Bra." "Yeah, leave the dancing to us." "Ooh that reminds me, are you still coming?" Ryanna and Pan nodded. "We wouldn't miss your guys' concert for anything." Ryanna's watch beeped. "Uh-oh, we better go. The auditions start at one and it's noon already." "Oh shit yeah! We'll see you guys later!" Ryanna and Pan grabbed their bags and headed out the door. Both of them had dreamed of becoming professional dancers and performers. Now Charlie Webb, head of all the clubs in West City, was looking for a new pair talent stars to perform at the clubs.

When Pan and Ryanna heard about it they became excited and decided to make up some routines together. When they made it to the rehearsal hall the place was already packed with dancers and singers. All of them were duets. Webb had specifically asked for PAIRED performers, so it was no surprise. "Names?" The receptionist asked. "Ryanna Coutsa'n and Pan Son." Ryanna answered. "What talent are you performing?" "We're dancers." Pan answered this time. The receptionist nodded. "Okay and finally your ages." "We're both eighteen sir." With a final nod the receptionist gave both Ryanna and Pan number tags. Ryanna's was 16 and Pan's was 17.

"Dress in the locker room. It's down the hall and to your left. If you have tap shoes don't put them on until you are suppose to." Both of the girls nodded and headed for the locker room. Ryanna put change into the locker and opened it {you know those lockers they have at the amusement parks where you can put your stuff in}. She placed her gym bag in before taking out her dance outfit. That consisted of her black sports bra, jazz pants, and jazz tennies. Pan's outfit was similar except her sports bra was blue and her jazz pants had blue stripes coming down the legs.

"Well girly, this is it. If all goes well, our lives will change." "Yeah for the better. I can't wait to start earning Money and getting a place of my own." Ryanna nodded. She already had a small apartment of her own but it wasn't enough. So she and Pan had agreed that if this went well that they will try and find a better and decent apartment for them to share. They walked back out to the practice area and started to stretch. About an hour and four thousand door openings passed and Ryanna and Pan were doing split stretches when the hall doors opened once again. "Dancers #16 and # 17, um Ryanna and Pan, you two are up."

Pan took a deep breath and helped her partner up from the floor. Ryanna wiped her hands and grabbed their CD. When they stepped into the room they tried not to gawk at how big it was. Ryanna shook her head and gave the D.J their music along with the number listed. Pan looked at the judges and noticed that Webb hadn't shown up yet. This made her frown. "Well girls, um, let's see what you can do." The head judge, told them. Ryanna nodded her head and looked to the ground. Pan mimicked and they waited for their cue.

Baby, I'm so into you You've got that something, what can I do

Baby, you spin me around, oh the earth is moving, but I can't feel the ground.

Every time you look at me my heart is jumping, it's easy to see

Loving you means so much more. More than anything I ever felt before

Ryanna and Pan started with a kick. Both of their moves were in sync and smooth. A few flips and jumps added here and there really got the judges attention. Not to mention the seductive smirks on their faces the whole time they were dancing.

Chorus: You drive me crazy I just can't sleep I'm so excited, I'm in too deep

Crazy, but it feels alright Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night

Tell me, you're so into me that I'm the only one you will see

Tell me I'm not in the blue, oh That I'm not wasting my feelings on you

Loving you means so much more. More than anything I ever felt before


Ryanna couldn't help but smile at the amazed looks of the judges. She did however hid a frown when she looked at the head judge. He looked at them as if they were a boring show on television.

Crazy, I just can't sleep I'm so excited, I'm in too deep Crazy, but it feels alright Every

Day and every night


With a head bounce and a hip pop they ended the dance with a bang. most of the judges gave a big applause but the head judge just politely clapped. Ryanna and Pan smiled and bowed awaiting the compliments. The judges whispered to each other and argued a bit. Ryanna could only make out a few words, but at least they were good ones. The head judge cleared his throat and folded his hands. "Girls you are with out a doubt some of the best dancers to have walked through that door." Ryanna smirked and looked at Pan who gave her a smile. "Thank you sir." "However, you are just not what we're looking for."

Ryanna gawked. "But... I thought... you just said..." "We are looking for paired dancers. As in Male and Female dancers. " Ryanna tried to hide the growl in her throat. "Look, I hate passing up talent such as yours so I'll give you a chance to redeem it. If you can find a couple of male dancers who are willing to dance with you and pull off a routine I will reconsider. You have two weeks ladies." Pan and Ryanna couldn't believe their ears. As soon as they got to their lockers Ryanna punched her hand into her locker. "DAMN IT! THIS IS BULL SHIT!" "I KNOW! WHERE IN THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSE TO FIND MALE DANCERS AS GOOD AS US?"

That comment made Ryanna think. Two weeks, it wasn't that long but it was long enough. "Pan I have an idea, it's gonna take a lot of work and we'll have to find partners." "What is it?" "Well you know those old routines we did with my brother for talent shows? Maybe we can improve them and modernize them to our advantage." Pan squealed. "Ryanna you're a genius! But where are we gonna find male partners?" Ryanna pointed her thumb to her chest. "Leave that to me."

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