Author Announcement

Hello all my fannies who have missed me!

I would like to make a few statements today! First I want to formally apologize for taking so long to update all my stories. I have been very, very busy with my recent move to job corps, Reno! They don't let new students use the computer so I've been held back otherwise I would have updated you immediately. Now on to more important business that I hope you're all excited about.

The updating on Pirates is going very well I have pretty much written out the rest of the chapters and just have to type them up correct hem and send them out to you! (this goes for Feel the Beat, Shape of the Heart and Sleeping Beauty as well) YAY! If anyone has any requests or concerns on that or any other story please let me know!

My Yaoi fic Why Can't I, I have decided to make it longer than a one shot because of several requests. In fact it was a fan who requested a certain storyline for a Veggie/Goku that inspired me (give yourself a cookie Kei ). I will have that updated and out for reviews ASAP

Next I would like to mention I have been refreshing my earlier stories such as While you were sleeping. A special not is my Mirai Trunks fics When futures collide and when love is lost return to the past. Those didn't get as good of reviews I had hoped but as I read them and looked at my reviews I realized how sucky they were so I'm updating them to your liking I hope.

Alright that about does it for right now. Again im sorry for the wait and i promise to update as soon as i can. I love you all BYE BYE!